Unsolved Mysteries - Season 5

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Episode Guide

  • Episode #160
    Episode #160
    Episode 35

    A report on the search for a man whose boat capsized in Mexico during a 1991 fishing trip. Also: repeat segments include an amnesiac's discovery of his identity; a viewer tip leading to the capture of a fugitive.

  • Episode #159
    Episode #159
    Episode 34

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Brian Brophill, a wealthy New Yorker, moved to Vermont in 1986. He soon became friendly with the local people who were all stunned when in 1990, armed officials raided his farm and discovered a crop of marijuana plants. Authorities later discover Brophill to be a master drug smuggler who has since dropped from sight.

    Also, an update on the 1988 murder of a 7-year-old Illinois girl.

  • Episode #158
    Episode #158
    Episode 33

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Lyle Moody is wanted for the 1984 shooting of an Albuquerque police officer.

    Also, an update on a woman who saved a swimmer in Virginia Beach, Va. Repeat segments include a gold treasure (discovered in the Phillippines in 1971), which was reportedly confiscated by Ferdinand Marcos's military forces.

  • Episode #157
    Episode #157
    Episode 32

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Tina Resch was adopted as a young girl by Joan and John Resch who lived in Columbus, Ohio. When she was 14-years old, Tina began exhibiting bizarre telekinetic abilities, or in other words the power to move things with her mind.

    Robbery: Profiles of robbers dubbed the "Milk Carton Bandit" and the "Grandpa Bandit"

    Lost Loves: A New York woman "Miriam" is searching for the foster parents who cared for her briefly during her childhood which she recalled in a series of horrifying flashbacks.

    The Unexplained: The saga of a US Navy blimp that landed in a Daly City, California street without a crew in 1942.

    Wanted: Reggie DePalma, a 12-year veteran of the Danbury, Connecticut fire department is wanted by authorities. In 1978, he organized the Explorer Scouts, a group of young girls and boys who were trained in life saving techniques. DePalma soon became accused of sexually assaulting female members of the Scouts.

    Final Appeal: Michael Lloyd Self, a gas station attendant was convicted of the murder two young girls, Sharon Shaw and Renee Johnson in Texas in 1971. Self claims that he is innocent and that he became the victim of two police officers who railroaded him.

  • Episode #156
    Episode #156
    Episode 31

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1989 abduction, rape, and murder of Eileen Mangold, a Riverview, Florida gas station attendant, who vanished while working her night job.

    Updates: The arrest of an Oklahoma State Penitentiary escapee, David Gordon Smith, apprehended in Deadwood, S.D.

    Repeat segments include:

    Lost Loves: Brenda Merrill Miller's search for two long lost brothers and a sister. (Aired: December 9, 1992)

    The Unexplained: A psychic in England who claims to have made contact with the spirit of a sheriff from the old west. (Aired: December 9, 1992)

    Missing Persons: Judy Olive is desperately searching for her son Alexander, who was abducted by his biological father, the leader of a bizarre cult. (Aired: December 9, 1992)

  • Episode #155
    Episode #155
    Episode 30

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Controversy surrounds the 1985 downing of a US Air Force transport plane in Gander, Newfoundland. The crash was ruled an accident, caused by ice build up on the plane's wings. However, some believe the plane was carrying contraband and was shot down by terrorists.

    Lost Loves: Peggie Lloyd Reyna is searching for her long lost brother, Arthur. They had been seperated in 1944 when their mother claimed Peggy and her sister from a boarding home but left her son, Arthur behind.

    Wanted: After 16 years, Julie Cooper escaped from a Missouri cult called the DeCloud Family. Now authorities have issued a manhunt for Nelson DeCloud, the cult leader and self proclaimed messiah who used his position to rape young girls in his congregation. Includes update.

    Updates: Judi Davis Dymond is reunited with a childhood friend, Becky Terry who helped her overcome the trauma of polio.

  • Episode #154
    Episode #154
    Episode 29

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: Dede Rosenthal is spotted in a central New Jersey biker bar a week after her mysterious February 1991 disappearance.

    Also: repeat segments include the search for a man wanted for questioning in an Odessa, Texas, murder.

  • Episode #153
    Episode #153
    Episode 28

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Julius Patterson and his girlfriend, Paulette Hite are wanted for murder for profit. They killed two people and then collected the Social Security money.

