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Maps and Legends


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The murder of an urban explorer leads Carrie and Al to search for the killer, but discover clues the victim was following to locate a treasure hidden under the streets of New York.

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Sep 20, 2013
The last episode reminded me more of a CSI:NY episode. The city history and the search through the old subway system.Wasn't quite sure how Transit Cop Marty Aurbach got involved. I guess it was from all the tickets he gave the team. Surpried he would blow up the C4 in that wooded area. Yes it killed Harold Estes. But should have known FBI and Homeland Security would be called. Maybe he figured he would not be linked.Nice to see Carrie at first climbing rock wall with Scott Stevens, and later her flirting with Alex Daniels. Worried he would be bad but glad he wasn't. Maybe more can come from that.Team worked good to gether, but would like to see when Al goes with either Jay or Cherrie that it is at times more then just to interview. Seems ofcourse that Carrie is on the meaty parts with Al. Maybe have Carrie and Cherrie, together on a snag, or sometinhg like that. Make it a little more like Law & Order:SVU Where the teams are switched up.To bad the old Subway stations like that can't be museums. The picture(I know it was probably a studio), looked like they just closed the door and left everything alone.Eliot had to call Homeland Security after the exploded bomb was found. Surprised the FBI didn't do that. It was good to suspect a terrorist plot. Even though it turned out to be a Indiana Jones style caper.The ending was nice with Carrie and Al on the balcony of that old building drinking wine. Did miss carrie working on her sister Julies caser atleast a little. Also a cross over with thier old team, Mike Cosello, Roe Saunders, and Nina Inara would be nice.Hope 2nd half has stuff like this episode.moreless
Sep 20, 2013
I thought it was best episode of season. it reminded me of CSI:NY.
Mar 24, 2014
That's an interesting comparison. I hasn't thought of it that way, but you're right. I guess it's why I enjoyed it so much.
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