Season 1 Episode 4

Up In Flames

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2011 on A&E

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  • This show has grown on me. :)


    I have been enjoying the show more and more each week. I'm not exactly sure why, I think it's a combination of a terrific cast and well written stories. There's even a element of whodunit as I find myself trying to figure things out as the story unfolds.

    Tonight's episode was about a murder covered up by arson and the team had no crime scene, being forced to rely solely on Carrie's memory from having spent about 30 seconds in the murder room before it exploded.

    The only thing I could have done without was the closing scene, which was entirely unnecessary no had bearing on the case. Maybe she'll do the same thing her character did in Without A Trace which is get pregnant from a one night stand!

    I'm looking forward to the coming shows.

  • who let the $luT out????


    lol just kiddin.. but yea lucky dude.. hahaha well she needs some distraction anyways... with all that going on her head.. i wonder if sherollsher eyes.... when u know

    episode was.. ehh... as always lots of thrills... and never what u expect... but it was hard to keep me fully entertained..