United States of Tara

Season 2 Episode 12

From This Day Forward

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jun 07, 2010 on Showtime



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    • Tara: You see my point, right?
      Max: Oh, yeah.
      Tara: Don't say you also see hers.
      Max: I'm only looking at yours.

    • Marshall: People bought you stuff so they could boss you around.
      Kate: If that was prostitution, then every wife on this street would be a hooker, plus the stay-at-home dad who's married to the lady chiropractor.

    • Marshall: My mom went on a trip to meet her molester and I didn't get a lousy t-shirt.

    • Charmaine: Tara... do you know what today is? Today is my bullet train to a new life.

    • Zach: I want to protect you.
      Kate: I don't need protection.
      Zach: You live with sick people.
      Kate: Sick person. And I love her.

    • Charmaine: (about her half-brother) Is he alive? Where does he live? I've dated a lot of fucking guys in this state.

    • Max: I'm proud of you.
      Tara: For what?
      Max: Everything.

    • Max: I wish it'd been us getting married today. I'd stand up in front of all these people and I'd say "I love this woman!" Then I'd look in your eyes and I'd say, "if you're Tara, I'll be Max. But if you're Gimme, I'll be gotcha. And if you're Buck, I'll be your bike. If you're Alice, I'll be your astronaut. And I'd carry Chicken to the car, even though I knew she was pretending to be asleep."

    • Tara: When did you become so perfect?
      Max: Since Shoshana put me on a low dose of Prozac.
      Tara: I wish she could prescribe.

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