Unsolved Mysteries - Season 1

NBC Premiered Oct 05, 1988 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • Episode #26
    Episode #26
    Episode 26

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1985 murder of Diane Robertson and the suspicious disappearance of her boyfriend Mike Reimer that occurred in Washington State.

    Updates: The reunion of two abducted New Jersey children with their maternal mother.

  • Episode #25
    Episode #25
    Episode 25

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Sheldon Weinberg and his two sons, Jay and Ronald lived in Manhattan and had been making millions of dollars in the medical care field. They had set up a clinic in an impoverished area in Brooklyn and quickly began to defraud the system and in the end got away with an estimated $28 million dollars from Medicaid.

    Repeat segments include:

    The Unexplained: UFO sightings and supposed photographs over Gulf Breeze, Florida.(Aired: October 5, 1988)

    Wanted: The dragnet for Joe Sheppard,an alleged killer who has been on the run since his escape from a Tennessee jail in 1978. Includes an update, Sheppard has been apprehended in Canada. (Aired: October 5, 1988)

  • Episode #24
    Episode #24
    Episode 24

    Cases include:

    Treasure: The legend of a treasure buried beneath mountains in New Mexico that was allegedly discovered in 1937, and later confiscated by the U.S. government.

    Missing Persons: The search for Keri Lynn Nixon, a New York teenager who mysteriously vanished in 1987 during a trip to the local grocery store. A woman claims to have encountered Keri in South Carolina.

    Wanted: A segment exploring the messy divorce of a North Carolina doctor named David Rhodes who has been on the run after picking up his children for a visitation and never bringing them back.

  • Episode #23
    Episode #23
    Episode 23

    Cases include:

    Wanted: The hunt for the killers of Julie Cross, a Secret Service agent murdered in 1980 during a botched robbery attempt.

    Updates: New evidence in the disappearance of Angelo Desideri.

    Wanted: The search for the "bicycle bandit" a bank robber who makes his getaways on a bicycle.

    Wanted: The FBI dragnet for Kathy Power, a former college coed and member of a militant group responsible for the 1970 shooting of a Boston police officer during a botched bank robbery.

    Mysterious Legends: A review of evidence that suggests two Frenchmen flew across the Atlantic less than two weeks before Charles Lindbergh.

  • Episode #22
    Episode #22
    Episode 22

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Rose Hoffman's search for the bikers who allegedly murdered her 20 year-old son Gus in 1977.

    Updates: The body of 22 year-old Matthew Chase has been found. His killer is still at large.

    Fraud: Con-man Ron Rushton is wanted for bilking homeowners by way of a fraudulent real estate firm that would acquire title and supposedly make the homeowner's mortgage payments for them.

    Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1987 poisoning of Patsy Wright, a popular and wealthy Texas socialite.

    Lost Loves: The truth behind the fate of a US Army oil tanker that was sunk by a German U-boat in World War II.

  • Episode #21
    Episode #21
    Episode 21

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: A trip from Oregon to Wisconsin goes awry when Dexter Stefonek's car is found engulfed in flames in Montana. His body was later found dumped in a remote landfill; he had been shot twice in the head.

    Fraud: A phony "folk healer" in California named Jorge Cortez has been using people's superstitions in order to swindle people out of money.

    Updates: A lost heir to Dan Willians has come forward.

    Wanted: A Florida bank robber is on the loose and is nicknamed "Fumbles" due to his clumsy nature during the robberies.

    Wanted: Michael Wade Mohan, a California convict, has escaped captivity once thanks to an elaborate escape plan involving his wife Sharon and a second time in Arizona. A roll call of escaped fugitives: Larry Dennis Miller escaped in Missouri. Curtis Watson escaped in Virginia.

  • Episode #20
    Episode #20
    Episode 20

    Cases include:

    Wanted: T.K. Hardy's bitter rivalry with fellow restaurateur, John Mooney turns ugly when Mooney is accused of hiring a hitman to kill Hardy.

    Fraud: Liz Carmichael is wanted for bilking investors out of millions with a fake automobile prototype called a Dale.

    Updates: A suspect has been captured in connection with the bizarre abduction of Annie Laurie Hearin.

    Unexplained Death: Tim McClure is the prime suspect in the murder of his mother, who was found shot to death in her car in a casino parking lot.

    Missing Persons: Charles Wickman was arrested and drug-releated charges were filed against him. His sister put up the bail and he has since vanished.

  • Episode #19
    Episode #19
    Episode 19

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1988 murder of 18 year-old Lisa Marie Kimmel. Witnesses claim to have seen Kimmel in the days after her disappearance and death.

    Treasure: The saga of the infamous "Lost Dutchman's Mine" in Arizona.

