United States of Tara

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:30 PM Mar 22, 2009 on Showtime
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Tara's therapist terminates her treatment. Tara's new alter "Gimme" manifests during a spa day with Charmaine. Her other alter "T" betrays Marshall.

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  • Things getting dicey

    I can understand Why Tara would want to bee off her meds and why the family would go thru with it, as long as Tara is not a danger to herself or her family, but we are seeing thru the last few episodes that this is not the case, that her alters do put her in dangerouas situaions where she could be raped or harmed, and it's bordering on ridiculous that the family would allow her to continue to be off the meds. Hopefully this will be adressed in a future episode if she continues along the same lines. Of course there is only one episode left for the season, we'll see.moreless
  • Tara's therapist suggests they break it off and Tara takes it horribly. Gimme makes its first public appearance and T crosses a line with Marshall.

    Interesting episode as everything is now really spiraling out of control. Tara is starting to have some crossover between alters and is experiencing a sort of double consciousness briefly as she transitions.

    In the previous episode, Tara appeared to transition from T back to Tara because of the pain of the needle in the tattoo parlor. Similarly, the touch of the masseuse brought out Gimme at the spa causing Tara the kind of public attention and humiliation we haven't seen up until this point. As she was running through the spa, covered in a sheet, I was starting to wonder if she was really coping at all and if maybe she needs a lot more help and CLOSE guidance than she's getting.

    If this wasn't enough, by the end of the episode, we see T making out with Marshall's love interest, Jason. I wonder how much her family CAN take and how much they should take and how do they try to draw that line? I blamed Jason more so than I blamed Tara but either way... Poor Marshall. I couldn't decide if I thought Jason looked like he was enjoying his time with T or not...

    I am interested in what Dr. Ocean would have to say about Tara's really bad reaction to their termination. I've loved this show all along so far but I'm disappointed to see that there are only a couple of episodes left just as things are really getting good.moreless
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Mary Pat Gleason


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    • Kate: (sees her photo in Gene's drawer) What the hell is that?
      Gene: I saw it on your fridge and I couldn't resist.
      Kate: You stole a picture from me? What the hell were you thinking?
      Gene: It was looking right at me.

    • (after Gimme caused chaos in the spa)
      Charmaine: T, look, I know you don't like me, but we're gonna have to put up with each other for a little bit, okay? That was really scary back there. T, you're gonna have to just leave Tara alone for a little while.
      T: Why don't I leave you alone? (hops away)

    • Max: Why don't you go out to the shed and chill out for a bit?
      T: 'Cause I'm already chill. I'm the chill-chill-chillingest.

    • Max: (talking about Tara's new alter, Gimme) It's not an animal. It's like a... primitive side of her. Preverbal. No social skills. Kind of alter that defaces murals and pees in people's beds.
      Marshall: I knew I didn't wet the bed.
      Kate: Oh my God.
      Marshall: That is such a relief. And yet not at all.

    • Charmaine: Tara thinks she's a rottweiler or something. Congratulations, Marshall. You finally got the dog you always wanted.

    • Tara: (in front of her camera) Tattoos really hurt. Don't let anyone tell you they don't. But I don't regret it because it will always remind me of Kate. And it didn't hurt nearly as much as pushing all 8 pounds, 7 ounces of her through my birth canal.

    • Tara: Wait, so... you're breaking up with me?
      Dr. Ocean: Technically, it's a termination.
      Tara: Oh god, that's even worse. You're just giving up on me.

    • (Petula and Marshall talk about the kiss he and Jason shared)
      Petula: So a kiss like From Here to Eternity?
      Marshall: More like A Place in the Sun.
      Petula: Marshall!
      Marshall: I know. Look, he's coming. Just... just act natural.
      (Jason walks by and ignores Marshall)
      Petula: Well, that wasn't very Montgomery Clift of him.
      Marshall: Maybe he didn't see me.
      Petula: Yeah, and maybe he's secretly blind, like he lost his eyesight to childhood fevers, but he developed sonar like a bat.

    • Max: How'd it go with Ocean?
      Tara: Oceanic.
      Max: Oceanic? What does that mean?
      Tara: Well, it was interesting. She thinks I'm making real progress, but she also wants to terminate our therapy in a month.

    • Charmaine: (to Tara) Look, if all the people who spent all their time and money at therapy each week just took a spa day instead, the world would be a much saner place.

    • Charmaine: (to Tara) There's four of you. Plus Ocean. That's not a relationship. It's an orgy.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Petula: (to Marshall) I just don't ever wanna find you crucified on a fence.

      In October 1998, Matthew Shepard, a native of Casper, Wyoming, was physically assaulted, tied to a fence, and left to die by Russell Arthur Henderson and Aaron James McKinney. He was targeted because of his sexuality.