United States of Tara

Showtime (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Good Parts
      Episode 12
      Tara and Max make preparations to leave for Boston where a specialist is located who could help Tara.
    • Crunchy Ice
      Episode 11
      When Bryce takes over, Tara's new alter threatens to destroy the whole family. When Tara's other alters disappear one by one, Max decides to fight off Bryce before it's too late for Tara.
    • Train Wreck
      Episode 10
      Before Max and Marshall come home from New York, a heavily-medicated Tara tries to remove all traces Bryce left behind. Neil tries to convince Charmaine to move to Houston.
    • Bryce Will Play
      Episode 9
      The discovery of Tara's new dangerous alter makes Dr. Hattaras and Tara consult another professional. Marshall finds out that his short film hurt his father's feelings and Charmaine connects with "chic moms," while Kate tries to make her relationship with Evan work.
    • Chicken 'n' Corn
      Episode 8
      A new alter comes to light that put Charmaine's new baby at risk. Soon later, Alice visits Dr. Hattaras and intrigues him in Tara's case again. Kate, Max and Marshall fly to New York where they get to meet Kate's new friend Evan and his son.
    • Tara motivates Max to relive his old rock band Beaverlamp. Meanwhile, a depressed Dr. Hattaras makes her take a break from their therapy sessions and Marshall and Noah interview Max for their film festival project.
    • Dr. Hattaras makes an alarming discovery reviewing Tara's therapy session tapes just when things seem moving forward. Neil asks Tara and Charmaine's mother Beverly to see the new baby. Meanwhile, Max avoids telling Tara he is unhappy with his new job.
    • 5/8/11
      Tara receives an intriguing pitch from her instructor; Charmaine and Neil find parenthood a struggle but still refuse Tara's help; Max is at odds with his new boss.
    • 4/25/11
      Tara considers quitting her psychology class. Max has disagreements with his boss and Kate gets ready for her training as flight attendant.
    • Wheels
      Episode 4
      Charmaine and Tara are taken to the hospital and Tara meets her alters to make a deal. In the meantime, Marshall, Noah and Lionel find use for Charmaine's house and Kate makes a fool of herself.
    • 4/11/11
      Kate's plan to leave for Japan are delayed when an earthquake hits Osaka. Meanwhile, Max visits his eccentric mother Sandy and finds her packed in garbage. Tara is struggling as she tries to master her classes and imminent exams and Charmaine's baby shower. When T comes out in a supermarket, she gets Charmaine and Tara into trouble.moreless
    • Crackerjack
      Episode 2
      Her psychology professor humiliates Tara when she transitions in his class. Meanwhile, Kate considers giving English lessons in Japan and Max gets a business offer.
    • 3/28/11
      Max is worried when Tara returns to college to finish her college degree. Meanwhile, Charmaine with a baby on the way is avoiding a commitment to Neil, Kate tries to figure out a plan for her future and Marshall and Lionel sign up for a filmmaking class.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1