Unnatural History

Season 1 Episode 7

Liberian Candidate

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 03, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Henry and the gain discover a blood trail which leads to the set of a school movie. Bryan decides the kids have to be punished for their irresponsible actions. He decides that Henry and Jasper must workout with the football team and eventually try out; meanwhile Maggie must help coach the team. Henry runs into an old friend from Liberia, Tomba, whose father is a Liberian ambassador, Sam. When making a speech, the ambassador faints after taking a drink of champagne. After learning the ambassador is running for president of Liberia, Henry believes that the ambassador may be target for an assassination.

While looking around in an old warehouse, Henry and Jasper hear noises when suddenly a big box moves above them and drops directly on them. They ran and escaped injury.

In the museum, the ambassador is starting to believe Henry's theory that someone may be out to hurt him. When his guard Riggins and Tomba return with a quilt, Tomba's father opens it when a cobra pops out. Henry traps the cobra in a basket. The crew begins to suspect the security guard, Riggins, is behind it. That night while spending the night at Jasper's house, Tomba attempts to suffocate Henry in his sleep. Jasper woke up in time to hit Tomba over the head and save Henry. Henry begins to think that Tomba may want to subconsciously hurt his father.

Henry and Jasper are sprayed and trapped in a cell within the guy's locker room before the official football tryouts, by Tomba and his dad's U.S. campaign manager, who is tricking Tomba into killing his father. After Maggie comes looking for them and manages to wake them up, the guys run out to the field where Tomba is about to hand a bomb encoded football to his father. Jasper takes the ball away, throws it to Henry, Henry kicks it into the air, where it later explodes. Tomba realizes what the campaign manager has been trying to do all along.

After Tomba and his father leave for Liberia again, Henry is casted as a zombie killer in the school movie they interrupted at the beginning of the episode.