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  • The amazing Toni Collette stars as a wife and mother dealing with "Multiple Personalities". She has decided to stop medication to try and find the root causes, which obviously leads to much chaos for the whole family. Complex, funny, interesting.

    I love Toni Collette, she is a fantastic actress and I was excited that she would jump into something like this. She is one of few actresses right now who could pull it off. I'm happy to say that it looks like it got a following even with the *horrible* teasers/advertisements it carried leading up to the premiere. Of course the alters and the drama that happens when Tara changes is interesting, but what really makes this show so great is that it deals with the aftermath of these episodes and the way the family copes. The whole cast is very strong, the teenagers are perfectly obnoxious at times and very real. No main character is shallow, they all have points where you like them or you don't. I like that the son being gay is not a negative thing, it's addressed and he deals with feeling ostracized at school, but it isn't a plot point that is negative. I cannot wait for the next season, and if they keep this up I can see it becoming a star for Showtime a la Weeds.
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