United States of Tara

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:30 PM Mar 22, 2010 on Showtime

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  • A solid introduction to the second season...

    Right off the bat, there's a shift in tone from the first season. Tara and her family dispose of the alters' clothes in a dumpster and mention it's been 3 months since Tara has had her last personality switch. Now on her meds, Tara seems far more content and her family seems to be benefitting from the change as well. All seems to be going swimmingly for the Gregson family until their next door neighbor commits suicide in his house.

    This event leads to several different branches of the story in the episode, including Tara and Max befriending a gay couple on their street and the Gregsons being given ownership to Hubbard's house. The former results in an awkward but funny dinner scene and the latter leads Tara to relapse back to DID after she explores the house and shows an obvious connection to it.

    As for the other members of the family, Marshall's now decided to sit at the gay table, or the "gayble", at school and meets Lionel, who seems to be Jason's replacement as Marshall's love interest. The teachers arguing with Lionel came off as a little cartoonish but the event prompted Marshall to take action and bring purple roses to Sweetheart Day for the gay students at school.

    Max is continuing his gardening business. He wasn't given a lot of material besides his idea to buy Hubbard's house and it came off as more of a plot advancement than actual character development. His scene where he helps Marshall bring the roses to school, though, although presented simply, still proved poignant.

    Kate's gotten her GED and is now looking for a new job. She stumbles upon what she believes to be a government surveillance career but ultimately ends up being a tax collecting occupation. She begins working there, nonetheless, and appears to be adapting to the environment fairly well. Though still abrasive, she seems to have mellowed a bit and actually provided some of the episode's best lines. Her intentional stealthy walk into the job interview was equally comical.

    Charmaine got engaged to her boyfriend but something tells me she's still pining for Max's friend, Neil, whom she hooked up with in the first season. Judging from the pictures on this site, it looks like there's a wedding coming up but I wouldn't be surprised if she gets cold feet and calls it off.

    The episode flowed for the most part but something felt slightly off with Tara. Her reaction to the suicide of her neighbor was particularly peculiar - it did, however, allow Kate to deliver a hilarious deadpan remark.

    The return of the alters wasn't unexpected seeing as the show is centered on DID and hopefully the storylines involving them will pick up some steam in the upcoming episodes. I will say it was a nice change to see mostly Tara for once and only one of them make an appearance by the episode's end (You can always rely on Buck for some solid comic relief).

    So besides the stilted beginning and Tara's jarring behavior in some scenes (as herself and not an alter) the episode worked well as an introduction to the season. Buck's interaction with the bartender may very well develop into something intriguing and would certainly be worth tuning in for.
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