Season 1 Episode 6

Pole-Dancing Toddler

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 30, 2008 on FOX

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  • OK... they're back. After a rather disappointing double episode on Easter Sunday, the show has returned to its former, if somewhat abbreviated, glory.

    Last week's Nielsen numbers were abyssmal... however, a closer check shows that all shows including the lead-in Simpsons and the FamGuy episode in between the two Unhitched offerings (as well as every other network's) numbers were way down. Guess it was movie night.

    In this one, we start off with Freddy's seemingly innocent opera date servicing the police officers that stop her for speeding at the drop of a hat. The background sirens were used superbly. Tommy and Freddy diagnose Gator and Kate's dating woes in a very funny little exchange.

    The loose rat getting accidentally trapped in the microwave (this created quite a controversy with the Humane Society) and the ensuing quandry was 'cooked' to perfection (this is a must see scene - before and after the oven bell goes off).
    That Gator is interested in the animal-activist owner and tries to take her to a Lobster dinner during an animal-rights protest, is just the kind of 'absence-of-malice' type of humor we used to get with the hard-hearted, Seinfeld clan - just more up to date.

    Tommy is teaching Freddy how to drive as a back-story comes full circle, and Gator and Kate's dating problems escalate when their two new hook-ups have much more in common with each other than our erstwhile stars. Tommy seals the deal with his usual 'quasi-sociopathic' aplomb.

    This episode has most of the qualities that we were looking for in our never-ending search for a Seinfeld/Friends replacement - and with some snappy writing and dialogue to boot. Hope it's not too late for this show to re-group from it's lack-luster numbers. There's an audience out there if they would stop rejecting everything that remotely reminds them of some of their all-time favorites.

    If you want to wait for another ratings comedy bombshell in complete darkness, be my guest. I'd rather watch some funny TV sitcoms in the interim.