Unsolved Mysteries - Season 0

NBC Premiered Oct 05, 1988 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • Special #7

    Cases include:

    Amnesia: Two women are violently attacked in the laundry room of their Woonsocket, Rhode Island apartment building in 1982. One woman, Doreen Picard, is killed, the other, Susan Laferte, survives, but is stricken with amnesia and unable to remember the details of the crime. The killer is still at large.

    Wanted: The dragnet for Louis Carlucci aka "The Heart Attacker," a cold hearted con-man who makes his living by marrying women and stealing their money.

    Updates: Reports on the conviction and sentencing of Robert Weeks, and the identification of one of the killers responsible for the murder of an executive who operated a Jai Lai business.

    Wanted: 43 year-old Diane Brodbeck, a Wellsville, Pennsylvania housewife, is wanted for helping convicted murderer and pen pal, John Yount, escape from prison in 1986.

    Treasure: A cipher may lead to the discovery of 21 million dollars worth of gold and silver allegedly buried somewhere in the hills of Bedford County, Virginia by a miner named "Beale" in 1821.

  • Special #6

    Host Robert Stack details unsolved crimes including:

    The Unexplained: Hoping for some new leads, Hagerstown, Maryland police detectives bring Dorothy Allison to the scene of an unsolved homicide.

    Update: Jerry Strickland & Missy Munday have been captured.

    Wanted: An Iowa credit union employee Steve Hadley disappeared with more than $1 million in untraceable bills.

    Lost Loves: The 1986 discovery of a bag of letters written by servicemen in WWII that are still waiting to be delivered 40 years after the war's end.

  • Special #5

    Robert Stack examines the real-life mysteries:

    Wanted: Ex-con Jerry Strickland, and his 16 year-old lover, Missy Munday, are wanted for a 1987 gas station holdup in Pontiac, Michigan that resulted in one murder.

    Final Appeal: Michael Scott Martin is serving a life sentence for allegedly robbing a Garland, Texas gas station in 1979, despite the fact that five separate eyewitnesses can corroborate his alibi.

    Unexplained Death: A report on the bizarre 1984 death of 17 year-old Kurt McFall. McFall's father believes his son was killed as a result of his involvement with a Satanic cult.

    Lost Heirs: The search for the heirs of newsstand owner Charles Scheel, who died in 1987, and left behind an estate worth $67,000.

  • Special #4

    Robert Stack hosts this fourth edition of the program that uses interviews with witnesses and reenactments to examine real-life mysteries.

    Wanted: Dave Davis is wanted for the 1980 murder of his wife, Shannon Mohr. Police speculate he killed her for the insurance money.

    Unexplained Death: Housewife Aileen Conway was found dead in a burning car on a desolate country road in Oklahoma in the spring of 1986. Her husband, Pat, wants to know the truth behind her unusual death.

    Mysterious Legends: The saga of Glen and Bessy Hyde, two newlyweds who vanished on a river rafting trip in the Grand Canyon in 1928.

    Missing Persons: The unsolved 1985 disappearance of Dottie Caylor, an Oakland, California housewife suffering from agoraphobia. Her husband, Jule, is a suspect.

  • Special #3

    Karl Malden hosts a program examining real-life mysteries.

    Wanted: The dragnet for a serial bomber who leaves his deadly devices around college campuses, and also sends them through the mail (later nicknamed the Unabomber).

    Updates: Reports on the captures of John Burns and Robert Weeks; both were profiled on the previous special,and arrested as a result of viewer tips.

    Lost Loves: The search for Jack Lutter, an airline pilot wanted for bigamy.

    Final Appeal: Glen Consagra is serving two consecutive life sentences after pleading guilty to a 1978 double homicide. He claims he pled out to save his life, and that he is innocent.

    Lost Heirs: The hunt for the heirs of George Marsh, a recluse who died in a Kansas City nursing home in 1982 leaving behind an estate worth $175,000.

  • Special #2
    Karl Malden hosts a second anthology of dramatizations of actual events. A report on the unsolved 1986 disappearance of 26 year-old Wanda Jean Mays, who vanished while spending the night with relatives. They awoke to find her bedroom door locked, and the window in her room broken. Her family fears she may have suffered a mental break and wandered off. John Burns is wanted for the 1969 murder of his mistress, Eleanor Farber. Police believe his identity is a total fraud. 18 year-old Kyra Cook of Longview, Washington is stricken with amnesia and trying to recall the circumstances leading to the loss of her memory. A report on con-women who drug and rob men they solicit in bars. The story of two women who vanished five years apart after having dinner with the same man, Robert Weeks, aka Robert Smith.moreless
  • Special #1

    Raymond Burr looks at four real-life mysteries:

    Unexplained Death: The 1982 disappearance and death of Don Kemp, a New York man who went to Wyoming to research a book on the Lincoln assassination. The police claim Kemp died in a blizzard. His family suspects homicide.

    Unexplained Death: Businessman Roger Wheeler Sr. is gunned down in the parking lot of a Tulsa, Oklahoma Country Club in 1981. Police feel Wheeler's death may be related to a Jai Lai business he oversaw, and the later unsolved deaths of three other men.

    Lost Loves: Pat Mealbach believes she is the Siamese twin of a member of the Dodge auto family, and now heir to the family fortune.

    Wanted: The manhunt for Terry Lee Conner, and Joseph Daugherty, two dangerous bank robbers who held a bank president's family hostage overnight. Plus a review of wanted fugitives on the FBI's ten most wanted list.

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