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  • Love It!

    Both Unnatural History and Tower Prep are actually great! I saw them and they really did well. There Both The Best Live Action Shows that Cartoon Network s ever done!
  • It`s Unnatural CN is doing a live-action

    This show has had it`s high lights. The show is not that great, as people think. The stories are intresting and there the highlight. The rest of the show is made out of boring subplots and really terrible action scenes. The main charcter Henry Griffin was the most interesting just all the things he could do and what he saw when he went to the crime scene. The other characters are annoying. I could forgive the show if it even tried the slightest big harder to make something in the show feel real because the acting is pretty bad all around and like I said the action scenes are not worth your time. But I liked the sets and the main character and all the cool stories enough to not change the chancel.
  • Thank you CN for finally canceling this show

    Cartoon Network's latest show, Unnatural History was another live action show that was destined to fail the moment it was announced. The show is about a young man named Henry Griffin who has been transferred to a private school in Washington DC. Henry befriends his cousin Jasper and a girl named Maggie, and together they must face threats of the school and defeat them and solve mysteries. At first the show doesn't sound too bad at all, but here's the main problem, it's on CARTOON NETWORK! CN is a place for animation, not this type of stuff. The characters' acting while not the worse seem under performed and rather dull, no one seems to give effort in this show at all, except Maggie she was borderline acceptable. The mysteries themselves are pretty interesting, but it's not ground breaking at all. The action scenes though are just terrible, the choreography is well noticed, the hits are not convincing at all, and they are barely exciting or tense. About the only other good thing I could say that was good about this show is that CN realized that this show was tanking and took it off the air and it never got a second season. If I wanted to see a show about history on Cartoon Network, I would watch Time Squad, that show combined history and comedy together and was enjoyable. Sorry all of you fans who actually like it, but I am glad this show is off the air and it seems that CN is finally starting to realize that they need more cartoons on, not this live action stuff.
  • este show was great

    pedaso de maricas esta serie era buenisima solo porque no le gusto q cartoonetwork tuviera una serie sino que les gusto ver toons prefiero 10000 veces esta serie que las porquerias de series de disney
  • Watching Regular show and ready to rip my eyes out..... Oh how I long for Unnatural history

    I remember waiting in anticipation for Unnatural History to come on each week. My son and I would watch it together faithfully. It was a great show filled with action, humor, and drama. It kept the attention of a very active little boy and kep the attention of a very tired mom. It was the one show we actually agreed on wholeheartedly.

    Yet because the dunderheads running the show at Cartoon Network would rather put garbage like the regular show on the channel, I am suffering. Even though I am not actually watching the cartoon, my son is and I can hear it in the background. It is maddening, filled with lame jokes, and not even the tiniest bit entertaining for me. How I wish it were a sunday just a year or so ago because then I would be enjoying myself, but NO! For whatever reason Cartoon Network just doesn't get the brilliance that this show is.

    I mean not only was it a fun show to watch, it opened up a lot of discussion about history. It made my son think as well as ask thoughtful questions. We began saving for a trip to D.C. on account of this show, my son started reading history books and geography magazines, and he

    started asking me to look up history questions on the internet. His curiosity was piqued.

    So now it is New years Day and I implore you, for 2012 bring back this amazing show give me something to look forward to on Sunday nights once again. Oh please, Rigby just tried to take care of some baby ducks, and the gumball machine is speaking in tongues.... I can't take it anymore. PLEASE!

  • CARTOON network lost anything special it had.

    Cartoon Network is for cartoons. This show does not deserve a "7" It doesn't deserve anything. This is the reason why Craig McCraken left cartoon network. Apprently he did not want to work for a cartoon channel that does not want to value cartoons anymore. I mean they replaced good cartoons like Ed Edd n Eddy and Grim Adventures with this crap. I come to watch Cartoon Network to watch Cartoons. I had to wait an hour through this to watch cartoons on a cartoon channel. Remember those good cartoons on Nick and Disney, apperently these guys want to go down the same shoot they did. It could have been great to air this on another network but not CARTOON network. Go ahead and thumbs down this review and give it a 10 beacause you think they look hot and stuff like that. We all remember when cartoon network showed cartoons. But, Do You? Shows like Ed Edd n Eddy, Foster's Home. Please watch those shows if you have not. If they are even on anymore, beacause they air reruns of this alot and it's so annoying. I glad they showed good stuff when i was a kid.
  • sorry about my recent post that violates the terms of use. please forgive me so, if you feel sorry, tv.com staff. i will be more careful next time when posting up stuff and replies, that are appropriate.