    Wanted: The search for Ramzi Ahmed Yousef suspected in participating in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. He has been added to the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list.

    Updates: The dragnet for Edward Harold Bell has resulted in his capture after being responsible for the cold blooded 1978 murder of 26 year-old Larry Dickens of Pasadena, Texas.

    Repeat segments include:

    Unexplained Death: A report on the unsolved 1990 murder of Eva Shoen, the wife of Sam Shoen, one of the heirs and owners of U-Haul. Shoen speculates the murder may be related to a power struggle with his father and siblings over the ownership of the company. (Aired: December 2, 1992)

    Lost Loves: Jeannie Wagner is searching for her biological father, Duncan Gilmore, whom she has never met. (Aired: April 24, 1991)

  • Episode #152
    Episode #152
    Episode 27

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: In Mexico City, people flock to see Our Lady of Guadeloupe, an image of the Virgin Mary that some claim the virgin herself imprinted on cactus cloth.

    Robbery: American artist, Ben Stahl's 15 paintings that depict the crucifixion and the resurrection have been missing since 1969 and now his children are searching for their father's lost art.

    Updates: Sandra Seaton Henry is reunited with her two brothers, all of whom are Ojibwa Indians separated when they were children.

    Unexplained Death: Tom Roche, a biker in California, strangely disappears in 1991 and his girlfriend, Barbara Rondeau is hoping that he is still alive despite receiving a letter from the apparent killer.

    Wanted: David Eugene Hurley is sideswiped on the road by another driver in Pennsylvania and during the confrontation, the other driver shoots him. Hurley dies later, but not before returning home and telling his wife what happened.

  • Episode #151
    Episode #151
    Episode 26

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: James Earl Ray has long been thought to be the lone gunman in the 1968 assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, despite his claims that he is innocent. Now, Walter Fauntroy, the Chairman of the King Subcommittee, who investigated the assassination now believes that Ray did not have the motive, the means or the opportunity to commit the murder and believes their may have been a government cover-up.

    Also: repeat segments on a New Orleans serial killer who targets prostitutes; a con man who preys on vulnerable women.

  • Episode #150
    Episode #150
    Episode 25

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Mario Amado, a United States citizen, was found dead in a Mexican prison while vacationing there. Prior to his death, he had gotten in an argument with his girlfriend and was detained and Mexican authorities claim it was a suicide but evidence proves otherwise.

    Also: repeat segments on the 1991 disappearance of a Louisiana man; a UFO sighting by a prospector.

  • Episode #149
    Episode #149
    Episode 24

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Danny Caselero, a journalist investigating government corruption, is found dead in a Martinsburg, West Virginia hotel room in August 1991. His death was ruled a suicide. His family suspects foul play.

    Lost Love: Russian-born Farezat Thormat Abdokov is searching for the long lost sister she has not seen in thirty years.

    Wanted: The dragnet for a cold blooded killer who attacked an elderly couple and murdered a motorist at a rest stop in Ontario in 1991.

    Updates: John Purvis, a schizophrenic, is exonerated after being wrongly imprisoned for a 1983 double homicide in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Episode #148
    Episode #148
    Episode 23

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: The unusual 1992 shooting of Military police officer Chad Langford. The army concluded he committed suicide. His family thinks he was killed in the line of duty.

    Updates: The 150th case solved: Tony Miller has been released after a prosecution witness calls the telecenter which results in the 150th case Unsolved Mysteries has helped solve.

    Missing Persons: Scott Hill was a wealthy man who seemingly had everything. Then, one day he vanished leaving his family only a note stating that it was due to financial problems, unaware that he is an heir to $750,000.

    Unexplained Death: Newel Sessions opened an old foot locker that had once belonged to an old timer named "Gabby" only to discover a human skeleton. X-Rays later confirmed that the person was a man who had been shot in the head.

  • Episode #147
    Episode #147
    Episode 22

    Cases include:

    Wanted: A report on domestic terrorists who launched a campaign of telephone harassment against Bashir Kouchacji, the owner of a Middle Eastern restaurant in Washington D.C. Kouchacji believes the harassment may be linked to a political kidnapping that occurred in Beirut in 1974.

