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Unnatural History

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This show follows Henry Griffin, a teenager with skills acquired through years of traveling the world with his anthropologist parents. He must now use those skills to move back to America and attend a public high school in Washington D.C. With the help of his cousin Jasper and his friend Maggie, Henry uses the skills he learned around the world to solve the modern mysteries of high school.
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  • It`s Unnatural CN is doing a live-action

    This show has had it`s high lights. The show is not that great, as people think. The stories are intresting and there the highlight. The rest of the show is made out of boring subplots and really terrible action scenes. The main charcter Henry Griffin was the most interesting just all the things he could do and what he saw when he went to the crime scene. The other characters are annoying. I could forgive the show if it even tried the slightest big harder to make something in the show feel real because the acting is pretty bad all around and like I said the action scenes are not worth your time. But I liked the sets and the main character and all the cool stories enough to not change the chancel.moreless
  • Thank you CN for finally canceling this show

    Cartoon Network's latest show, Unnatural History was another live action show that was destined to fail the moment it was announced. The show is about a young man named Henry Griffin who has been transferred to a private school in Washington DC. Henry befriends his cousin Jasper and a girl named Maggie, and together they must face threats of the school and defeat them and solve mysteries. At first the show doesn't sound too bad at all, but here's the main problem, it's on CARTOON NETWORK! CN is a place for animation, not this type of stuff. The characters' acting while not the worse seem under performed and rather dull, no one seems to give effort in this show at all, except Maggie she was borderline acceptable. The mysteries themselves are pretty interesting, but it's not ground breaking at all. The action scenes though are just terrible, the choreography is well noticed, the hits are not convincing at all, and they are barely exciting or tense. About the only other good thing I could say that was good about this show is that CN realized that this show was tanking and took it off the air and it never got a second season. If I wanted to see a show about history on Cartoon Network, I would watch Time Squad, that show combined history and comedy together and was enjoyable. Sorry all of you fans who actually like it, but I am glad this show is off the air and it seems that CN is finally starting to realize that they need more cartoons on, not this live action stuff.moreless
  • este show was great

    pedaso de maricas esta serie era buenisima solo porque no le gusto q cartoonetwork tuviera una serie sino que les gusto ver toons prefiero 10000 veces esta serie que las porquerias de series de disney
  • Watching Regular show and ready to rip my eyes out..... Oh how I long for Unnatural history

    I remember waiting in anticipation for Unnatural History to come on each week. My son and I would watch it together faithfully. It was a great show filled with action, humor, and drama. It kept the attention of a very active little boy and kep the attention of a very tired mom. It was the one show we actually agreed on wholeheartedly.

    Yet because the dunderheads running the show at Cartoon Network would rather put garbage like the regular show on the channel, I am suffering. Even though I am not actually watching the cartoon, my son is and I can hear it in the background. It is maddening, filled with lame jokes, and not even the tiniest bit entertaining for me. How I wish it were a sunday just a year or so ago because then I would be enjoying myself, but NO! For whatever reason Cartoon Network just doesn't get the brilliance that this show is.

    I mean not only was it a fun show to watch, it opened up a lot of discussion about history. It made my son think as well as ask thoughtful questions. We began saving for a trip to D.C. on account of this show, my son started reading history books and geography magazines, and he

    started asking me to look up history questions on the internet. His curiosity was piqued.

    So now it is New years Day and I implore you, for 2012 bring back this amazing show give me something to look forward to on Sunday nights once again. Oh please, Rigby just tried to take care of some baby ducks, and the gumball machine is speaking in tongues.... I can't take it anymore. PLEASE!

  • CARTOON network lost anything special it had.

    Cartoon Network is for cartoons. This show does not deserve a "7" It doesn't deserve anything. This is the reason why Craig McCraken left cartoon network. Apprently he did not want to work for a cartoon channel that does not want to value cartoons anymore. I mean they replaced good cartoons like Ed Edd n Eddy and Grim Adventures with this crap. I come to watch Cartoon Network to watch Cartoons. I had to wait an hour through this to watch cartoons on a cartoon channel. Remember those good cartoons on Nick and Disney, apperently these guys want to go down the same shoot they did. It could have been great to air this on another network but not CARTOON network. Go ahead and thumbs down this review and give it a 10 beacause you think they look hot and stuff like that. We all remember when cartoon network showed cartoons. But, Do You? Shows like Ed Edd n Eddy, Foster's Home. Please watch those shows if you have not. If they are even on anymore, beacause they air reruns of this alot and it's so annoying. I glad they showed good stuff when i was a kid.moreless
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