Season 1 Episode 6

Unscripted 06

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 2005 on HBO

Episode Recap

In class at the Tamarind, Bryan learns about a movie part that he becomes certain he was born to play: a Jewish guy with teacher parents from Pontiac, Mich. — his exact bio. The role, in a film called Tough Zone, even calls for a stutter, which Bryan also used to have. Consumed by the idea that he has found the perfect part, he immerses himself in the role and pressures his agent and manager to get him an audition.

Krista continues her relentless auditioning. Despite some forced laughs in the room, the process seems painful for all involved, and a breakthrough still eludes her.

Jen's day job as a Lady Liberty barker comes to an end, but her boss offers her another, "less glamorous" role: as cashier at the car wash. Still, she has some success, when director Francis Lawrence does a friend a favor and gives Jen a featured extra spot on a new Keanu Reeves movie.

Bryan gives the Tough Zone audition everything he has, but soon after he gets the call from his agent: The producers just didn't think he was right for it. The bad news is soon forgotten, however, when Bryan learns that he's landed a huge break: an audition in New York for a new movie.