Unsolved Mysteries

NBC Premiered Oct 05, 1988 In Season





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  • A show that changes with the network it's on. Maybe it should of ended after the CBS years.

    Ah, Unsolved Mysteries. Used to watch it with the parents in the late 80's/early 90s. I enjoyed the more parnormal stories.. Aliens, ghost, what have you, and the early episodes often had at least 1 story in the paranormal range. Once the show left the major networks and moved to Lifetime, the stories focused more and more on missing person, miracles, and other female aimed stories. The show slowly died, and I can see why I rarely had intrest in these made-for-Lifetime-women episodes.

    Now it has been brought back through Spike TV..and for 175 more episodes? Well, I was excited to find this out, but after watching most of the first 4, and seeinf articles that Spike aiming at typical stereotype macho-man audiences will shift the focus to "more action based stories"...or in the viewers terms...murder, rape, murder, robbery, murder, stalker, violence. Hmmm...I hope they reconsider..apparently they think people that will watch the show now are "too young to remember the original broadcast show (I'm 25..trust me, I remember, Spike), and would never watch it on Lifetime (If you like a show..it shouldn't matter what channel it airs on tv viewers"....wow....SpikeTV at it's best...

    The show needs to feature more of a variety of stories like the original NBC and CBS versions..in short, I am, so far, greatly disappointed in the return of this show...maybe it was better off dead, but that's just one man's opinion.