    Wanted: A terrorist car bomb almost claims the life of Sharon Rogers, wife of Navy Captain Will Rogers. The attack may be related to the accidental downing of an Iranian civilian aircraft in 1988. Rogers had been the captain of the ship which was responsible for downing the aircraft and his family and himself were soon plagued by harrassment.

    Lost Loves: The search for a good Samaritan who saved Phillip Macri from drowning at a beach in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1987. Macri had been swimming and had dove into a wave and the impact had broken his neck, an unknown woman pulled him to saftey.

    Updates: Edward Harold Bell has been captured. Bell was responsible for the heartless 1978 murder of Larry Dickens.

    Also, an adoptee woman reunites with birth mother.

  • Episode #146
    Episode #146
    Episode 21

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Following the death of his grandfather, a Pennsylvania man, Don Decker became plagued by unsual phenomenon which followed him everywhere he went, including an unexplained indoor rainstorm, levitations and unexplained burns, all of which were the symptoms of an apparent demonic possession.

    Unexplained Death: Michael Hunter, a motorcyle racer, who lived in the San Francisco Bay area, rode his motorcycle into a gas station and collapsed in 1992. Authorities believe Hunter had been shot three times by an unknown killer while he was riding along a frontage road.

    Fraud: A man registered as Tom Hughes at a Danbury, Connecticuit hospital went into cardiac arrest and later died. Soon after, authorities discovered that the man's name was an alias and that he was a con man who would randomly check into hospitals across the country, to obtain pain medication.

    Lost Loves: Irene Love is searching for a childhood friend named Dolores whom she later discovered was really her sister. Love is also searching for Dolores' parents whom Love believes are her biological parents.

  • Episode #145
    Episode #145
    Episode 20

    Cases include:

    Final Appeal: Rolando Cruz was convicted for the 1983 murder of 10-year-old Chicago area girl Jeanine Nicarico. Evidence points to the possibility of his innocence.

    Lost Loves: Doorthy Meeches gave her daughter Priscilla up for adoption. They were later reunited. This is just one example of how now other Canadian Indians are searching for their biological families.

    Repeat segments include:

    Lost Loves: Jim Boumgarden is searching for his identical twin brother whom he never knew existed until people started encountering the look-alike around town. (Aired: September 2, 1992)

  • Episode #144
    Episode #144
    Episode 19

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: A report on a 1991 UFO landing in West Carlton, Ontario that was videotaped by an anonymous informant known only as "Guardian".

    Missing Persons: The odyssey of an unidentified female deaf mute found wandering a California street in 1992.

    Lost Loves: Eugene Price's search for the sisters and brother he has not seen in almost thirty years.

    Wanted: Geraldine George divorced her husband, Larry who later began stalking her. Larry would later gun Geraldine down along with her neighbor Janice Morris and her boyfriend Ralph Swain in Alabama in 1988. Larry has been on the run ever since.

  • Episode #143
    Episode #143
    Episode 18

    Cases include:

    Treasure: A report on the 1971 discovery of Yamash*ta treasure in the Philippines by a treasure hunter named Roger Roxas. Roxas claims the most precious item in the collection, a golden Buddha, was confiscated by the Ferdinand Marcos regime and Roxas was subsequently tortured for information on the whereabouts of where he found the Buddha.

    Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1989 Albuquerque, New Mexico shooting of 18-year-old Kaitlyn Arquette. Authorities have ruled her death a random act of violence but her family believes Kaitlyn's death may be related to a series of auto insurance scams perpetrated by her boyfriend and was murdered by a hired assassin.

    Lost Loves: The Timpane family is searching for Terry Lynn Smith, the foster daughter they cared for twenty years earlier, and whom they have not seen in over a decade.

  • Episode #142
    Episode #142
    Episode 17

    Cases include:

    Wanted: The body of 59 year-old RV dealer Neal Jennings is found ablaze in an Odessa, Texas trash fire in 1988. A former employee, Bill Roberts, is a suspect.

    Reports on the disappearance of an Orange County, Cal., executive. Among repeat reports: the 1970 disappearance of a Houston mother.