    i do not like reality shows because i get offended. we have no cartoons, no entertainment, nothing but real life shows can offend my religion, gender, and my color. i notice that i am a fan of female mongooses like Patsy Smiles. i get easily offended by CN Real.

    disclaimer: i do not respect to abuse tv shows that can be taken care of on everyone else's thoughts and opinions. can i please post anything that are not harmful? i love my tv shows i love. failure of these rule following can cause unexpected things to my account. my apologies.
  • CN Real has returned...

    Just when Cartoon Network...I'm sorry, the Network couldn't get any more idiotic with their previous live-action shows, they've made another new live-action show! Obviously, I can't judge the show itself since it hasn't even been release yet, but apparently the Network hasn't learned its lesson from the previous CN Real. All those other live-action shows (Goosebumps, Othersiders, Brain Rush, Fried Dynamite, etc.) were canceled in less than a month because NOBODY wants LIVE ACTION on a network called CARTOON Network!
    It breaks my heart to see "the best place for cartoons" turn into this lowest common denominator. Just because Disney Channel is a big hit selling teen idols to little kids doesn't mean the Network should. You want to save the Network? Then please, put the CARTOON back in its shows! Bring back the classics; bring back your original shows like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Lab! Go back to the formula that made you so popular in the first place; you don't have to suffer from the anger and hatred of the fan base you betrayed, just like the older Disney Channel fans. But at the rate this is going, it will eventually lose its fans for good, if it hasn't already.
  • atleast give it a shot

    I got the pre-air premiere on itunes and I actually loved it. Sure acting isn't Oscar material and there are a few hokey SFX moments and the mystery aspect is a bit on the cheesy side but for a CN real show? Its actually the first time I'm not crying in hysterics for the cartoon network of years before. I mean I would love it if they did bring back awesome shows like Samurai Jack and Justice League but... if they stick to shows like this CN real might be on a good track. Unnatural history is a mix of Indiana Jones and National Treasure with a bit of Mean Girls thrown in. I'm sure it'll appeal to the proper age groups and who knows maybe to light hearted action junkies like me as well.
  • The only thing worse than failure is this show.

    Good writing? I think not. Here's my opinion: Every single time that previews up our hopes about an episode, those hopes are squelched with increasing fervor. The show is rated TV-PG for violence, but the most violent thing I can think of about the show is how violently I want to scream every time it comes on. But I'm not being intentionally hateful to the show. In fact, I'd like to congratulate the first-graders who write it each week. The plot holes are thinner than dental floss, and more transparent than glass. I'm tired of people saying that this show is "action-packed", because in reality, it's not action packed. It's CRAP-tion packed! Henry runs around like one of the Boxcar children, piecing together mysteries that probably came out of a cereal box. But let's look on the bright side: the show has plenty of viewers and… well, that's about it. The lessons that Henry learned only serve to help him at the very end of the episode when he has a five-minute fight with the bad guy (5 minutes out of 1 hour). This show should not be allowed on any television station until some new writers (who can write) inhabit the seats of the old ones.
  • Good show. Then again.......

