Unsolved Mysteries - Season 6

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  • Mysteries of Alien Beings
    "Mysteries of Alien Beings"
    Cases include:
    The Unexplained: A look at different UFO reports and the origins of the term "flying saucer". An investigation into the Roswell incident is profiled, in which a crash had occurred in the desert, which apparantly had been a UFO and how the military apparantly covered the incident up.
    The Unexplained: An investigation into Area 51, an area located in the Nevada desert, where aviation technology has reportedly been tested. Bob Lazaar claims he worked on Area 51 where he claims alien spacecraft has been tested.
    The Unexplained: Jack and Jim Weiner were plagued by bizarre dreams where they claim that they had been abducted by alien beings. Apparantly the nightmares were connected to a 1976 fishing trip in Maine's Allagash Wilderness, where Jack and Jim and two friends had a strange encounter with a UFO.moreless
  • Episode #191
    Episode #191
    Episode 31

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: The unsolved 1991 disappearance of two French sailors who were hired to convoy a catamaran worth $200,000 from Annapolis, Maryland to new owners in Guadeloupe. Authorities speculate the boat may have been hijacked by a mysterious unidentified third passenger.

    Updates: A forensic anthropologist claims she can duplicate the unique qualities of the image on the Shroud of Turin through a little-known painting method called dust drawing.

    Also, repeat reports on unexplained encounters with angels; a woman's search for biological father.

  • Episode #190
    Episode #190
    Episode 30

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Three Bigfoot sightings in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Also, a team of investigators who are using infrared technology in an attempt to locate the fabled beast.

    Wanted: Dorothy and Bill Wacker in Ohio have become the victim of an unknown stalker who has waged a never ending wave of harassment against them.

    Missing Persons: Christine Reinhard is searching for her husband who vanished in Colorado and she believes he may have suffered amnesia.

    The Unexplained: An investigation into people who have claimed to have encountered guardian angels who have saved them from sudden death.

    Unexplained Death: Charlie Anderson was a police officer in Burbank, California who was gunned down in his home in 1987.

    Also, a robbers' truck nearly crushes a nurse; suspected murderer; woman's 30-year search for her parents; woman with a terminal blood disorder seeks her long-lost sister

  • Episode #189
    Episode #189
    Episode 29

    Cases include:

    Legends: A report on the 1973 murder of a Massachusetts prison inmate, believed by some to have been the Boston Strangler (suspected of the murders of 13 women in the 1960s.)

    Lost Loves: Bonnie Potter is searching for the sister she learned that she had when her father, Oscar Norton passed away. Apparently, he had an affair with an African American woman in 1942 resulting in a baby.

    Unexplained Death: Kevin Wheel was a teenage boy who was killed in a drive by shooting and it is suspected 4 potential gang members may have been behind it.

  • Episode #188
    Episode #188
    Episode 28

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Reports on near-death experiences include a Seattle doctor's studies of widows who have reportedly been "visited" by their late husbands, and the case of a mother's after-death "visit" with her deceased 18-year-old daughter.

    Updates: Tom Vaughan has been reunited with a childhood friend.

    Fraud: A woman named Kelly Finnegan has been drugging men in the southwest and has been taking them for all their worth. Her con is known as the “red wine” con where she drugs their drinks.

    Lost Loves: Kathleen Belcher is searching for her biological father, whom she hasn't seen since her parents divorced decades earlier after he was arrested and put in jail.

    Wanted: In 1992 a serial killer went on the rampage murdering several women who worked in stores in Indiana, Kansas and Missouri. The only clues to the case were one eyewitness and the fact that all of the murders occurred along Interstate 70.

    Lost Loves: Coma victim "John" has been unresponsive for 7 months following being hit by a motorcycle while walking. Authorities are looking for his identity and his family.

  • Episode #187
    Episode #187
    Episode 27

    Cases include:

    Treasure: An investigation into a $7 million hidden treasure, reportedly buried in New York in 1933 by gangster Dutch Schultz.

