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  • Really well acted, not over-the-top crafty dramedy that, if written well, could be around for a while.

    First things first: it's difficult to juggle all the personalities and not give off an air of "well, this is ridiculous". However, Collette really pulls it off and then some. She uses every inch of her body and every bit of acting personality and it comes out very beilievable. Absolute cudos. But, what makes it even more accented are the reactions of her family. Corbett and Gilchrist, with their calmness about the whole thing (well, not exactly calmness, but as Corbett's character informs us, he's been living with Tara for 17 years, so there is definitely familiarity and experience in handling situations, which they do great) really keep the tension going but in soft gloves, like anything can happen but they're in basic control. I also like the fact that they don't pull any verbal punches (sort of like Californication) and give attention to details (T's porno lip gloss :-) Also really interesting is the reaction of the other personalities to the situation - they basically know their place and although they are "other people", they recognise the reality of their situations.
    All in all, a VERY good start, I'll be delighted to add UST to my list of shows to watch. Recommended!
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