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  • A Crazy,Surprising and sometimes Shocking new "Black" Comedy from Fox (go figure? heh)

    Well my wife and I have watched this show since the first episode and the now classic/infamous monkey love scene in the opening minutes...and we love it!

    No we're not trailer trash, beer guzzling fiends with IQ points that match our waistband size...we're normal middle class people who can watch "black comedy" for what it is and get a kick out of it ;)

    Much like Family Guy (which i think my wife enjoys more than me lol) it seems that nothing is off limits, and for a self deprecating social and personal satire that's exactly as it should be right? Right!

    With the latest episode,you know the one about the rat and the microwave heh, yea we both knew that that was going to get some people all worked up. As actual members of PETA (yes I called the Japanese Consulate and voiced my concern and displeasure about the Whale hunting) we can about animals as much or more than the average guy or gal. While we would never condone such actions as the show depicted, we have the ability to separate facts and real life from fiction and comedic satire.

    That's ALL this show is folks...it's satire and black comedy. No everyone gets that kind of humor, which is fine and makes the world go around. So if it's NOT your cup of tea then pass the pitcher and choose another show. Please don't tell the wife and me that the show must go simply because "you" personally don't care for it ;)

    For those you enjoy crazy, off the wall situations and over the top stereotypes and mocceries...then look no farther because this show will keep you gasping, sometimes cringing and yes "Laughing" at all the insane antics it's cast stumbles into!

    Regards & Good Viewing to All :)