    I feel in my mind that Unnatural History is a good show, but then again....this show should not be on Cartoon Network. This show to me and non-teen sitcom fans should on a network like Teenick, Syfy, ABC Family or HBO Family. I know, I know all you fans of this show can smash me with a club or something, but I myself am against live-action being on Cartoon Network which is similar to me being against the "Chase for the Sprint Cup" in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series. This show is about Henry Griffin, a skilled martial artist who traveled all over the world to train and learn their languages. His next biggest challenge, go to high school in the US. The high school Henry goes to is a fusion of a museum and a school. While at school, he and his cousin Jasper and friend Maggie go on exciting, daredevil adventures. This show is Hardy Boys, National Treasure and Indiana Jones fused together with the magic card Polymerization. In this case though, we're not fusing monsters together, we're fusing films together. The characters in this show are well done. They all have a unique personality that everyone will enjoy. The action in this show is the best part of this show. It's full of intense fighting and dramatic get-aways and such. Henry's martial arts skills really shine in the fights. The music in this show is okay. This show is definetely the best of the CN Real shows (I really hate CN Real no offense), this show outruns Tower Prep easily. I don't get why Cartoon Network abruptly ended the show? Was it low # of viewers? Was it from criticism? Was it because Tower Prep was more important? In any case, I think Cartoon Network needs to revive this program from the dead. My solution is for Cartoon Network to create a seperate network called CN Real Network or something and put on all of the live-action shows that Cartoon Network has aired so that there would be no conflict between cartoon fans and live-action fans. In my mind and millions of other minds, Cartoon Network does not deserve live-action. I hope that CN Real Network is created in the near future so that the Dark Ages of Cartoon Network finally end and that Unnatural History will be renewed for more seasons to come on the CN Real Network hopefully available on every cable/satellite provider to make the fans happy. That's what I want, the fans to be happy. I'm trying to do everything I can to get Cartoon Network to do the right things. I hope somebody finally listens to me.
  • This show makes you question history and ponder the unanswered questions of the world and if the boneheads who watch and run cartoon network aren't able to appreciate it, unnatural history should take its brilliant plot and characters to another network

    This show makes you think! Unnatural history was probably the best thing that ever happened to cartoon network and if they aren't going to hire them for a secon season, it is their loss. This show makes you question history and ponder the unanswered questions of the world and if the boneheads who watch cartoon network and the boneheads who run cartoon network aren't able to appreciate it, I say unnatural history takes its brilliant plot and complex characters to a different tv network right away. This was not a show just filled with senseless humor, it had deeper meaning and allusion to history. It educated me and many other kids on facts about history that we were never taught in school.
  • This was an amazing show! The characters and plotlines were well written and developed. As developed as they could be for one season that is. I wish it hadn't been cancelled, but I realize why it was.

    Three teenage kids going around, getting into trouble, and solving historical mysteries. What's not to love? Henry is so amazingly weird that you can't help but love him. Jasper is his polar opposite and hates how Henry drags him around and gets him into crazy situations. Then there is Maggie. At first you get the feeling that she is stuck up and too smart for her own good. Of course as the series goes you see this isn't true and you realize that her and Jasper have great chemistry! The character interactions make history interesting for the viewers and add a new spin on an old tale.
  • Canceled? Yes!

    I actually thought this show wasn't going to make it from the start. I mean, it wasn't a Time Squad (an awesome short-lived show that actually taught history!) and it definitely didn't belong here on Cartoon Network. I just hated it from the start really. There was nothing against it except it really wasn't a history show. It was more like an action show than a history show; there was only a couple of little tidbits of history in it, and that history, unless you were learning it in school or planning to use it in life, was practically useless, as far as I could see it. ...it just didn't belong on Cartoon Network, it belonged on History Channel.
  • why was it cancelled

    whats wrong with you peolple you need to learn the like the show i loved it because there was always something new and had good plots. i loved the actors and that was literally the only show i watch on cartoon network i started to like it again now i hate it. the one i relly liked is the first one where he first came i got so intrested in the plot i started watching it every week and even started to watch them online over and over again. i relly dont like cartoon network now they dont have many good shows since that was canceled please bring it back!!
  • Who wants to watch History on a Cartoon channel?

    This show is unstandable. And by that, I mean boring. This show doesn't fit on Cartoon Network AT ALL! The channel is called CARTOON Network. This show doesn't belong on History Channel either considering all the "history" in this show is cheesy and corny. But here is where the big question nails this show right in the head. What kid would want to watch a History channel on a Cartoon channel? Not very many people, that's for sure. And considering how bad the "history" in this show is, it lowers the audience even more. To top things off, the chase and fight scenes in this show are way corny. The main character does stunts like Jacky Chan for heavens sake!

    All these CN Real bull-sh*t better stop soon because Cartoon Network is dieing I'm telling you! The only show I even like on CN anymore is MAD.

