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  • A mother of two and a wife, Tara is living with Multiple Personality Disorder. She is no longer taking her medicine to keep the alters away. And when the meds are away, the alters will play. Who will come out next?

    Frankly I have to say that this is one of my favorite shows! I love how each alter comes out. All of the alters are fantastic. Buck and Alice are my favorite two. I love T as well, but I am beginning to find her slightly annoying. She is just a little too crazy! A little too fifteen year old for me. Buck is absolutley fantastic. I love that he is such a manly man. I just adore everything about him. Alice is AMAZING! I love her voice and how she talks. I love that she is the ultimate '50s house wife. Personally I adore her family as well. Her husband Max truly loves her and will do anything for her. Her daughter Katie loves Tara but they are having the typical Mother/Teenage daughter relationship. Marshall is wonderful to Tara. I love that he stays true to his style, and I love the fact that he is gay I think it adds another adoring factor to the show. This show is truly fantastic. You should watch it.