  • Episode #141
    Episode #141
    Episode 16

    Cases include:

    Final Appeal: LuLu Corshane of Rochester New Hampshire was found strangled to death. Rick McCue, who was last seen with Lulu, was charged and eventually convicted of her murder and sent to prison. However several people contend that the person who actually murdered LuLu was Russell Healey the brother of LuLu's fiancé.

    Lost Loves: Faith Marie Brown from Flint, MI, went on a joyride with some friends and when the car crashed Brown was killed, leaving behind seven children. The children were put up for adoption and now three of the children are searching for their siblings.

    Repeat segments include:

    Unexplained Death: Christy Mutsfield of Hamilton, Indiana discovered the lifeless body of her boyfriend Todd Kelly in his home. He had been stabbed to death apparently by Christy's former boyfriend Mafoos Huck. (Aired: September 23, 1992)

    The Unexplained: Similar to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, the legend of a sea creature living in Lake Champlain, known as "Champ" (Aired: September 23, 1992)

  • Episode #140
    Episode #140
    Episode 15

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Chucky McGivern, a 7 year-old boy began a painstaking battle with Reye's syndrome in 1982. Later, Chucky undergoes a miraculous and unexplained recovery just in time for the Christmas season.

    Missing Persons: The odyssey of Anthonette Cayedito, a 9 year-old abducted from her New Mexico home in 1986. Her mother believes she is still alive, and has attempted to call for help at least twice.

    Lost Loves: Alexandra Stantzos searches for her birth parents.

    Updates: Lost Love segments briefly profiled on 3/4/92 result in reunions for 4 families.

    Lost Loves: An elderly Florida couple's search for an anonymous benefactor who has sent them $500 annually since 1986.

  • Episode #139
    Episode #139
    Episode 14

    Cases include:

    Final Appeal: Luis Diaz was accused, arrested and convicted or being "The Bird Road Rapist" The rapist struck throughout the late 70s in Miami, Florida and Diaz has maintained his innocence despite being given a life sentence.

    Lost Loves: Charles Stubin grew up in Los Angeles and later discovered that he was adopted and is now trying to piece together his identity from sketchy facts surrounding his 1935 abandonment in a car.

    Special Alert: Michael Anthony Starr is wanted for the shooting of a Virginia McDonald's employee, Mark Calvin who was left partially paralyzed.

  • Episode #138
    Episode #138
    Episode 13

    Cases include:

    Mysterious Legends: A report on the possibility that the infamous butcher of Kingsbury Run was also responsible for the 1947 Black Dahlia murder.

    Lost Loves: Brenda Merrill Miller's search for two long lost brothers and a sister.

    The Unexplained: A psychic in England who claims to have made contact with the spirit of a sheriff from the old west.

    Missing Persons: Judy Olive is desperately searching for her son Alexander, who was abducted by his biological father, the leader of a bizarre cult.

  • Episode #137
    Episode #137
    Episode 12

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: A report on the unsolved 1990 murder of Eva Shoen, the wife of Sam Shoen, one of the heirs and owners of U-Haul. Shoen speculates the murder may be related to a power struggle with his father and siblings over the ownership of the company.

    Updates: Updates from the previous week's special live report. Judi Davis Dymond is reunited with a childhood friend; William Korioth has been arrested, and his kidnapped daughter, Windy, returned to her mother.

    Lost Loves: Albert and Jim Young are searching for a long lost half sister whom they have never met.

    Wanted: The dragnet for Edward Harold Bell, the killer responsible for the cold blooded 1978 murder of 26 year-old Larry Dickens of Pasadena, Texas.

    Special Alert: The Panama City Beach, Florida search for the abductors of Pamela June Ray, a devoted mother of two who vanished while on a road trip with her children.

  • Episode #136
    Episode #136
    Episode 11

    Special Live Edition: This 90-minute special was broadcast live from the telecenter. Viewers are encouraged to call in with tips as the cases are profiled.

    Cases include:

    Case #1 Wanted: Accused kidnapper and rapist Robert Gerald Watson has escaped from a Tennessee jail.

    Case #2 Lost Loves: Debbie Snyder Kail is searching for her long lost twin sister Cathy Marie Ferner, whom she has not seen since 1951.

    Case #3 Wanted: 2 year-old Windy Korioth was abducted by her father, William Korioth.

