Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 02, 2008 on FOX

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  • Not a bad show by any means!

    I tuned into this on a recommendation and I have to say that it doesn't disappoint. This pilot episode is actually very funny! Sure, the cold open was a bit on the, should we say, primal side, but the rest of the episode was laugh out loud hilarious! For example, the scene when the main character is having his backside examined was great. I would like to have seen some more story about Rashida Jones' character and the short guy: from what I saw it was very funny!

    This show does scream of Seinfeld, and I would reccomend it to any sitcom fan!

    A great addition to FOX's Sunday line up!
  • Man gets anal raped by chimpanzee, girl dates sports mascot, loser overpays for hooker without getting sex, guy nails drunk girl and then places her in her boss's bed.

    Cutting edge comedy is actually far more difficult than simply jamming characters into embarrassing sexual situations. Unhitched is a textbook example of how not to make an edgy comedy.

    The comic timing was nonexistent. I have seen both Craig Bierko and Rashida Jones in other shows--both have acting skills. Therefore I can only assume it was the painfully poor plotting coupled with inane directing and editing skills that turned this into one of the most dismal pilot episodes that I have ever seen.

    Take the first scene. Fine, weird girl wants to have sex like a gorilla--good for a few chuckles. But the chimpanzee in the room responding by attempting anal sex with the guy? That's not funny, it's just bizarre. Clue to the writers: rape jokes are simply not your go to place for humor. And yet in the later scene they bring rape to the fore again as one of the four friends essentially rapes a coworker drunk out of her skull.

    The nearest comparison is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "South Park", both of which are miles above the quality of Unhitched. In Sunny and South Park, the plots are tightly integrated, the friendship and abuse of the other friends is organic to the characters. Watching Unhitched made me realize just how difficult a tightrope these two much better shows walk most every episode.
  • I don't know what premiere episode of this series other people saw, but I was as impressed with this pilot as any I have seen in a long, long time. In the first six minutes of airtime, I counted at least a dozen edgy/funny scenes, lines and gags...

    ... to the point of stopping the DVR and replaying them several times before I was even half way through my first viewing. This is wild, weird stuff. The opening scene features star, Craig Bierko, (Jack 'Gator' Gailey) going upstairs with a first-time date and, at her request, "mounting her like a silverback ape" before her orangutan joins in for an unwelcome 'threesome'.

    In scene II, the next day - back at his apartment, Jack is getting an 'undercover' rectal exam from his doctor/friend, Fred, who is determining how much damage was done by the ape-like third party. At the same time, we meet the other stars of the show and get some background data in the form of very well-written banter among the primary characters. In the next scene, Jack meets a colleague in a wheel chair and here come all of the 'gimp' jokes - with a twist. You'll have to see this for yourself to find out the rest.

    This is a Farrelly Brothers production, and one can only imagine where any boundaries might lie. If this first episode is any indication (it makes the Seinfeld, Cheers, etc. pilots look like junior high school productions), we could be in for a great ride.