Season 1 Episode 4

Mardi Gras Croc Attack

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 23, 2008 on FOX

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  • Not what I was hopin' for here. This show is fighting for viewers, and didn't come through in the clutch in this, the first of two NEW episodes this night.

    The storylines here are 'outrageous' - that's what I like and want from this series. The first three episodes escalated in quality (as I saw it), and had a big shot to capture viewers on a night of double eps sandwiching our FamGuy fanatics.

    You would have hoped that the producers/networks would have brought the 'good stuff' here - but nobody was planning ahead - apparently. The intertwined plot lines looked good on paper, but they didn't play out so well in the flesh.

    Gator (Craig Bierko) is a little out of shape when his date's purse gets snatched, etc., etc. Tommy can't please his latest conquest (unless Freddy shows him the way of the Tantra/nee Kama Sutra), etc., etc. Kate has to view (for way too long of a time) an older, female co-worker naked at the gym where Gator is proving his manhood against a (rather attractive female-boxing) gym rat. These sound like great storylines - but...

    ... They didn't get these quite right - and at what a crucial time. Who picked the sequence of these episodes to appear at just that moment when we needed the good ones most. I have been touting this New Series ad infinitum/absurdium - and they bring this ep. Dammnnnnn.