Season 1 Episode 2

Woman Marries Horse

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 09, 2008 on FOX

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  • It's only the second episode, so I'm trying to 'curb my enthusiasm' for this show. But it's real hard. There is currently no other series out there like this one, and...

    In this installment, three different plot lines (besides the main premise of the show - four single friends, living in New York, looking for that 'special' someone) run their course, with Tommy (Johnny Sneed - who might turn out to be our favorite character) sticking his nose into each of them. Jack (Craig Bierko - who really shines in this role) meets a woman at a bar (crazy-funny exchange) who just might be 'the one' - except for one, small 'scampi-sized' problem. Tommy's suggested solution is grossly hilarious.

    Kate (Rashida Jones) falls head-over-heels for a heralded rocker - 'the sickest... in all of southern New England' only to find out that it is really an 'illusion/allusion' (a point that Jack, Freddy and Tommy - especially Tommy - delight in pointing out).

    Dr. Fred 'hooks up' with a bouncer upon the misunderstood advice of (once again) Tommy and ends up with a velvet-rope situation outside of his medical office.

    The writing is so right-on and 'today' that it would be impossible for another show to be more contemporary than this one. Each episode seems to be a more-or-less stand-alone, and one has to believe that the creators expect this to be around for quite some time and go to syndication. This is the type of show where you won't mind seeing the rerun multiple times. I've seen it twice already and it's only 10 hours old.
  • I just liked and that's that....

    I really didn't want to see the pilot episode, kinda an experiment I tried to see if a series can hook someone to view it even if you happen to bump in with it on the middle...

    ...Hey, it worked on me for Dexter, Bullsh!T! and Lost!

    I just knew the basic: some mid aged people who just got out of their relationships, try to get on the dating game again...

    I can relate (enough said) so it got my attention.

    In this episode Gator and Kate (the regular main characters from opposite gender that you KNOW in the future will end up hooking up) find love connections exploring the club jungles... Freddy (the mandatory different etnic character) learns that being friendly with the club bouncer has more perks than stated, and the common slacker... just makes laugh by being the slacker.... Works for me.

    Just like in the real world, Gator finds a awesome looking girlfriend that has all: looks, charisma, brains and ....a wart, which kinda ruins in the long run Gator crush, a thing a lot of us guys have come to regret on the past,(we bastards, when will we learn??) Kate´s rock star crush proves being nothing more than a Guitar hero wannabe as he just air guitars in stage, which I wish that could be done in my teen days, as it would have saved me the trouble of ACTUALLY learn to play the guitar, or at least not to stink so much on Guitar Hero. An we learn that even the worst of the Slackers can get the job done, even when the job it no longer wanted to be done.... Got to see the episode to understand...

    And in all, this episode was real funny for me, I didn't spoiled for ya so you can see for yourself if this show is for you or not, the slacker guy will ring a bell to TONS of us and the rest of the cast... well, they are nice too ^_^, I wouldn't called a classic or the new Seinfield or whatever, but it sure is new breath to the air waves that have been over flooding with repeats and Fakeality t.v.

    Enjoy...Or Not...
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