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  • Tara, a family woman has alternative personalities that control her life and she is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered and twisted Family. Black Comedy that REALLY works.

    When I first got word of this show I was a little worried, this is a concept that seemed brimming with potential but very hard to pull off. But I knew that I would give it a few eps before I made my call on what the show would be. I am happy to report that this show not only works but is truely satisfying TV.

    The nitty/gritty of the show is all about Tara, played flawlessly by Toni Collette, who suffers from D.I.D or multiple personalities. Basically in moments of stress a new personality can take over Tara and Tara is then left to figure out what problems her alters have left for her to fix. The personalities are Buck, T and Alice. Buck is a dirty trucker guy who loves hot chicks, cigarettes and booze. Alice is a classic 50's Housewife who wants her to take over Tara's life by starting a family with her husband and being a strong task master with Tara's wayward daughter. T is a teen who is obsessed with sex and drugs and is best pals with Tara's daughter.

    The key to the show is that Toni Collette consumes all the characters and hts the spot perfectly with all of them but truely shines as Buck. But the show isn't all about Tara, the trials and tribulations of all the family members bring a great sense of drama and emotion into the show with the loyal husband who is always judged by Tara as to whether he sleeps with the other alters, her son who is an original but just as confused and disturbed as all nerdy teen boys are. Finally her daughter who personifies the rebel without a cause who always seems to jump from one drama to the next.

    The show delves into some great issues and does it all with a really twisted sense of humor that makes me gut laugh almost everytime of trying. This show has only just peered its head in Australia so all those who haven't tuned in already really should, it is funny, it is original, it is engrossing, need I say more?