    Missing Persons: Thomas Hotard was found shot to death in his car which had been parked on a lovers lane at the edge of Lake Ponchatrain in Louisiana in 1956. The day before, Hotard had been seen with Audrey Moate who mysteriously vanished that same day. Some believe she may still be alive others believe her body may be at the bottom of the lake.

  • Episode #18
    Episode #18
    Episode 18

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Don Davis is found dead in the desert, reportedly struck in the head with a jackhammer. Authorities are looking for the mysterious stranger that was seen with him just prior to his death.

    Mysterious Legends: An investigation into the possibility that after all this time, lawman, Pat Garrett did not kill Billy the Kid.

    Updates: The capture of two bank robbers, Louis Bourgeois, and Jean-Marie Gagnon, who escaped from a police transport vehicle in 1985.

    Wanted: Charles Mulet was a respected police officer until it was discovered that he was responsible for a series of child molestations, now he is on the run.

  • Episode #17
    Episode #17
    Episode 17

    Cases include:

    Wanted: The 1986 bank robbery of a Hollywood, California bank in which the robbers had used underground storm drains which allowed them to tunnel their way under the city streets and to the bank and into the bank vault. The robbers got away with over $2 million dollars. The tunneling robbers struck again at another bank and got away with $90,000.

    The Unexplained: Two true stories of near death experiences. Do such occurrences provide a glimpse of the afterlife? Crystal Merzlock and Tom Sawyer claim to have experienced life after death.

    Updates: Robert Leeds has been captured in an art fraud case. Walter Carl Winkey and Robert Estelle Denslow are wanted in separate fraud cases.

    Unexplained Death: Theories swirl around the unsolved 1982 murder of appliance repairman Perman Gilbert.

  • Episode #16
    Episode #16
    Episode 16

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Speculation that the unsolved 1988 shooting of race car driver Mickey Thompson, and his wife Trudy, may have been a contract hit.

    Wanted: A profile of a clever Santa Barbara, California bank robber who super glued the teller's alarm buttons, and made off with nearly $140,000 in cash in the fall of 1987.

    Mysterious Legends: Bigfoot sightings in Pike's Peak, Colorado.

    Lost Heirs: The search for the heirs of George J. Stein. Stein left behind $106,000 in various bank accounts throughout the Midwest.

    Unexplained Death: The dragnet for the killers of 16 year-old Joyce McClain, murdered in 1980, in East Millinocket, Maine.

  • Episode #15
    Episode #15
    Episode 15

    Cases include:

    Special Report: The saga of Clarence Anglin, John Anglin, and Frank Morris, three inmates who planned and executed a daring water escape from the prison in 1962. Did they survive? For the purpose of the broadcast, UM contracted a team of professional rafters, and a tri-athlete to attempt the dangerous swim to shore.

    Also included are profiles of famous Alcatraz "residents" Al Capone, and Robert Stroud a.k.a. "The Birdman of Alcatraz".

    Wanted: Two bank robbers, Louis Bourgeois, and Jean-Marie Gagnon had been convicted of a 1977 Massachusetts bank robbery. The duo were incarcerated in Boston and later called to testify in a case in Illinois, however on the way back, they escaped from a police transport vehicle in 1985, during a traffic jam.

  • Episode #14
    Episode #14
    Episode 14

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: The search for Angelo Desideri, a 57 year-old businessman and former monk who mysteriously vanished from his Phoenix, Arizona home in 1988.

    Unexplained Death: The Las Vegas search for the killers of 16 year-old Kathy Hobbs, murdered in 1987, and an anonymous caller who may have witnessed her abduction.

    Lost Loves: Bill Purinton searches for his sister, Jackie, who was lost when his family was split apart by adoption.

    The Unexplained: A report on a "face" found in NASA photographs of the surface of Mars.

  • Episode #13
    Episode #13
    Episode 13

    Cases include:

    Wanted: The discovery of bizarre letters in a shopping mall indicating that Mikki Jo West, a missing 19 year-old from Missouri, has been killed.

    Updates: Dave Davis has been captured.

    Lost Loves: A report on New York "orphan train" passengers who are searching for their missing siblings.

    Missing Persons: The vicious 1985 abduction of a newborn at gunpoint outside a New York hospital. Also, brief reports on two other missing babies.

    Unexplained Death: The senseless slaughter of wild horses in Nevada.

    Fraud: Robert Leeds is wanted for art fraud and since going on the run has contacted police trying to proclaim his innocence. Also, a roll call of other missing art treasures.

  • Episode #12
    Episode #12
    Episode 12

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: The 1986 disappearance of 14 year-old Jeremy Bright, who was last seen at an Oregon carnival. Rumors abound that Bright may have been shot by bullies who used him as a human target.

    Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1988 shooting of Officer John Martin of the Lee County, Virginia Sheriff's Department.

    Lost Heirs: The lost heirs of prospector Dan Willans could stand to inherit nearly 3 million dollars.

    Wanted: Businessman Leo Koury is on the FBI's ten most wanted list for murder, attempted murder, extortion, assault, racketeering, fraud, and arson.

    Wanted: The 1988 abduction of 9 year-old Michaela Garecht from an Oakland, California shopping mall.

    Missing Persons: A report on a shrimp boat, sailed by Red Dixon and his children, lost off the Oregon coast in 1986.

  • Episode #11
    Episode #11
    Episode 11

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Lee Selwyn was out riding his motorcycle with a number of friends when they encountered and irate motorist who eventually ran down and killed him in 1988.

    Updates: Steven Cox, an Oregon businessman who vanished with investors' money has been captured. Also, an update on a missing elderly Los Angeles man, Rogest Cain.

    Missing Persons: Michael Rosenblum disappeared on Valentine's Day from his hometown of Baldwin, Pennsylvania in 1980 and his father, Maurice now battles a possible police cover-up.

    Fraud: A sleazy con man going by the name of Arthur Frankford wined and dined single seniors who live in Florida retirement communities. His victims would later discover that Franklin had taken off with their money and jewelry.

  • Episode #10
    Episode #10
    Episode 10

    Cases include:

    Lost Loves: A Hungarian family's search for an American soldier who befriended them during the Christmas season during World War II.

    Updates: The two individuals who were responsible for the Lancaster extortion letters have been captured. Also, Steve Cox has been captured.

    Missing Persons: The search for Matthew Chase, 22 year-old who disappeared while using an ATM late at night in Los Angeles. An ATM camera captured Chase and an unknown man while making a transaction.

    Unexplained Death: 33-year-old Marilu Geri was shot to death in her home on Valentine's Day in 1986. Her family believes that Geri's husband Stephen was responsible for the murder in an attempt to collect the proceeds from her estate.

    Lost Loves: Dolores Valadez searches for the truth behind her strange past which involves her as a baby being left on a doorstep in a suitcase.

  • Episode #9
    Episode #9
    Episode 9

    Cases include:

    Amnesia: 16 year-old Jenny Pratt is left with brain damage after being struck with a board while on a motorcycle ride with her older boyfriend, Curtis Croft, a former drug dealer. Authorities believe a group of teenagers may have targeted the young couple.

    Updates: updates on previous reports on Joe Sheppard who was wanted for the 1978 murders of two Tennessee women; and a suspected Los Angeles bank robber.

    Fraud: The search for Jack Quinn, the ex-vice president of a Florida security firm who walked off the job with over one million dollars in untraceable cash in 1988.

    Unexplained Death: The strange case of Clarence Roberts, a Nashville, Indiana businessman who reportedly died in two separate house fires. A house fire in 1970 apparently had claimed Clarence and then ten years later, another house fire claimed Geneva, but in the second, Clarence's body was found again.

    Wanted: The search for the killers of two lovable sea lions, known as "Bruno" and "Bobo." The sea lions were known to frequent a Southern California beach and had served as a source of entertainment for local residents.

  • Episode #8
    Episode #8
    Episode 8

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Charlie Sigmin of Blythville, Arkansas was shot to death in the Missouri home of his ex-wife's boyfriend in 1986. Sigmin's ex-wife, Anne, claims the shooting was in self defense. However, she and her boyfriend have since disappeared.

    Updates: New information on the deaths of Don Henry and Kevin Ives as well as an update on the search for Steven Cox, wanted for stealing investors money.

    The Unexplained: A report on the phenomena of "missing time" and the stories of two people, a US Air Force officer, and a dance instructor, who claim they were abducted and experimented on by extraterrestrials.

    Missing Persons: Rogest Cain an elderly man disappeared from his Los Angeles home and since there have been reported sightings around the area, including finding his car with many of his belongings.

  • Episode #7
    Episode #7
    Episode 7

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: In Ohio the body of teenager, Kurt Sova was found dead in a remote field. Kurt had apparently attended a party at a duplex on the night he initially disappeared.

    Fraud: Police search for those responsible for extortion letters sent to various people living in Lancaster, California demanding money or suffer the consequences.

    Updates: Two of "The Shopping Bag Bandits" have been identified and one has turned himself in to authorities and the sighting of the men responsible for an insurance scam involving a boat, the Freedom 2.

    Unexplained Death: Police fear there may be a connection between the unsolved 1982 murder of one Catholic priest in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the unexplained disappearance of another from Montana two years later.

    The Unexplained: Two boys in Washington State run across a strange rock in the forest that was marked with strange symbols. This discovery has seemingly led to a string of good luck for the boys' family.

