United States of Tara

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 10:30 PM Mar 01, 2009 on Showtime
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Charmaine gets breast augmentation surgery. She asks Tara to be there for her initial recovery, but instead, Buck shows up at her bedside. Marshall courts Jason by playing hard to get.

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  • Charmaine and Buck become breastfriends, that's right breastfriends in this week's episode as Charmaine gets her lopsided boobs fixed. Max goes on a quest to discover Tara's past. If you need me I'll be hiding from the weird poncho goblin…moreless

    Plot Synopsis (S01E07) - Charmaine has decided to get her breasts re-done and has asked Tara to be her caretaker while she recovers. Kate gives Marshall Love advice, telling him to play hard to get with Jason. When Charmaine wakes after her surgery, she is surprised to see "Buck" at her bedside, not Tara. While "Buck" takes care of Charmaine, she comes to appreciate him in a way she never has before.

    More Thoughts on 'Alterations':

    - Diablo Cody was all over this episode - "I think he's a homo 'cause he has a bad case of gay face." (Kate to Marshall)

    - It was great to see Charmaine actually interact for a long period of time with Buck, I think it's probably the first episode where I did not hate her (this might be brief of course).

    - Marshall and Jason - not sure if Jason is gay or if he just really only wants to be friends

    Bottom Line: Another great instalment, I'm glad that they're revealing more of Tara's past!

    Next week: Alice returns and Max makes full use of his time with her.

    More at http://www.theplurp.commoreless
  • We get more information about what caused Tara's disease, as well as a good insight into Charmaine's character.

    Max tries to figure out what happened in Tara's past to cause the DID, and goes back to her college days when her old college roomate tells him her boyfriend raped Tara. The cause for all the digging up is a new bizarre alter that Max got a glimpse of in the previous episode. Meanwhile Charmaine has her breast selective surgery and chooses Tara for a boobie-buddy, but Buck shows up instead.

    I must say that as time goes by Buck is rapidly becoming one of my favourite alters. The scenes between Buck and Charmaine were great, as they ended up getting along and Charmaine confiding in him. Also, the plotline with the new alter shows something exciting in the horizon (the alter is really weird), and Max takes a small twist into adventure while he investigates and tries to find Tara's rapist.moreless

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    • Marshall: Jason is ignoring me.
      Kate: Ignore him back.
      Marshall: See, I'm surprised you'd say that. I thought you'd tell me to like pursue him boldly.
      Kate: No, I mean some people can do that, Moosh, like people like me. But you have to play cool. And besides, the odds aren't really in your favor because we don't even know if Jason's a homo. I mean I think he's a homo 'cause he has a bad case of gay face, but even I can't say for sure.

    • Tara: What are you driving at?
      Max: Nothing. I just wanted to find out. What made you?
      Tara: What made me what? A freak?
      Max: No.
      Tara: I'm not your home improvement project, Max.

    • (as they arrive at the clinic for Charmaine's breast augmentation procedure)
      Charmaine: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go have major surgery.
      Max: Elective surgery.
      Charmaine: Major.
      Max: Majorly elective.
      Charmaine: Major. (slams door of Max's truck)

    • Charmaine: (to the nurse) That's not my boobie buddy.
      Buck: Don't worry, babe. I'll drive real safe so you don't hurt your new funbags.

    • Marshall: Why do people have to hide their feelings to seem more attractive?
      Kate: Because people only chase whatever it is that they can't have. It's basic boy science. There's actually this old book on it called The Rules. Aunt Charmaine has it on her toilet.

    • Tara: (on video) Change can be good for the soul, I guess. Sometimes it's long overdue. In my case, it's just a pain in the ass. I've never lied to the kids about a transition before. I just... don't want to put them through any stress right now. I told Max though. I know he'd never keep anything from me.

    • Tara: (voice-over) A lot of people just want to be rescued from themselves. They wish they could be airlifted from their skin and dropped into someone else's. Me? I just wish I could stay the same for a whole week. But then, ironically I'd be a whole different person.

    • Max: Please, I think I saw something. New alter.
      Dr. Ocean: Completely new personality?
      Max: Tara's parents were visiting us last week and it was a world of shit, as usual. Whatever. And I saw something. Middle of the night. It wasn't Tara. It was like this...
      Dr. Ocean: What was it?
      Max: It's like a weird poncho goblin or something.
      Dr. Ocean: Poncho goblin?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Max: This wasn't whimsical. Tinkerbell's whimsical. This little fucker pisses on people.

      Tinkerbell, a fictional character created by James M. Barrie in his 1904 play and 1911 novel Peter and Wendy, is a mischievous and playful fairy popularized in the 1953 Disney animated film Peter Pan. Incidentally, Tinkerbell also displays extreme personality behavior from ill-temper/vindictiveness on one end to kindness/helpfulness on the other.

    • Kate: Have you ever seen that movie, Boomerang? Can't play the playa'.

      Boomerang is the 1992 Eddie Murphy romantic comedy whose tagline reads: "A Player Who's About to Be Played".

    • Buck: (gesturing towards a heavily face bandaged patient) Call me Buck or I'll leave you here with the mummy's revenge.

      The Mummy's Revenge (La Venganza de la Momia) is a 1953 horror movie directed by Carlos Aured Alonso. It was made in Spanish, dubbed in English, and starred Paul Naschy and Jack Taylor.