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  • Season 1
    • Unscripted 10
      Unscripted 10
      Episode 10
      Bryan returns to Los Angeles to a less than warm welcome; Dragon spends the day with Jennifer after her grandfather passes away; Goddard makes class difficult for Jessica; Diane invites the class to a party at her house where Nick confronts Pam and Bryan meets Krista's new boyfriend Markus.
    • Unscripted 09
      Unscripted 09
      Episode 9
      Nick visits Bryan in New York and ends up getting ditched by his date when she meets Sam Rockwell; A wild night out with Nick leads to an awkward day at work when Bryan arrives with a hangover; Krista gets a chance to show off her comedic side, first, on John Stamos's new show and then later at a comedy club with Jon Lovitz; Dragon spends an evening with Jennifer and her grandfather; Jennifer later receives news that her grandfather has ended up in the hospital.moreless
    • Unscripted 08
      Unscripted 08
      Episode 8
      Jennifer and Dragon unwittingly scam their classmates with the help of a pyramid scheme; Krista loses a role that she was promised from a young director she worked with previously; Bryan begins work on his film in New York with some support from Meryl Streep; Goddard gets closer to new student Jessica at the expense of Diane's feelings; Krista looks for comfort from Bryan but is turned away; Nick is asked to impersonate Goddard in class.moreless
    • Unscripted 07
      Unscripted 07
      Episode 7
      Bryan heads for New York to work on a movie with Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman; Jennifer becomes frustrated after she's told to lose weight; Krista and Laura San Giacomo vie for the same role; Goddard is on the verge of losing his representation; Pam invites Jennifer and Dragon to a recording session for King of the Hill; Nick replaces an actor in a commercial at the last minute not knowing what the commercial is for.moreless
    • Sixth Episode
      Sixth Episode
      Episode 6
    • Unscripted 06
      Unscripted 06
      Episode 6
      Bryan fights to get an audition for a role he knows he's perfect for; Jennifer gets a job as an extra in a Keanu Reeves movie; Krista feels stressed during an audition; Nick sleeps with a friend of Jennifer's and then can't remember her name.
    • Unscripted 05
      Unscripted 05
      Episode 5
      Krista gets a part in an independent film from a 16-year-old director; Bryan heads for North Carolina and begins work on One Tree Hill but faces contract problems; Dragon helps Jennifer out when she's hired to work at a car wash; A former flame of Fulton's returns and joins his class.moreless
    • Unscripted 04
      Unscripted 04
      Episode 4
      Bryan learns that Nick has been stealing auditions from him so he decides to get back at him; Krista is furious when a casting director insults her son; Jennifer invites Mike O'Malley to see her band after meeting him on the set of Yes, Dear. Also, Bryan gets a call that the producers of One Tree Hill want to make him a regular.moreless
    • Unscripted 03
      Unscripted 03
      Episode 3
      Jennifer plays Ophelia in a stage production of "Hamlet"; Krista has doubts about letting her son act after meeting a stage mom; Bryan plays poker at Hank Azaria's house.
    • Unscripted 02
      Unscripted 02
      Episode 2
      Bryan mistakenly dresses up as a biker for a cowboy audition and later lands a role on Life with Bonnie; Krista learns of her son's acting talents when director Garry Marshall shows interest in him; Jennifer doesn't feel confident when she shows up at an audition and sees the competition.
    • Unscripted 01
      Unscripted 01
      Episode 1
      In the first episode, we meet three young actors from actor Goddard Fulton's method workshop.

      Jennifer Hall, a naive southern girl, lands a job as a stand-in on George Lopez and is eager to impress the director; Krista Allen is a single mother who's offered a job from the Cuervo tequila company but is disappointed when she learns that she has to work in a string bikini; Bryan Greenberg, a young man who pads his resume, invites his friends over to watch him on an episode of Smallville.moreless