United States of Tara

Season 2 Episode 7

Dept. Of F'd Up Family Services

Aired Monday 10:30 PM May 03, 2010 on Showtime



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    • Music: "Cherry Tulips" by Headlights, "Hard Heart (Love Spy)" by Queen Sea Big Shark, "Together as a System We Are Unbeatable" by Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

  • Quotes

    • Courtney: (to Marshall) You brought your boyfriend? I was hoping we'd do this like Europeans, where he and I wouldn't meet until your funeral.

    • Max: What if it doesn't go well? With everything that goes on around this house, what if we can't pull it off?
      Tara: Oh, hey. Stop thinking like that. We're total pros at convincing people we're normal.

    • Nerd: What are you?
      Lynda: She is Princess Valhalla Hawkwind.
      Nerd: What?
      Kate: You want to take a picture with me?
      Nerd: What are your superpowers?
      Kate: I don't have a vagina.
      Nerd: (to his friend) Let's go to Popeyes and get some chicken.

    • Marshall: I... We...
      Courtney: Please get to a predicate.

    • Marshall: Here's the thing. There's a thing that happens when two people have a thing. But if that thing turns out not to be a thing, um, the thing is... Help?
      Hany: Okay, Courtney, here's the deal. It's over.

    • Charmaine: Are they gone?
      Max: "They" who?
      Charmaine: Tara.

    • Courtney: I had an epiphany. This morning, that wasn't you talking. I know you better than that. So, I started thinking "why would Marshall break up with me? We had a system in place. It was all worked out." It's so obvious. Your boyfriend, Hany, is brainwashing you.
      Marshall: He's not my boyfriend.
      Courtney: I don't care what he is. He is feeding you his own agenda and you're buying it. It's classic Stockholm syndrome.

    • Max: (to Neil) Hey, here's a Royals fun fact for you. Charmaine's pregnant with your baby.

    • Neil: The... the kid's gonna be a mutt. What are you... Scotch-Irish? And... and... and I'm half P-polish, half punching bag. Congratulations, Charm. You officially have no soul.

    • Alice: I know what you did. We all do. Throwing us in the trash like yesterday's leftovers. Poisoning us with those dirty little pills. I got a postcard from T. She's living on the streets of Seattle, and she referred to herself as a gutter punker.
      Max: Alice, can we just...
      Alice: You tried to kill me.

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