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  • A cheap rehash of Married with Children that was actually pretty good

    Unhappily Ever After is a Married with Children clone and doesn't even try to hide it. Anyone who says it's not a clone is delusional. However, I highly enjoyed Unhappily Ever After. Sure, it may have been hopelessly derivative, but they did a great job with the casting and the show was actually really good. It's a shame that the show didn't last longer, but oh well. I recommend this show to anyone who enjoyed shows like Married With Children and Titus.
  • Jack Malloy is a stressed-out father who works at a used car lot where his boss is his father in-law. He is unapreciatd at home and hallucinates, especially when drinking, that his son's stuffed rabbit, Mr. Floppy, comes to life to talk to him.

    Definetly many simularities to Married With Children. The attractive woman married to the below average working man, the overly attractive daughter, and the son that\'s mostly ignored by both parents, the youngest son with warped personality, and the wise cracking animal.

    The differences, the daughter is smart in this one and the parents both like her, the youngest son in this show is ignored mostly rather then being smothered with attention, and the animal is a talking stuffed animal that actually comunicates directly with a human character rather than a dog who\'s inner thoughts are occasionally shared with the audience.

    It has it\'s moments that are very funny, mostly when Mr. Floppy is insulting Jack or playing dead when Jack tries to show him to other people. Something to watch if you need a laugh and happen to find it on tv, not something I\'d set aside time to watch week after week, or spend much money on to see again.
  • Looking back at this show is great. Its like a whos who of current popular tv.

    Looking back at this show is great. Its like a whos who of current popular tv. I am proud to say that I was a fan of this show when it was on the air. I never saw it as a married with children rip off and think the people who say that have never watched the show3.
  • This Series is nothing more than a bad copy of "Married With Children". That's all, folks!

    This Series is nothing more than a bad copy of "Married With Children" - copiyng the whole style of a poor, disfunctional family, including the family members:
    al bundy => jack maloy, (a father, is a joke for the kids)
    Peggy => jenny maloy (his wife)
    Kelly Bundy => Tiffany Maloy (older sexy sister)
    Bud Bundy => Ryan Maloy (younger brother, in vain trying to get chicks)
    Seven => Ross Maloy (the youngest brother)

    additional to this The Bundies had a pet - a dog.
    the writers of UEA replased it by a talking puppet - bad try to become original.

    i watched 10-20 episodes because of Nikki Cox and her yummi-yummi body... till i can't watch this fake-show anymore.

    THis show is crap, Al Bundy for ever.
  • Unhappily Ever After is very nice.

    Unhappily Ever After is very nice. I want to see the show again and again. So i give the rating as 10. Very nice picture.I must have watched this 10 times already. Damn I have no life but it's just THAT good. You have to watch it to believe it. Thank me later.
  • Unhappily Ever After is great and unique! Only those who never actually watched it dare to say it’s a copy of Married… With Children!

    Unhappily Ever After is great and unique!
    Only those who never actually watched it dare to say it’s a copy of Married… With Children! Unhappily Ever After is enjoyable politically incorrect. And Mr. Floppy – the one true star of the show – has such a philosophical gift. Well, not concerning ancient greek history but rather pop culture, stardom and television itself. That’s another point I love of the show: It crosses the line between being a show and making a show. Like when Tiffany and Ryan try to run from the WB-Logo in the corner of the screen or when Ross is told by Jack to step back because his storyline wouldn’t be told in this episode.
    Actually, Unhappily Ever After is probably more intelligent than its critics will ever realize…
  • Not a bad show.

    But you can tell it came from the "Married with Children..." people.

    It had the same look and feel as that show. Jack was the same as Al, and Tiffany was just another Kelly.

    It wasn't as good as "Married..." but at least Nikki was something good to look at.

    I watched a handful of episodes and Bobcat was the best thing on this show. The storylines weren't the best, but like I said, there was Nikki!

    Anyways, I'm glad that this show isn't on in reruns anymore. Just a cheap knockoff of "Married With Children..."

    Once was enough for this sitcom!

    Thanks for listening.
  • Strange but good

    I know Unhappily Ever After isn't for everyone, but I really got a kick out of this show. Some call it a Married With Children knockoff and that may be true to a point, but this show definately had its own identity. I liked it more in the beginning when it was an ensemble. Eventually it came to revolve around Nikki Cox, who I like a lot, but something was lost after Stephanie Hodge left.
  • One of My favorites, a lunatic who talks to his stuffed bunny more than his own family!!! what could be more fun, or disfunctional, they seem to go hand in hand

    Unhappilly ever after was a favorite of my when I was young. Now that I am older I yearn for the disfunctional humor that it so contained. This show I beleived, whether directly or not, influenced all difunctional comedies that proceeded it. I would Give anything to once again veiw the stone cold humor that this show gave. I guess, for now I shall have to enjoy only what I beleive to be it's brilliant successor. Titus!
  • A slightly cleaner takeoff of "Married... With Children" with overstressed father Jack, whose life consists of a lousy job, a law-breaking sex starved wife, a loose and skimpily dressing daughter, an idiot son, and Mr Floppy.

    "Unhappily Ever After" aired on The WB for four seasons from 1995-1999.It shared a lot of similarities with Married... With Children, but in my opinion never tried to copy off of it. Jack Malloy played by Geoffrey Pierson works at a used car lot. His wife Jennie played by Stephanie Hodge is a law-breaking sex starved wife. Nikki Cox plays Tiffany Malloy their only daughter. They also have two sons named Ross and Ryan, Ross being the youngest. Mr Floppy is the epitome of Jack's raging schizophrenia, physically embodied in the form of boozing, chain smoking, perverse Mr Floppy, a stuffed gray rabbit with whom Jack consults for advice in Floppy's basement playpen, where Jack inevitably secludes himself.

    This was a great show in comparison to most of the sitcoms on these days and it is way underrated. If you ever have a chance to watch it, do so because you wont regret watching this fabulous show.