    Case #4 Lost Loves: Judi Davis Dymond is searching for childhood friend Becky Terry. As a child, Judi was stricken with polio. Becky met Judy in junior high and befriended her despite Judi's obvious disabilities. (Solved on air).

    Case #5 Lost Loves: Deborah Hurley is looking for her three daughters: Kimberly, Katie and Kelly.

    Case #6 Lost Loves: Gay Lee MacMaster is searching for her mother, Connie Jo Hamilton.

    Case #7 Wanted: Camela Harman is searching for her 11 year-old son John, who was abducted by his grandmother in 1990.

    Case #8 Wanted: Cozette Hansen was abducted in 1991 by her father, Michael James Hansen.

    Case #9 Wanted: Susan Roberts is wanted for abducting her sons Ronald and Aaron Roberts. (Solved).

    Case #10 Wanted: In Redwood City, Cal., Gilbert Ortiz drinks a poisoned milk shake. His wife, Elizabeth Fuentes Ortiz, has fled and taken their 2 year-old son, Jonathan, with her.

    Case #11 Wanted: Joseph Arthur Rodia is wanted for possession of child pornography.

    Case #12 Wanted: Kenneth E. Dickerson is wanted for stabbing his girlfriend to death.

    Update: A report on the capture of accused child molester Phillip Anthony Moore.

  • Episode #135
    Episode #135
    Episode 10

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: A profile of a self proclaimed psychic named George Anderson, of Long Island, New York, who claims he can communicate with the dead. An author named Joel Martin had a session with Anderson in 1980 and claims the Anderson was able to communicate with his dead wife who had died in a car accident. This segment features a live taping of a psychic reading led by Anderson.

    Update: Mary Jane Medlin-Polk and Leoma Crane have been reunited with their long lost baby brother Jimmy.

    Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1988 strangling of 7 year-old Jacqueline Dowaliby of Midlothian, Illinois. Jacqueline apparently had been kidnapped from her home. Soon, her parents, David and Cynthia, became the prime suspects in her death. Her father was convicted of her murder but was later exonerated.

  • Episode #134
    Episode #134
    Episode 9

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: Reported POW sightings of American Col. Charles Shelton who was shot down over Laos in 1965. His wife, Marion had been relentlessly searching up until her death in 1990 and now her children are continuing the search.

    Updates: Ladonna Morrow has been reunited with her son Jared and her mother, Pat Farmer has been arrested.

    Special Alert: Richard McNair, a convicted felon made a daring prison escape with two other inmates in 1992. The two inmates were later captured but McNair is still on the run. Authorities believe he may have headed to Oklahoma where his family lives.

    Unexplained Death: The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is searching for an anonymous caller known only as "Antonio" who claimed to have witnessed the grisly murder of 21 year-old Rebecca Young in a Belle Glade sugarcane field in 1991. Authorities believe Young was involved in prostitution, which may have led to her murder.

  • Episode #133
    Episode #133
    Episode 8

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Stephen Michalak who lives in Manitoba, Canada claims that in 1967 while prospecting, he had a strange encounter with a UFO. Michalak claims that he was able to catch a glimpse of the inside of the craft and soon after began suffering from a bizarre malady which included strange burns that left doctors baffled.

    Unexplained Death: Jesslyn Rich, a guard at Frontera Prison located just south of Los Angeles, California, had disappeared and was later found murdered in 1984. Later, in 1987 the death of a female inmate, Terri Lucas, has led some people to believe that the two deaths are connected and that both women knew too much about corruption inside the prison.

    Updates: Cathy Loving has been reunited with the police guard who rescued her from serving an unjust sentance at a reform school after suffering sexual abuse from her stepfather.

    Missing Persons: A.J. Breaux, of Houma, Louisiana, had suffered from drinking problem but by 1991 he had been sober for eight years. Breaux later vanished and his car was found abandoned. Eyewitnesses soon came forward claiming they had strange encounters with A.J. in the days after his disappearance.

  • Episode #132
    Episode #132
    Episode 7

    This Halloween edition features segments:

    The Unexplained: The Moss Beach Distillery located in California seems to be haunted by a ghost known as the "Blue Lady."

    The Unexplained: The Drum Barracks Civil War Museum is apparently haunted by the ghosts of the Civil War.