    I didn't watch this show in the begining, however, I saw an episode one day (fountain of truth) and got hooked on immediately!! I love this show! It's really interesting. I mean the school is connected to a museum how awesome is that! i would love to go to that school. The ideas for this show would be endless!! I can watch this same shows over and over and not get bored. I find them that interesting. I can't wait until they give a marathon of all the episodes because I will be there wathing them and enjoying them. Whoever is complaining about this show being on cartoon network is crazy! So what if cartoon network used to give cartoons. Yes I love carttons but I also like shows like these too. It's funny and entertaining just like a cartoon and it also has some action which is cool too. All I know is that I can't wait for the next episode! :)
  • This show has no place on Cartoon Network

    The creed that Cartoon Network stood by since their beginning was "The Best Place for Cartoons"

    That creed has been shot, murdered, violated, and has had many other unspeakable acts committed against it by the very people who stated that creed.

    Unnatural History is another attempt by Cartoon Network to bring Live-Action onto a station that was founded to be a 24-hour channel of Cartoons. This is another example of how Cartoon Network is suffocating themselves in manners similar to the suicides of Nickelodeon and Disney: Deviating so far from their original goals, their creeds, to pretty much give themselves a funeral, to stab themselves in the heart, just so they can get ahead in a race that is not worth a single second of participation.

    Cartoon Network has gone far into the deep end. If they officially detach themselves from the very shows that made them famous (I allude to Cartoon Cartoons), then Cartoon Network has accepted the cultist action of sacrificing themselves for something incredibly pointless.
  • R.I.P. Cartoon Network

    It all started when the brain cell killing show "Out of Jimmy's Head" first aired. Well thankfully, that was canceled QUICK. Then came CN Real. That was full of rip-offs of actually good shows like Bobby Say's. Then there were a bunch of other trash-littered shows like Destroy Build Destroy, and Dude What Would Happen. Also on the other lines, there was The Other Siders. All those shows were tanked to the rim with angered, disgusted reviews. Surprisingly, a couple of CN Real shows are still on the air. I don't know if I would call this one a CN Real show, but "Unnatural History" is definetlay a failure.

    The basic plot to this show is just flat-out a waste. What kid who watches Cartoon Network wants to watch a show about HISTORY? Not very many, that's for sure. That's for the Discovery Channel and the History Channel are for Cartoon Network. Learn about your viewers next time CN.

    The characters are all boring, and they seem typical and uninteresting. Did I mention the main character appears to be Jackie Chan? Apparently he can do back flips off walls, jump from extra large ranges, and do a wide variety of different stunts that don't even seem real.

    I basically turned this off when the main character was being chased by a bunch of rogue warriors in cloaks holding hand pistols, shooting at him, while he somehow dodged all the bullets. Lame CN, lame.
  • cn is starting to die

    This show is the start of them making drama shows for cn. this isnt why its called CARTOON network not called cn real yet. I think they should cancel all the live action shows except dude what would happen is in my opinion is 1 i actually like. Bt this is terrible. If this gos to season 2 i dont know what to do about cartoonnetwork. so this has the wierdest plot a school in a history museam wtf!!! The gir is not really hot and other guy is ugly and they cant really act either sorryif i offended anyone bye yo.
  • CN Real crap.

    Wow CN Real has came back with a show that has so many positive reviews that if it is canceled, The critics will put up panhandles and protest to get the show back on the network, then the rage dosent stop.
    First of all, this crap deserves to be on Discovery Channel or History Channel, not CARTOON Network.
    Another thing Boomerang was founded I think for classic cartoons, now almost every single classic show on Cartoon Network has been moved onto it so it can air random crap. Cartoon Network 2004-2007 was mediocre, 2007-now HELL. They even took of Toonami! Now its gone too far, now about the show, never watched it, never will.
    FINAL SCORE: 0/10 F-

    To me Unnatral History sucks! First of all the name has "HISTROY" in it. If I wan't to learn history I would have stayed in school for another hour. So what is this about anyway? Is it about some teenager who thinks he can fight but really he fights like my 1 year old baby cousin. And she can't even talk yet! So what if he can punch. Ohhhh, big deal he punches a ghost. If you want to punch a ghost, just punch the air, it feels like a ghost! And one last thing, why is Cartoonnetwork putting a live-action show on there?
  • I thought this was a well written show! I love the characters and actors. Schmidt Rocks! I want the show to come back!!!

    I thought this was a well written show! I love the characters and actors. Schmidt Rocks! I want the show to come back!!! What a great way to learn about history and watch a cool kid kick people's butt. The fun mysteries that all the characters solved were very intertaining. Kevin was really cool and I loved his martial arts! I want the show to come back. I want the show to come back. I want the show to come back. I want the show to come back. I want the show to come back. I want the show to come back.
  • Not a Bad Show...

