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United States of Tara

Season 3 Episode 3

The Full F**k You Finger

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Apr 11, 2011 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Kate's plan to leave for Japan are delayed when an earthquake hits Osaka. Meanwhile, Max visits his eccentric mother Sandy and finds her packed in garbage. Tara is struggling as she tries to master her classes and imminent exams and Charmaine's baby shower. When T comes out in a supermarket, she gets Charmaine and Tara into trouble.moreless

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    A really funny episode of United States of Tara, the final scene was just golden. United States of Tara has started a new routine since the season has started. Start the episode slow paced, consist the first 26 minutes of the episode with scenes of the family just hanging out (if we're lucky, we'll get development), it's not until the final moments of the show, we got something noteworthy.

    In a way this episode followed that routine. A routine I'm not sure I like, but regardless, this still was a well done episode. The Kate scenes were all great but I just hope she doesn't go back home again. I was looking forward to seeing her in Japan, so maybe next week, we'll see here (or maybe not).

    It was awesome seeing Frances Conroy play the role as Max's mother seeing as she was fantastic on Six Feet Under, she played a convincing hoarder on tonight's episode. Overall, enjoyable episode of United States of Tara, looking forward in seeing what the rest of the season has in store for us viewers.moreless

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    • Max: Please tell me you're looking at porn.
      Tara: Well, if porn is a disastrous baby shower, then... yeah. Big-tim

    • Tara: Flighty 19-year-old in Japan. We are either terrible parents or... visionary parents. I don't know.
      Max: Mm, little of both.

    • Kate: (from her letter to her family) You are the best people in Kansas and I suspect the whole world. But I'll make my final report after I've seen more of it.

    • Charmaine: I'd rather have Tara.
      Alice: No offense, I'm sure. And non taken. Tara is the sister, I know... Even though she's not acting like one at the moment.
      Charmaine: Well, Kate leaving probably has something to do with it, too.
      Alice: Oh, you raise them as best you can, and then they toss you aside, like last season's handbag. Poor Tara. Her heart is in pieces.
      Charmaine: Well, it's probably good she took a few hours off, then.
      Alice: Mm. That's what we think.
      Charmaine: "We"?
      Alice: All of us on the inside. We have an arrangement. It's like that new film with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. We each take the key when we need the apartment. I get the body when the mother needs help.

    • Marshall: Maybe Kate brings death and destruction wherever she walks.

    • Max: How was school?
      Tara: There were 20 people in my study group. They all wanted to be there to see the freak-lady transition.
      Max: Did you?
      Tara: Buck wanted out, but I knocked him back.

    • Max: A note from Buck would have been nice.
      Tara: Well, that's not really Buck's style, is it?
      Max: Not a satisfying answer.
      Tara: Honey, I got carjack... bodyjacked. I got jacked.

    • Max: What was that?
      Sandy: That's Nancy Grace, my new cat. That means he's ready for his medication. Glandular problem.
      Marshall: Nancy Grace is a he?
      Sandy: I named him before I saw he had a penis.

    • Sandy: Gregson boys just have to have them some crazy.
      Marshall: That's my mom, you know.
      Sandy: Well, we don't get to choose our parents.

    • Sandy: You're a gay, aren't you?
      Marshall: I am.
      Sandy: How is that?
      Marshall: It's like... Christmas every day.

    • Charmaine: Yeah, keep on kicking, kid. Your predetermined life of misery and disappointment is three weeks away. Mommy's friendless. Daddy's a jobless fatty. You'll be fat with no friends, too.

    • Kate: I told them that I graduated early with honors, but I tool the G.E.D. I said that I got a 710 on the S.A.T. verbal. I got a 510. Application is a snow job. I'm a cake-sitter, not an English teacher. What kind of company doesn't do a background check? I'm probably gonna end up with a bunch of American liars... people wh oare trying to escape their past... frauds, embezzlers, mafia hit men. I'm gonna end up chopped up and stuffed in a mattress, and that mattress is gonna end up in an opium den where businessmen and Mongolian prostitutes are going to have sex on top of me. Why did she say "oh, dear"?

    • Charmaine: Tara!
      T: It's T. Fuck. And all eight months of you is in my way, so step aside.

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