Unsolved Mysteries

Season 13 Episode 26

Episode #528

Aired Unknown Jul 26, 2002 on NBC

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  • An Asian man is murdered and the while evidence of the crime scene is destroyed.

    Bizarre case makes for an interesting episode. A man is found dead and the bed where he lay dead was burned by the Sheriff. This took place in Oregon in a remote area. Three suspects are shown the dumb Sheriff who burned the evidence, Don Dixon, an alleged close friend, and Eric Smith, a business partner of Tamiyasu.

    There is defnitely more to the case than what these three have said. The segment does a fine job of position suspicion on all three, but doesn't pose all the logical conclusions. It seems to me that this was probably a hate crime who closely watched this man day in and day out and waited for the right moment to make their kill.

    The sheriff burning the evidence is very suspicious and arrogant. This case just makes you make think and more cautious of your life especially if you hear tapping noises and you think a wacko is on the loose.