United States of Tara

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:30 PM Feb 22, 2009 on Showtime
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Tara's parents visit the family. Unfortunately for Tara and Max, they have plans to take Kate and Marshall away and keep them elsewhere.

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  • Tara's parents visit the family to celebrate Charmaine's birthday. Unfortunately for Tara and Max, they have plans to take Kate and Marshall away and keep them elsewhere! If you need me I'll be running circles in my backyard…moreless

    Plot Synopsis (S01E06) - The family is under the impression that Tara's parents, Bev (Pamela Reed) and Frank (Fred Ward), are visiting to celebrate Charmaine's birthday. But when Frank approaches Max about taking the kids to live with them, Max does everything he can to prevent Tara from switching. At the party that night, Tara learns of her parents' plan and is hurt that they think she is an unfit parent. Sweeping her feelings under the rug, she remains calm. However, later that evening, Max wakes to find something that changes everything – a new more primal alter appears, and seems to be peeing in her parents bed…yes peeing.

    More Thoughts on 'Transition':

    - Loved Max taking Tara out to the backyard and just running and running to make sure she doesn't transition. A simple moment that just showed how committed Max is and how hard these two struggle to keep things together.

    - Tara's parents were so passive-aggressive, I was glad to see them go

    - I was even more glad to see Max stand up for Tara and the kids the way he did at the end '"My kids are safe. Maybe you should have spent more time looking after yours."

    - We find out more about Tara's past, and that something happened to her in boarding school

    - Charmaine is a tool. This episode convinced me of that, clearly she yearns for everything that Tara had, completely dismissing what Tara went through at the boarding school. She seems to even envy the DID a little because it brings Tara attention. Just horrible.

    - The whole lopsided boob thing was funny

    - Kate and Gene barely registered with me, why is Kate even going for Gene? It makes no sense.

    - What was up with Marshall and Charmaine's issues?

    Bottom Line: A really good episode that developed the arc, and gave us more on Tara's past. Next week: Max tries to find out more about Tara's past trauma

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Fred Ward

Fred Ward


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Pamela Reed


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    • Max: Truck nuts. What are truck nuts?
      (Neil points to Max's truck with a flesh-colored bag hanging under it.)
      Max: Oh, fuck. Buck! I told him ten times to stop customizing my truck.
      Neil: Apparently, they're illegal. The cops didn't think they were too funny. Honestly, I don't get the logic myself. Does the truck have a dick? Or is the... is the truck the dick? If the truck is the dick, (laughing at himself) then the balls are way too small.

    • Max: I don't want to tell you what to do. You wanna take a Xanax, take a Xanax.
      Tara: what's the matter? Flag too freaky for ya'?
      Max: No, I just spent an hour with your father and I almost became Buck just to kick his ass. This isn't usually my style but... (shakes bottle of pills) I'm heading down the Xanax town. You wanna come?
      Tara: I'm gonna say nope to dope. You were right. We made a decision. No pills. I mean, I don't want anything to happen, but if it does, it does. I'm OK with it. (kisses Max)

    • Beverly: So Marshall, you've got a girlfriend?
      Kate: Oh yeah, she's really hot. Moosh, tell her about your hot girlfriend.
      Tara: Kate, knock it off.
      Frank: Oh, I bet she's a real looker, huh?
      Marshall: Yeah, grandpa, she's a real looker. She's got a great set of walking sticks. No wonder I wanna change my private eye office.
      Kate: Grandpa, you've got to see her. She's got this big blue eyes and nine uncut inches.

    • Tara: Why?
      Charmaine: Because the only reason they call me is to find out about you.
      Beverly: That's not true.
      Charmaine: It's been true my entire life. It's always about Tara. Yeah, I know. I'm not interesting or crazy and I didn't get raped at boarding school, but I'm sick of being an afterthought. I'm always the one who ends up with a sweater. And a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. And a fucking Polaroid picture. I want a big house and a great fucking boyfriend. And I'm never gonna fucking have those things because my idiot ex-husband made me get a boob job and now I'm stuck with these. (points to her bust)

    • Frank: Hey, how are things lately?
      Max: Good, everything's good.
      Frank: Come on, you know what I'm talking about. How are things with you and Tara?
      Max: Uh, no complaints.
      Frank: Really? Well, Bev and I were talking. You know, if you two ever want to take a little break, you could always send the kids to stay with us.
      Max: Like a weekend?
      Frank: Yeah, a weekend, several weeks, a couple of months.
      Max: What are you talking about, Frank?
      Frank: The kids have been through a lot. Come on, we both know things have been a little crazy lately. We just want what's best for the kids.

    • Beverly: Tara, I'm very disappointed in you. I don't know why you insist on depriving the children.
      Tara: Depriving them of what?
      Beverly: This is a wonderful opportunity for them. We know the headmaster of the Hunter School. They could start immediately.
      Tara: What?
      Beverly: It's not a boarding school, Tara. It's just a private school. And they'd be living at home with us.
      Tara: Living with you? What are you talking about?
      Beverly: Well, didn't Max tell you?
      Tara: Didn't Max tell me what?
      Beverly: We want the children to move in with us.
      Tara: Why?
      Beverly: Well, I think you know why.

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