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Unsolved History

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Welcome to the Unsolved History guide at TV.com. Unsolved History is history the way it was! Through detailed examination of archaeological and forensic evidence, existing photographs, artifact examination, and carefully selected interviews from eyewitnesses and experts - events are reconstructed and historical questions are finally answered. Unsolved History, where forensic science puts history to the test.
Kathleen Kern

Kathleen Kern

Narrator (2002-Feb. 2004)

J.V. Martin

J.V. Martin

Narrator (Feb. 2004-)

Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez

Historian / Host

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  • Kathleen kern is the worst narrator in history!

    I first heard kathleen kern's horrendous narration a couple years ago, and it was like listening to finger nails on the chalk board. Kathleen kern is the worst narrator in history! I don't think I could be worse than her if I tried my hardest. Is she ***ed or what? Anyone simply reading off a page would sound better than her. Gilbert godfried would sound better than her. It's like she's trying to sound like a robot but sucks at it. Who is the IMBECILE who hired AND PAID her to narrate???? I hope for her sake she looks good. Lol ever heard the saying "she has a face for radio?" Well, she has a voice for silent film. If their goal was to make people change the channel as quickly as possible, mission accomplished.

    I have never been even slightly annoyed by any other narrator on history channel or any other--even if I didn't particularly like their voice. But then, you would assume that no expensive television show production would hire a narrator who sounds absolutely ***ed. Guess there's an exception to everything. Lol

  • Inside Hitler's Bunker

    I really enjoyed this episode. I read books about the WWll period and digging up details about what is not in the history books intrigues me. There is a great composite of information here to construct the virtual bunker. The input of Rochus Milch, the SS telephone operator, served as a solid foundation for this program. Too bad this area was not preserved for history, but I quite understand the other side of the coin too.moreless
  • Original shows were good, but they moved away from the formula that worked.

    I got hooked on the show with the episodes like the Boston Massacre, who shot down the Red Baron, and JFK Assisination. It was interesting to watch them recreate the situations of the time and try to prove or disprove what happened. The balance of giving a history lesson, the use of technology to recreate the situation, and the building of the case one way or another was fun to watch (at least for a semi-history buff like me). But then somewhere along the lines they moved away from the formula and just went to looking at mysteries in history. I did find the show on the tsunami interesting from the physics stand point and if I don't look at it in terms of the original Unsolved History formula.moreless
  • Awful...

    My problem with this show is the over usage of the word "exact". The narrator has repeatedly used it to describe the re-enactments during the episode about UFOs. There is no way to exactly re-enact a situation that occurred 40 years ago or can you exactly re-enact what a long dead pilot saw out of his cockpit window. The show seems to be biased in its views on certain subjects and it clouds the objectivity of the show. I'm not a UFO fanatic, but even I don't buy the weather balloon explanation for every possible UFO sighting. If you want an objective and factual show about historical events, this is not the show to watch.moreless
  • Why do I need a summary??

    I'm responding to your recent show on Princess Diana's death. There have been so many shows that have done this situation to death. Your take on it was different but it just seemed unnecessary. I sat there thinking, if her boys or anybody else from her family was watching this I think they would have turned the channel too. The most irritating part of the entire episode was the narrater, Karen Kern, I think that is her name? Her voice is so annoying you can hardly stand listening to her for more than 5 min. The range of her voice for every single sentence is the same, drives you crazy. I wanted to watch the rest of the program so I did but her voice made it difficult. You tend to lose yourself from the actual story because you can't get her voice out of your head. I still can't and I watched the program 3 hours ago. I like Unsolved History, but using her as a narrator? Not good! Thanks! Barb Appleton, Wisconsinmoreless
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