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This year I took a moment to think about the BEST series I've been watching and the more I thought about it the more I realized that this, redheaded stepchild of a website, might be the best place for my enthusiasm. In number order:

[This list takes into account only series which aired episodes between Jan - Dec of 2018.]

1) UnREAL - A most amazing program with a mind-blowing series finale!
2) Great News - The cancellation of which is the biggest loss of the year for audiences!
3) Ash vs The Evil Dead - Despite the excellent finale, the 2nd biggest loss of the year.
4) Insatiable - Brilliant. If you haven't seen it then you should!
5) Voltron - Seriously amazing... with a bittersweet ending that will not be forgotten.
6) Dear White People - One of the most important series of the year.
7) Legion - One of the most inventive and stylistically ambitious series ever to air.
8) Atlanta - Aside from being another in a long line of strong and important series, it's mirror into reality is as impressive as it can be disturbingly honest.
9) Jane The Virgin - Priceless... If you don't watch this show do yourself a favor and do!
10) The Good Place - As fun as it is serious... not often will we see it's like.
11) Travelers - How can any show be as addictive as this...
12) She-Ra & the Princesses of Power - This is how!
13) LA to Vegas - This comedy gold was another big loss for audiences (It's Treasure of the Sierra Madre time people... you're standing on GOLD and you didn't even know it).
14) DuckTales - ...'nuff said.
15) Westworld - Slow but well worth it, more than the character study it appears to be.
16) 12 Monkeys - Time-travel that wraps around the audience's brain just to blow it.
17) Life In Pieces - A timeless family series presented in an interestingly different way.
18) Andi Mack - Disney backed a winning in this multi-generational-heroine YA series.
19) Younger - What could be more lovable than this screwball comedy come to life in these entertaining thirty minutes doses... One that has Sutton Foster & Hilary Duff.
20) Outlander - Be brave because almost everyone is awful, everything that happens is terrible & much of it makes no sense but it won't stop you from watching once you begin.
21) My Hero Academia - If you like superheroes (and YA stories) you'll love this show.
22) Brooklyn Nine-Nine - One of the funniest series ever to be on (and still will be).
23) The Gifted- One of, if not, the best series to come from the X-Men Universe ever.
24) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Wow... just WOW. Why aren't you watching it?
25) Fresh Off The Boat - Today's Happy Days... but better!
26) Black Lightning - Everything Luck Cage promised to be but never was!
27) Poldark - If you like period soaps you'll love this almost as much as Downton Abby.
28) The 100 - A more charismatic post-apocalyptic adventure series there isn't!
29) The Magicians - If the books were this good I'd have given them 5 stars not 2.
30) Krypton - This series has no right to be this good, but IT IS!
31) Endeavour - This subversive detective series set in the 1960s and staring franchise juggernaut Inspector Morse as a young man is both rich and intriguing.
32) The Orville - Do you like Star Trek but wished it was more relatable, then watch!
33) Ghosted - Yet another big loss to the fickle tides of 2018.
34) Schitt's Creek - You have to see it to believe it... Eugene Levy is a genius.
35) Hilda - for those who liked Over the Garden Wall but wished it was more for kids
36) Silicon Valley - It's highly irreverent, it's not for everyone but if you like, you'll love!
37) Cloak & Dagger - I can't believe I'm typing this either, but watch it - It's fantastic.
38) Agents of SHIELD - Another solid year for one of the best comic book shows ever!
39) Grace & Frankie - Need I say more?!
40) The Sinner - If you miss True Detective watch this show, it's almost better!
41) Futureman - Every ep will make you say WTF as you double over with laughter.
42) Big Hero 6 (The Series) - If it's Emmy & Annie nominations aren't enough this excellent sequel to the movie does have most of the original cast (and YES Stan Lee too)!
43) Lost in Space - An adventure show for the whole family... more in the spirit of the original than you'd expect but also updated and entertaining as all heck-fire.
44) The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - For those who've been darkly dreaming of a Sabrina much less the teenage witch and more the monster hunter, well you are in luck!
45) Star Wars: Rebels - Sadly no Clone Wars but thankfully no Resistance either. And once CW characters made their way into the series it had gotten much better, R.I.P.
46) Wrecked - If you ever wished LOST was written by the people who made Scary Movie (just the first one) then you'll love laughing your ass off ep by ep with these castaways.
47) The Bold Type - It's the Sex in the City of the 21st Century... that always ends on a good note (with everyone's favorite Faking it alum Katie -go back to red hair- Stevens).
48) Young Sheldon - Never able to get through an ep of The Big Bang Theory but this is not that this is a great family show about a kid who's way too smart! Laugh it up.
49) Last Week Tonight - WE ALL KNOW WHY!
50) Arrested Development - Because... of course.

  1. * Bonus) New series with best promise - The Neighborhood
  • * Bonus) Best Mini Series - Maniac (NETFLIX)
  • * Special Mention Goes to - Altered Carbon: It's not the book but it was a good try.
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Feb 12, 2019
Hi there. Thanks for the post. Lots of interesting series I would like to see.
Jan 31, 2019
Great List Thanks..
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