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Unscrewed with Martin Sargent

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Unscrewed With Martin Sargent reveals the pop culture side of technology: what's new, what's hip, what's hot. The ultimate showcase for the darker, funnier, sexier world of the modern technophile, Unscrewed With Martin Sargent pushes the boundaries of late night television. Hosted by the funny and forthright Martin Sargent from The Screen Savers, with his sidekick, the lovely Laura Swisher, this outrageous 30 minutes promises to go where no other show on television has gone. Sargent mingles with tantalizing guests in studio and remotely. Daring topics are covered by field pieces, product segments, hidden camera surprises, monologues and more, including Marty's now world-famous Twisted List. And let's not forget Girls Gone Wired, and Porn Tips from Judy the Porn Mom. Marty and his team are not shy and promise to uncover the most revealing stories behind technology.

This show began its life on May 26, 2003 on TechTV, the technology channel owned by Paul Allen's company Vulcan Ventures, and had studios in San Francisco. In early 2004, Paul Allen sold TechTV to Comcast, which merged the channel with its own video game channel known as G4. In May 2004, G4techTV launched, and production of all shows was moved to Los Angeles. Martin, Laura and associate producer Joey the Intern all made the move and started taping shows for the newly merged network in September.

On November 10, 2004, production of Unscrewed with Martin Sargent was officially halted. The last show was taped on this date and aired on November 29, 2004. G4techTV continued to play reruns until January 2, 2005.moreless
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  • In each episode, Martin Sargent and sidekick Laura Swisher delved deep into the underbelly of internet culture. Each episode usually featured a monologue by Marty, followed by interviews with iconic people of the internet, with some scripted comedy or damoreless

    Marty and the crew had a uniquely great show with Unscrewed. The comedy was off the wall funny and always shocking. Marty always started with an opening monologue that almost always turned into a long rambling with some pictures from the internet to accompany the words. They were unlike anything I have seen on television, even a year after the show was canceled by G4. The interviews were also great. Swish and Marty were able to keep the guests talking, even though must of us know they were full of it. Unscrewed also featured some recurring guests like Kevin Rose (AKA the Dark Tipper) who showed people how to exploit the internet and technology, going into a grey area of legality and morals in the process. Then there was Joey the Intern, whose main purpose was to be abused and humiliated by Marty and Swish. He was quite hilarious, and also gave his own tips on some fun things to do. Each show usually featured a recurring skit or feature such as Laura's "Dear, Blog" and "Search Sperts!" Finally, Marty ended the show with "Girls Gone Wired." Each episode featured pictures of a different internet model accompanied by one of Marty's rants. Sometimes the rants would be about the girl, and sometimes a random thought that popped into Marty's head that the girl reminded him of. It was a surprise and a shock whatever he said. I think the best part about Unscrewed was how offbeat and blunt the comedy was. They were not worried about censors, hollywood politics, or government politics. This review is mostly based on the show that aired on TechTV, NOT G4. G4 took away too much control from the TechTV staff who made the show great. In spite of G4's poor management, Marty, Laura, Joey, and the rest still made the show enjoyable. I look forward to any future projects the Unscrewed cast and crew is working on.moreless
  • Best Show Period!!!

    Unscrewed was the best show around. Martin Sargent and Laura Swischer were the perfect pair. They had great chemistry together with Marty's humor, tech knowledge, and sex driven nature and Laura's stand up comedian history and hold nothing back attitude they were able to ensure that there would be a laugh in every scene. The show was perfect in LA with great Dark Tips (especially the super soaker weapons, dumb Laura he said they were hot) and the hilarious rounds of Search Spurts (who thinks of these choices). They evan had Gary Coleman doing bits on the show. After the move to LA the show lost that spark it once had since G4 expected it to be maturer and gave them a terrible line up of guests. The show was set up to fail, but that would take to long so G4 just canned it. Luckily they went out with that great finale bringing them back to the good old days they once had back in San Francisco. The show had no reason to be canceled, G4's reason was that it was to close to porn, but they sucked allot of the dirty stuff out when they moved to LA. The dirtiest thing on the show was Girls Gone Wired which G4 then took and made into it's own show as a video game girl beauty pageant (how pathetic do you have to be to get excited over computer generated girls, that's kind of sad and sick). The show name was latter changed to Video Game Vixens after the Unscrewed Army attacked G4 about it, but it just leads people to believe that the show was only cancelled for being on TechTV originally and G4 being to childish to admit that a TechTV show is better than one of theirs.moreless
  • Best late night show ever!

    Wait? I have a question! Why was this show cancelled? Is it because G4TV sucks or were they to tight to spend any money on the show? They say it was because of bad ratings, yeah right like I would buy that lie. It was a truly originial show for late night comedy. Sad to see it gone.
  • This show was awsome, G4 SUCKS

    Tech tvs Unscrewed with Martin Sargent was an awsome show. G4 Sucks for ruining TECH TV and Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. This show needs to be brought back. It was the best talk show, now i am stuck watching the Tonight Show With Jay Leno if i want to see a talk show at 11:30. Luckily i still have a bunch of episodes of unscrewed on DVDs and VHS.