Unscrewed with Martin Sargent

techtv (ended 2004)





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  • Best Show Period!!!

    Unscrewed was the best show around. Martin Sargent and Laura Swischer were the perfect pair. They had great chemistry together with Marty's humor, tech knowledge, and sex driven nature and Laura's stand up comedian history and hold nothing back attitude they were able to ensure that there would be a laugh in every scene. The show was perfect in LA with great Dark Tips (especially the super soaker weapons, dumb Laura he said they were hot) and the hilarious rounds of Search Spurts (who thinks of these choices). They evan had Gary Coleman doing bits on the show. After the move to LA the show lost that spark it once had since G4 expected it to be maturer and gave them a terrible line up of guests. The show was set up to fail, but that would take to long so G4 just canned it. Luckily they went out with that great finale bringing them back to the good old days they once had back in San Francisco. The show had no reason to be canceled, G4's reason was that it was to close to porn, but they sucked allot of the dirty stuff out when they moved to LA. The dirtiest thing on the show was Girls Gone Wired which G4 then took and made into it's own show as a video game girl beauty pageant (how pathetic do you have to be to get excited over computer generated girls, that's kind of sad and sick). The show name was latter changed to Video Game Vixens after the Unscrewed Army attacked G4 about it, but it just leads people to believe that the show was only cancelled for being on TechTV originally and G4 being to childish to admit that a TechTV show is better than one of theirs.
  • Best late night show ever!

    Wait? I have a question! Why was this show cancelled? Is it because G4TV sucks or were they to tight to spend any money on the show? They say it was because of bad ratings, yeah right like I would buy that lie. It was a truly originial show for late night comedy. Sad to see it gone.
  • This show was awsome, G4 SUCKS

    Tech tvs Unscrewed with Martin Sargent was an awsome show. G4 Sucks for ruining TECH TV and Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. This show needs to be brought back. It was the best talk show, now i am stuck watching the Tonight Show With Jay Leno if i want to see a talk show at 11:30. Luckily i still have a bunch of episodes of unscrewed on DVDs and VHS.
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