Unnatural History

Season 1 Episode 11

Thor's Slammer

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 31, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode opens as the crew is on a campground full of tents. Henry shows Professor Jonas Santana and his panel of people a fossil they just found. Afterwards they talk to Gunner Erickson, whose father was famous artifact finder. Henry begins to compare himself to his parents who are known worldwide for their discoveries. He finds that people have high expectations for him due to that fact. Well reflecting on this, Henry finds that he accidently stepped in quick sand and begins to drown.

Maggie and Jasper begin looking for Henry. Maggie sees the quick sand and suspects that Henry may have fallen in. Jasper doesn't believe it, and yells for Henry to show himself and quit playing a joke on them. Maggie sees that a hammer is appearing through the sand, and realizes that it's Henry. Maggie and Jasper work together to pull him out, Henry also pulled up a mummy from beneath. The mummified body is placed in a van. Professor Santana was impressed with Henry's discovery and said this could put him above his parents in the history books. While taking a shower, Henry notices the van with the mummy is burning, he runs out to grab the body out of the van. Henry tells Jasper he thinks that Gunner Erickson may have started the fire in the van, because Henry found his lantern burning underneath the van. They confront Gunner about it, he denies it, but tells them all about his father, Sven Erickson. The body is taken to forensic investigators who determine that the body was that of a forty year old male, and was stabbed three times. Henry then finds a museum ID with the body; it was Sven Erickson, Gunner's father.

Gunner finds out the news about his father and is happy for Henry that he got the discovery he has been waiting for. Henry feels bad, so the gang looks further into the life and murder of his father. Maggie leaves, leaving Henry and Jasper to investigate. Soon after finding a picture of a group of people including Gunner's dad, Professor Santana, and Bryan, Jasper leaves to tutor his math teacher. Henry continues to investigate. He finds a pocket knife with blood on it; soon after he opens it he begins to lose his vision and sees a masked individual walk into the room. Henry calls 911, for the first time ever. The mask man begins to fight Henry; Henry wins the battle after he throws the intruder through a window.

Henry and Jasper think the individual was after Thor's Hammer that Henry had. The forensic investigators show up and arrest Bryan for the murder of Sven Erickson. His finger prints were found on the knife. The media began calling him "The Quicksand Killer", he gets out on bail. Bryan talks to Henry and Jasper on how his knife from 1995 could have ended up in that box were Henry found it. Henry feels guilty for investigating it further. The school suspends Bryan from his job and is asked to leave the campus. As Henry and Jasper walk the halls, dirty looks and whispers are given to them. Gunner comes up and wants to beat up Jasper because of Bryan killing his father. Henry defends Jasper and says that Bryan is innocent and he will prove it. Gunner goes away, telling Jasper he's lucky Henry was there to stop him. The crew narrows down the possible suspects to the three other people in the picture which is Professor Santana and his crew from the campground. Each of them take one of them and search there offices. Henry searches Santana's office, well searching Professor Santana walks in, Henry hides underneath the desk. Santana sits at his desk and reads a book.

Henry escapes and meets Jasper and Maggie. They each found evidence for all three of the people, proving that any of the three could have done it. The sunglasses on a museum exhibit are a key investigative clue in the case. They need to replace them with something of equal weight in less than one second in order for the security system not to go off. After Maggie resets the system, Henry quickly takes and replaces the glasses. The crew walks in the museum, Henry hears a noise, but can't figure out where it's coming from. Henry yells "GET DOWN!" A knife is thrown at them; Henry catches it with Thor's Hammer. When they get back to the house they find Bryan mopping around, depressed. Henry pulls the knife from the hammer and realizes is hollow inside, he dumps sand out of the hammer. Maggie takes the lens of the glasses and finds that they fit perfectly into the circular holes on the side of the hammer. They discover it's a famous compass. It can re-create the night sky on any night in history and create the night sky for any night in the future. When looking at the sky from the night of the murder, Henry discovers a message written within, and then notices a symbol. The same symbol he saw before he drowned in the quicksand.

They go back to the site with Thor's Hammer, the directions said to throw the hammer hard at the symbol on the rocks. They were just about to do it when Professor Santana and his crew walks out from behind them and asks for them to hand over the hammer. They admitted they all killed Sven Erickson; they each took one stab at him so investigators could never figure out who it is. Then they framed it to make it look like Bryan did it. Santana pulls a gun; Henry knocks it out with the hammer. Henry begins to fight Professor Santana. Maggie fights his female partner, and Jasper takes the other guy. Jasper uses the blinding poison on the guy, the same stuff used on Henry when he discovered the knife. Henry throws the hammer at the symbol on the rocks. The rocks begin to fall, they run. Four statues of Vikings appeared from behind. The three are arrested for the murder of Sven Erickson. Although everyone wants to give credit to Henry for this discovery, Henry says that it was Sven's discovery; he just didn't have a chance to reveal it because he was murdered. Bryan thanks Henry for his further investigation into the case and proves his innocence. The mountain is named Mount Erickson, Jasper tells Henry that it actually wasn't from the Vikings, and it was from some 16th century Englishman. Henry doesn't believe them though.