  • Episode #6
    Episode #6
    Episode 6

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: Christi Nichols, a housewife and young mother who lived in Nebraska disappeared around Christmas time in 1987. Rumors have surfaced that her husband, Mark Nichols, may have been responsible for her disappearance.

    Updates: The fate of Gail Delano is revealed. Apparently she had staged her disappearance and later committed suicide in a hotel room.

    Wanted: This segment investigates an escape at California's San Quentin prison where an inmate named Mark Adams, a convicted murderer escaped in 1986. Authorities speculate on how Adams may have escaped.

    Fraud: Steven Cox, a businessman from Medford, Oregon, apparently vanished with investors money.

    Unexplained Death: Barbara Jean Horn was a 4-year old girl who lived in Philadelphia. During the summer of 1988, Horn disappeared and was later found stuffed inside a TV box. Eyewitnesses helped in creating a sketch of the suspect.

  • Episode #5
    Episode #5
    Episode 5

    Cases include:

    Fraud: The 1981 shipwreck of the a sailboat called the Freedom 2 off the coast of Tahiti is exposed as a clever insurance scam created by two con men named Bob Dozier and Jeff Russell.

    Updates: Jaclyn Edmunds a member of "The Rolex Robbers" has been captured.

    Lost Loves: The search by a British woman, Janet Parker O'Regan, now 45, for her American military-officer father.

    Unexplained Death: Part 2 of an investigation into the infamous Son of Sam shootings that occurred throughout New York City during the summer of 1977. This segment probes the possibility that David Berkowitz did not act alone and that he was part of a Satanic cult. Part 2 of two.

    Missing Persons: The 1988 abduction of Annie Laurie Hearin, the wife of wealthy Jackson, Mississippi businessman Robert Hearin. Her husband complied with the kidnapper's demands, but she has yet to be returned.

  • Episode #4
    Episode #4
    Episode 4

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: An investigation into the infamous Son of Sam shootings that occurred throughout New York City during the summer of 1977. This segment probes the possibility that David Berkowitz did not act alone. Part 1 of 2.

    Lost Heirs: Walter "Curly" Green was an Omaha, Nebraska man who died of a heart attack in 1978. Green left behind a large fortune of over two hundred thousand dollars and currently his fortune has been unclaimed.

    Unexplained Death: Harold and Thelma Swain were shot and killed by a mysterious stranger in the Rising Daughters Baptist Church in Waverly, Georgia in 1985. A member of a bible group encountered the killer, who may have dropped a pair of glasses at the scene.

    Wanted: A roll call of bank robbers including: The Chevy Chase Bandit, John William Farr, The Shotgun Bandit and The Shopping Bag Bandits.

  • Episode #3
    Episode #3
    Episode 3

    This Halloween edition delves into the following cases:

    The Unexplained: A report on the Queen Mary, a luxury liner docked in Long Beach, that is reputed to be haunted by a sailor's ghost. Staff and guests on the ship claim to have had ghostly encounters.

    The Unexplained: Allen and Debbie Tallman and their children who lived in Horicon, Wisconsin reportedly were terrorized by demonic forces after purchasing a used bunk bed.

    The Unexplained: Ghostly goings-on at the General Wayne Inn in Philadelphia. Guests at the inn report a ghost who would blow on the back of the necks of the female guests.

    The Unexplained: A retired Georgia couple, Jim and Kay Tatum, whose home is located on a Civil War battle site, claim to be the victims of a poltergeist that haunts their home.

  • Episode #2
    Episode #2
    Episode 2

    Cases include:

    Mysterious Legends: The saga of skyjacker D.B. Cooper who parachuted out of a 727 with $200,000 in cash in 1971. Did he survive?

    Updates: Diane Brodbeck and John Yount have been captured. Steven Hadley has also been captured.

    Unexplained Death: A report on the strange deaths of Don Henry and Kevin Ives, two Bryant, Arkansas teens who were hit by a train late one night in 1987. Their parents believe they were murdered.

    Fraud: The search for missing baseball memorabilia illegally obtained by Dennis Walker, a con-man who later took his own life in a Las Vegas hotel room.

  • Episode #1
    Episode #1
    Episode 1

    The occasional series begins a weekly run.

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: UFO sightings and supposed photographs over Gulf Breeze, Florida.

    Updates: Louis Carlucci a.k.a. "The Heart Attacker" has been captured.

    Wanted: The dragnet for Joe Sheppard, the alleged killer of two young women, who has been on the run since his escape from a Tennessee jail in 1978.

    Missing Persons: Gail Delano, a 34 year old divorced mother had placed personal ads in a local Maine newspaper. Later, Delano reportedly disappeared after meeting a man named "John" whom she apparantly met through the personals.

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