    A public- service message: If randomly clicking the remote Sunday night brings up a Cartoon Network program with real live people, don't bother adjusting your set. Breaking with tradition, the network is launching its first live-action mystery series, a sign of greater programming flexibility and evidence of the increasingly fierce hunt for adolescent eyeballs.

    Unnatural History is a robust and appealing cross between the Hardy Boys and Indiana Jones with a little bit of "National Treasure" thrown in for good measure.

    A teen who has been a world traveler for as long as he can remember. Along the way, he has picked up more than a cursory knowledge of native lore, including martial arts, herbal medicine and athletic abilities that border on superpowers.

    Henry is not eager to return to the good ol' US of A but eventually arrives at the home of his uncle, Bryan , and cousin, Jasper. In one of those incredible coincidences, Uncle Bryan just happens to be principal of the unique D.C. high school Henry will attend, a school that is an adjunct to a prestigious museum complex.

    This is not a bad show, and intresting, and the jokes are Okay..and colorful. All in all its a good show.
  • A very good show overall! Adventure and mystery along with super characters and a moral. One of the better shows I've seen, and this coming from an adult! There are some implausible moments, but that's inherent in TV shows so enjoy the moment.

    I would like to see more shows like this. I really think there is good character development and I love the abilities of the three main characters. I think there should be more shows like this maybe even one starring (gulp, do I dare say it) some adults as the main characters. If you really thing about it, the promotes positive values and characteristics; something for young people to aspire to and much better than some of the utter junk that is on TV today - yes, way better than any reality show! Despite certain implausible situations or outcomes, I can still suspend my disbelief and enjoy the show for the adventure, fun, and positive things it says and does. I hope they keep it up.
  • the best

    this show rocks my socks it rules the school man ilove it. and that girl is hot i wach it for that some times the best she is hot i migt jack off to her it is just she is hot and the show is asome ffor all you people out ther i just love the hanrey dude i wish i coud be him i think every body does but his cous is so gay idk y thay but him in ther kind of mest up i love the seating of the school wish i coud go ther dont you.
  • Mystery

    Unnatural History is really fun and a great family show. I think it's a bit misplaced on Cartoon Network. I understand why many cartoon fans are puzzled by that. Perhaps it should air on ABC family!
    But, it's nice to have a fun mystery program with 3 teenagers you can truly look up to. And it reminds you that most of only have a couple of truly close friends in our lives.
    Plus, it's a great premise....a school at the Smithsonian. The story ideas are endless! I can't wait for it to return! When will season 2 begin airing? Please announce CN!
  • Unnatural History follows Henry and his Cousin Jasper as they solve mysteries from history at their high school which is in a museum. Henry moved to America after traveling around the world learning skills that come in handy.

    Unnatural History is Indiana Jones meets National Treasure where Henry gets into adventures over mysteries in history. Being into history I really enjoy this show and feel that I learn something new every week. The other part of it being set in a Museum makes it even more interesting because you never know what the next mystery will be. Other people want it to fail because its not a Cartoon but is broadcast by Cartoon Network. I'm glad I didn't do that since I've come to love this show. I will be upset if Cartoon Network cancels it. Unnatural History makes learning fun.
  • Interesting Show

    Unnatural History is an interesting departure for the network,and I like it. There are some continuity issues with the first season as some episodes seem to be shown out of order, but hopefully there will be a second season that gets the glitches out.

    The show is clean and osmotically educational, has a little humor and drama in every episode, and is suitable for children and adults. It is not as edgy as some adults may would rather it be, but it has a Wonderful World of Disney quality that is otherwise missing from today's TV lineup. I guess I would liken it to be a modern spin on the old Hardy Boys series.
  • Seems interesting.

    Before today I was griding my teeth thinking that Unnatural History wouldn't be any good. My base for this knowledge was because it was a real show on Cartoonnet Work. Surprisingly it wasn't that bad. Maybe it's due to the fact that I love National Treasure and Indian Jones, which the series resembles. The main character seems a bit too well at doing all the tricks that he does, but then again because he trained for years. The series might not have any business being on a cartoon channel (that I personally think has went do hill lately) but it is an awesome show so far. I wish that it would show on a different channel, but eh it's pretty good so far. It can totally count on me as a viewer!
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