United States of Tara

Season 2 Episode 12

From This Day Forward

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jun 07, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Its Char's Wedding


    This was a bad episode, while the acting is good, everything else was just bad. I have to say this is the reason the show didnt get a lot of viewers and why the viewership fell in season 3.

    To start with, This is the perfect example of why individualism is not nearly as glamrous is it is made out to be. This episode showed a lot of what is wrong with today's society. First it was Charmaine's wedding ad any sister would have realised this and stopped digging for trouble for a shot while to just be there for her sister, but no Tara wanted answers so bad, Tara went for the answer and damned the risks. As a result another alter surfaced and ruined the wedding. What disturbed me though is how when she was back she immediately blammed the parents. While what they did is wrong, there is still no excuse for her not at least give her young sister a chance. She chose to solve her problems than be there for the sister and by the end of the episode, everybody is again cuddling her as though she is just a victim and never the guilty part. Everything she does is always excusable because she has DID and she is brave for not taking medication or at the very least halt her quest for answers when others are being badly affected by her mission.

    Finally, Is it me or is it seriously disturbing the way Max and Tara keep being passive about the fact that thier 15 then 16 yr old daughter is secually active with adults while thier Son is getting into drugs. While its a good idea to show teenagers making bad choices, its another thing to potray parents in a light that seems to endose the behaviour totally.

  • A really great finale....

    In this episode of United States of Tara, the following happens. The day of Charmaine and Nick's wedding is upon us. And so he and Tara's parents come. Their father reveals to Tara that they have a half brother, soon Tara becomes Chicken again. She goes down the aisle as Chicken, and Nick then starts to get second doubts. He then call of the wedding and walks out.
    Tara becomes herself again and confronts her parents, during which her mother confesses that they do have a half brother. He was older than them and when he lived with them he abused Tara. As the episode ends, we see the family laughing and dancing together in their back garden.