Season 1 Episode 3

Conjoined Twins Pitch No-Hitter

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 16, 2008 on FOX

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  • The Do' and Dont's for middle age singles are revised, a word of the wise: You can feel as young as you want, just remember, you body isn't THAT young

    Quick recap:

    Kate introuduces a friend to Gators, sparks fly but is saved for later, Kates makes the mistake of trying to confront an ex , in a kid's party no less, looking real fine so the ex notices of what he let go, while Tommy goes with her in order to Milf hunting, Gator and Freddy meet a friend who gives them a glimpse of the married with children's life (no, is not Al Bundy)and we hear some of the legend of Gator in his college days, and after hooking up whit a couple of Icelanders, Gator try to relive his glory days, while Freddy takes notes, Back in the Kid's Party, Kate's plan backfires on her (like usually in the real world goes, except the Female ratio it's waaaaay lower than the male one)being that her Ex it's not only with a real Hot Girl but it's also engaged, to makes matters worse her wingman (Tommy) it's so busy groping his prey to actually go to backup Kate (another Thing that's expected in real world), and as for Gator, he learn that age not only brings wisdom, also takes your vitality as he finds out that he can no longer keep up to the younger girls Drinking games and ends up in the hospital, which to his surprise the friend Kate introduced him in the beginning works as a doctor, turning his chances down to zero thanx to Freddy's quick update of the situation. so here's the recap:

    - don't confront your ex, unless you're dating a model or a rich person...It's just safer.

    - If you're going to do it, don't bring another single friend as back up, specially when he is on heat...

    - Glory days are called that way for being your peak, comebacks are dangerous and overrated, unless your last name is Stallone, then there are Dangerous and lucrative..

    - Being a fan of a Legend doesn't require for you to re-list his victories (and Falls) to next potentially love interest, that only works if you are convinced that your idol is for no one but yourself.....

    Follow this single steps and re entering the dating game on your middle years will be a walk on the park....with a cane.
  • For those of you who thought this show might be a little 'too' outrageous, this episode calms it down a little and relies more on crisp, snappy dialogue. The innuendo (inyourendo - Todd, Scrubs) is still there, just a little slyer.

    This episode relies a little more on well-written, relatively mature dialogue and story-line than the previous two eps, but it is as funny (if not more so) than before.

    The opening scene fight with the blackout is extremely 'adventurous' - taking a chance that people just tuning in might think that there is something wrong with their TV or the network feed. The scene at Gator's where Kate (Rashida Jones - all dressed up for a little kid's birthday party) introduces her friend to Gator (Craig Bierko) and they replay the 'West Side Story' gang rivalry over north and south-side coffe houses is excellent.

    The birthday party scenes where Kate (accompanied by a 'randy' Tommy - Johnny Sneed) is introduced to her ex's new fiancee is a tried and true comedy routine taken to the max by the writers and which ever Farrelly brother directed this installment. The fiancee getting out of the pool in her white sundress is about as far as you can go on network TV (must see for all you guys).

    The bar scene where Gator and Freddy meet the two girls from Iceland is done as well as we have seen on a sitcom and with a couple of nice twists.

    We get more background on Gator, Tommy and Freddy's relationship going back to college and this show is developing quite nicely. If you are in the 25 (or less) to 49 (or more) age group, this show is for you.