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Unique Whips

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Speed TV Premiered Jun 01, 2005 In Season


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Unique Whips

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Unique Whips takes viewers behind the scenes at Unique Autosport, a Long Island auto shop that specializes in celebrity car customizations. Shop owner Will Castro works with A-list clients including entertainers Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Busta Rhymes; and sports stars Carmelo Anthony, Yao Ming, and Latrell Spreewell.

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AIRED ON 5/9/2007

Season 3 : Episode 13

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  • worst show ever!!!!

    Good installers make your business. . Not the . that owens it.. will cashole!! You are a tool.. you fake ass hack.
  • the worst show on spike t.v. by far i would rather watch re-runs of waltons than this crap

    wow what a turd, you have to be joking, you smooze over paid sports stars and i use that term stars very loosly with (0) mechanical ability and a fat wallet to bring you a new camaro, mustang, or a freakin(mercedes)still haven't figured that out yet slap a set of wheels some exhaust seat covers and a stereo in it and call yourself a car customizer george barris and ed big daddy roth and boyd coddington would roll over in there graves knowing some hack like this has a t.v. show about customizing cars please do the world a favor and cancel this crap leave the time slot blank if u have to i'm sure you will get just as many viewers and while we are on this subject destroy the demo tape for the theme song for this show while your at itmoreless
  • Class A clients maybe, Class A shop far from the truth.

    Ok, so for about 2 years now i have watch "Unique Whips" as a space filler in between the shows I'm interested in and/or their commericals which at times, honestly I would of be better off if i had just watch the commericals instead. I have also been a fan/tuner and recently a business owner in the market for over 10 years. I'm not here to bash Unique whips just don't understand whats unique about their projects. On a typical show, you'll find Will Castro, bossing around his employees much like you'd find on Orange County Choppers. So nothing unique there. Just another case of copy cat. Then we come to the clients, unlike West Coast Customs, Will Castro has brought a lot of big name clients to his company, and done what ever company should do satisfy the customer. and in his tag line i think it says something like, a cars just a car unless its unique. Well i'm failing to sell what quality is unique about it? Is it the 24 in chrome spinners you can see up and down the streets on any given day? Or is it the home made speaker box that take a rocket scientist to design (humor). Lets get real, this show is nice to see these high dollar clients having there car's done but i would expect more out of a show who's focus is to attack views in the tuner world, to have some sort of design idea i mean take Chip Foose, for example his ability to combining simple artistic design creativity with architectural genius! yes another show simulting this would be redundant but Slapping a box and some neons in a min of $50-60k cars not unique its just out dated for 2008, now if this was 1998 fine but the design trend has exceeded past the simple BOX look, and especially for a top dollar client. Now, if the show was to show a everyday joe how to make his car have a high price look for less. then i could see how a $40 sound box would be acceptable but come on many of thes guys are professional sports figures, Which in its self is a joke as these athletes are making more money out of high school with no education then a brain surgeon. but yet they are visiting school and posing on advertisements to convinces kids "stay in school" but thats another post in its self. Thank for reading, and keep it tuned to SpeedTV!moreless
  • This show sucks

    I can't believe anyone watches this show let alone calls it a great show. They do shotty work....they use rattle spray cans for christ sakes. Remi is worthless. If i see him make another friggin rectangular plywood speaker box i'm going to puke. Put some style into it, dipsh*t. Will Castro is only in this for the all mighty dollar. He charges an insane amount of money for little work. All these guys are is installers. The only time i saw them build anything and make it look decent was on Tony Stewart's hurse. They put rims on overpriced cars, big deal. Overhauling is a much much better show. Hell, Pimp my ride was a better show, those guys actually built stuff and some of it was pretty cool, but most of it was just silly. Still WWC pwns Unique autosports.moreless
  • I love the show Uniqe Whips, I love the type of work that they do, It's like works of art on wheels.

    Ok I don't know if this going to make it to Will castro but I hope it does

    In my eyes Remi Is a god when it come to installs and Box making,I saw the show today ( 4-11-07 ) and I think that Remi should be pulled back a little from building and he should be more on the level as a manager.

    I think that he will a better manager if he had just a little less rsponsibility with jobs and he would be free to help others instead of going off on his own to get a job done.moreless

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