Unsolved Mysteries - Season 10

NBC Premiered Oct 05, 1988 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Episode #442
    Episode #442
    Episode 11
    Townspeople of a British village offer a theory that a 300-year-old chair in a local pub can cause the deaths of those who sit in it. Also: an e-mail message taunts the police with grisly images of law officers; authorities seek clues to the death of a 6-year-old. (Repeat) Wanted: Francis Buhay Update: Wanted - Trent Stephen Fouts Unexplained Death: Katherine Korzilius Wanted: Paul Ragusamoreless
  • Episode #441
    Episode #441
    Episode 10
    A grainy gas-station video may hold the key to finding an Illinois girl missing since she set off on a joyride to Florida with her boyfriend, who was later found murdered. Other segments include a Vancouver, Wash., family who claims to share their home with spirits, which may be tied to an 1800s murder. (Repeat) Wanted: Marshall Lee Brown Wanted: Jose Francisco Blandon Missing: Wendy Von Hubbenmoreless
  • Episode #440
    Episode #440
    Episode 9
    Repeat of April 10, 1998 episode Wanted: Michael Wayne Brown Wanted: Ngoc Van Tran Missing: Shannon VerHage Missing: "Pat" (Amnesia Victim)
  • Episode #439
    Episode #439
    Episode 8
    Repeat of April 3, 1998 episode Wanted: Luie Quezada Wanted: Michele Lee Abraham Missing: Mary Agnes Gross Unexplained Death: Kathy Page
  • Episode #438
    Episode #438
    Episode 7
    Repeat of November 11, 1997 episode Unexplained Death: Monika Rizzo
  • Episode #437
    Episode #437
    Episode 6
    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: UFO sightings in March of 1997 in the Arizona skies.

    Wanted: In Missouri in the 1960s, Sharon Kinne became wanted for the murder of her husband and later for the murder of the wife of a man whom she was having an affair with. She's been on the run ever since.

    Updates: Ted and Gary Noble have been captured.

    Lost Loves: The late Doreen Espinoza's past is her children's center of attention as they try to find all of their siblings.

    Wanted: Two cases on road rage.

    1. Richard Aderson is fatally shot in Fishkill, NY after a minor car accident with another vehicle.

    2. In California, Travis and Wendy James become the victims of a driver, whos passenger opens fire on them, killing their young son. The James case has an update.moreless
  • Episode #436
    Episode #436
    Episode 5
    Cases include:

    Wanted: A 1995 California bank robbery leads to the arrest of all suspects except one who may or may not be responsible for taunting the police through e-mails.

    Lost Loves: Wilma Drew is involved in a car accident on a California interstate. She is now searching for an unknown trucker who helped pull her from the wreckage.

    Updates: Trent Steven Fouts is captured after killing a young boy.

    Unexplained Death: 6-year-old Katherine Korzilius, daughter of a manager of Jon Bon Jovi, becomes the victim of an apparent hit-and-run.

    The Unexplained: Townspeople in a British village are convinced that a 300-year old chair in a local pub can cause the death of those who sits in it.

    Wanted: In New York, Paul Ragusa, an up and coming mob kingpin, is on the FBI Most Wanted list for robbery and arson.moreless
  • Episode #435
    Episode #435
    Episode 4
    A grainy gas-station video may hold the key to finding an Illinois girl missing since she set off on a joyride to Florida with her boyfriend, who was later found murdered. Other segments include a Vancouver, Wash., family who claims to share their home with spirits.
  • Episode #434
    Episode #434
    Episode 3
    Cases include:

    Legends: A look at the ancient Nanteos Cup, believed by some to be the Holy Grail. The vessel is reputed to hold the power to heal those who drink from it.

    Wanted: Michael Wayne Brown and another fugitive are wanted fugitives after Brown's wife, Donna Moses Brown, helped them escape from prison. This after Donna and Michael met and later married after becoming pen pals.

    Amnesia: A man in Wyoming stricken with amnesia is searching for his past, after waking up on the side of the road in 1994.

    Missing Persons: Rachel Timmerman is brutally raped by Marvin Gabrian who in an effort to stop her from testifying apparently murders her and kidnaps her daughter, Shannon.moreless
  • Episode #433
    Episode #433
    Episode 2
    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: The author of The Bible Code claims that the Bible foretold catastrophes including: the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Kobe, Japan earthquake and the Gulf War.

    Wanted: Joffre Ramos, a Marine, becomes the victim of gang members who brutally attacked him and now he is searching for the assailants. Includes update.

    Lost Loves: In Minnesota, Marlys Thomas is searching for her daughter, who supposedly died at birth, but she suspects the baby was taken from the hospital in 1962.

    Unexplained Death: In Vidor, Texas, Steve Page is accused of raping and killing his estranged wife, Sandy. Her body was found in her car, which had strangely driven into a ditch.moreless
  • Episode #423
    Episode #423
    Episode 1
    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: A look at the apparent suicide of Elvis Presley in 1977.

    Unexplained Death: Monika Rizzo disappears and later an anonymous tip leads to bone fragments in the backyard of her husband.

    The Unexplained: Michael Landon's stepdaughter is convinced that her father has tried to contact her from beyond the grave.

    Unexplained Death: Two prostitutes, Candy Bely and Gloria Ross from a Kentucky bordello are murdered and the search is on for their killer.moreless