    Lost Loves: Individuals are searching for their birth mothers following a San Antonio nurse, Ethel Nation's baby-selling operations in the '50s and '60s.

    Amnesia: "Sandra Evans" has amnesia and searching for her identity and family.

    Updates: "Pierre" learns his true identity.

  • Episode #131
    Episode #131
    Episode 6

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: An Atlanta psychologist's investigation into the phenomenon of dreams that reportedly come true. Three individuals are profiled who claim they have experienced psychic dreams.

    Wanted: In New Orleans, a serial killer seems to be on the loose, killing prostitutes and dumping them in areas where they can easily be found.

    Lost Loves: James Vernon is searching for "Libby" a hotline counselor who helped him through battling a heroin addiction.

    Fraud: The hunt for conman JD Method who's bilked at least 17 women.

  • Episode #130
    Episode #130
    Episode 5

    Cases included:

    Missing Persons: Pat Carlton of Houston, Texas, had suffered an aneurysm and a complication of the surgery resulted in her loss of memory. Then in 1970, she mysteriously disappeared.

    Updates: The arrest of the suspected "satchel bandit" at a Hamilton, Ont., coffee shop.

    Unexplained Death: Lucie Turmel was a cab driver from Banff, Alberta she was murdered by an unknown assailant who was later seen driving her cab around.

    Lost Loves: Derrald Tacey becomes involved with a mysterious woman named Georgia whose mysterious past seems to be the link to an unknown assailant stalking her. Following her sudden death, Tacey tries to find her family.

    Unexplained Death: A body is discovered in Florida of a mystery woman later nicknamed "Little Miss Panasoffkee."

    Updates: Mary Jane Polk has been reunited with her brother.

  • Episode #129
    Episode #129
    Episode 4

    Cases include:

    Wanted: The dragnet for David Gordon Smith, the convicted killer of police Chief J.B. Hamby, who escaped from an Oklahoma State Penitentiary in 1985.

    Lost Loves: Frances Sherwood is searching for her son, Clifford, who disappeared in 1954 under mysterious circumstances. She believes her estranged husband, Tex was involved.

    Unexplained Death: The unusual death of Texas millionaire and oilman Ed Baker. Theories abound that Baker was killed, committed suicide, or may still be alive.

    Updates: A woman finds her twin siblings.

    Special Alert: Philip Anthony Moore is wanted for child molestation.

  • Episode #128
    Episode #128
    Episode 3

    Cases include:

    Wanted: An arsonist dubbed "The King of the Arsonists" has struck numerous times in the U.S. and authorities in Seattle are seeking his capture.

    Mysterious Legends: A look at the 1935 shooting and death of Louisiana senator, Huey Long. The segment poses the question of whether, Long was killed by a doctor or by his own bodyguards.

    Lost Loves: After being abandoned as a girl in Oregon in 1947, Mary Jane Polk hopes to be reunited with her brother, whom she hasn't seen since they were each put up for adoption.

  • Episode #127
    Episode #127
    Episode 2

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Christy Mutsfield of Hamilton, Indiana discovered the lifeless body of her boyfriend Todd Kelly in his home. He had been stabbed to death apparently by Christy's former boyfriend Mafoos Huck.

    The Unexplained: Similar to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, the legend of a sea creature living in Lake Champlain, known as "Champ"

    Amnesia: An amnesia victim named Pierre appears in San Diego with no memory of who he is and no memory of his past.

    Updates: Lorene Roberts is reunited with her family.

    Special Alert: Joseph Krantz is wanted for the murder of his wife; Lois Krantz, an elderly woman Martha Roberts is kidnapped and police are searching for her and her abductor.

  • Episode #126
    Episode #126
    Episode 1

    The fifth season begins with:

    Missing Persons: A report on the disappearance of 18-year-old Tammy Lynn Leppert last seen with an acquaintance. Prior to her disappearance, Leppert seemed to have slipped into a world of paranoia that someone was stalking her.

    The Unexplained: UFO sightings over New York's Hudson River Valley are presented and some believe the sightings were UFOs while other believe they were military aircraft.

    Unexplained Death: Police in Peducah, Kentucky, search for the identity of a man who died after a fall from an airplane in 1991 and in a similar identity case "Estelle" is the victim of a hit and run driver and cannot communicate so the hospital is trying to find out her identity.

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