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3x07 The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp

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    Tara is quickly becoming one of the best dramedies I've ever seen. It's fascinating to see how much the writers are branching out as Tara's family does the same. I have a feeling Kate's relationship with Evan will be short-lived, but it's still interesting to see her grow. It's very interesting to see her character soften as Marshall becomes more and more bitter. Marshall used to be the closeted underdog, but lately he seems to be growing into a pretentious narcissist. I think Lionel really nailed him (figuratively). He's so scared he's going to turn into his parents due to bitterness about his and his family's being "abnormal" that he's running from anything meaningful. His statement to Noah that he "didn't need a caretaker" was the perfect illustration of this. I don't want to pretend I know everything about homosexuality, but I always found it odd that Max is such a great guy when the stereotype is that gays have distant or unloving fathers--the complete opposite of Max. Now I think I understand that Marshall's mother's issues have demanded so much of him that Marshall has lost contact with himself; he has sacrificed self-love in favor of loving his mother. To make up for this distance from himself, he feels the need to connect with people like him, guys, and draw strength from them the way his mother has drawn strength from him. It is evident in the way he's questioning why on earth his parents would have a second child that he's beginning to realize he has in a way been robbed of his identity via a reversal of the parent-child, care-taker-care-receiver relationship. Now he's taking back, using Noah and Lionel the way he feels he's been used--he was created for the sole purpose of helping another, not to be nurtured. Still, striking back against the world isn't going to help because he's still not willing to nurture himself. Or perhaps he's changing, given the moment he had with Lionel. I'm eager to see where his character goes. Hope I didn't offend anyone with my belief that homosexuality does start somewhere.

    I've digressed. I hope this isn't the last we see of Hattaras. And naturally I'm terrified of Tara's new psycho-beyotch alter. I can only imagine what she would do to Wheels if given the opportunity...

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