    Missing Persons: Nancy Salem of El Paso, Texas is on an international search for her daughter Shafaa. Shaffa was kidnapped by her father, DeFallah Al-Salem and may have fled the country.

    Wanted: A man going by the name of Tom Johnson answered an ad to buy a computer and later attacks the salesman and his fiancee in a hotel room in Marietta, GA, resulting in the fiancee's death.

    Unexplained Death: Roxanne Jo Jeeves, and her 5 year-old son, Christopher Korper, were found shot to death in a field in Dallas, Texas just two days before Christmas in 1981. Their killer is still at large.

  • Episode #186
    Episode #186
    Episode 26

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: CFO Real Estate agent, John Cheek mysteriously disappeared from his home in Memphis Tennessee on 12/2/93. There has since been at least one reported sighting of Cheek at a truckers rest stop.

    Updates: Xuan Van Nguyen is reunited with his daughter

    Repeat Segments include:

    Unexplained Death: A report on a November 1986 Willow Creek, California double homicide in which two teens, Jill and Julie Hansen, were shot and their parent's home torched. Surprisingly, their half brother, Donny, is the prime suspect despite his exoneration by a jury. (Aired: November 10, 1993)

    Lost Loves: Deloris Brooks is searching for a teacher who changed her life when she was a teenager in Brooklyn. (Aired: October 20, 1993)

  • Episode #185
    Episode #185
    Episode 25

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: A look at the use of therapeutic touch. Experts in the field, wave their hands just above the body to get rid of energies, allowing those in pain or ill to heal.

    Robbery: A man has been robbing small town banks in Pennsylvania and before exiting he shoots out the video camera despite the fact that his image had already been captured.

    Lost Loves: Mitchell Shigemoto was saved by a fellow soldier, James Pearson on the battlefields in Vietnam. Shigemoto is now searching for Pearson.

    Wanted: David Viera killed his wife Alice in 1988 in New Bedford, Mass. and has been on the run ever since.

  • Episode #184
    Episode #184
    Episode 24

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1982 murder of Diane Harlan, a Morro Bay, California eccentric, and the disappearance of her husband, Hugh, four years later.

    Updates: A German Air Force officer's search for his biological father.

     Repeat segments include:
    The hunt for a fugitive health-care worker. (Aired: December 1, 1993)

  • Episode #183
    Episode #183
    Episode 23

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: An investigation into mothers who have extraordinary psychic links with their children. Carolyn Hebert, Elaine Emmi and Linda Babb all have stories that support the idea that this phenomenon exists.

    Wanted: Anita Green, is murdered in her car in Hollywood in 1990. Anita was a Jewish community leader and was married to Mel Green, who may have hired a hit man to kill her.

    Fraud: In Los Angeles a rash of "swoop and squat" schemes have been encountered. This is where a number of people target motorists on the road and then cause car collisions all in an attempt to bilk insurance agencies.

    Lost Heirs: Jonathan Grady purchases a box of collectibles years ago and included in that box was a family heirloom bible which in it included a extensive family tree. Now Grady would like to get the bible back to it's rightful heir.

    Special Alert: "Patricia" visited a doctor, Dr. Arvin Sinha to be treated for a cold but instead gets raped.

  • Episode #182
    Episode #182
    Episode 22

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Pets are reunited with their owners after being seperated and in each case to find their way, the pets have traveled over long distances. Examples include: Sue Anderson's cat, Nova and the Riesgraf family dog, Lady.

    The Unexplained: A rash of lights in the sky lead some to believe they are UFO's but other believe that they are the lights of secret military aircraft.

    Unexplained Death: A small town in Ohio is the location of a bizarre death of a factory worker named David Bocks who may have been killed because he knew too much about radiation contamination.

  • Episode #181
    Episode #181
    Episode 21

    Reports include the alleged 1992 murders of two U.S. Army sergeants. Also: repeat segments on a former rocket scientist's discovery of an underground waterway in the West; a woman's search for a childhood friend.

  • Episode #180
    Episode #180
    Episode 20

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: An examination of the apparant healing powers of water in Lourdes, France. Jeanne Fretel and Lorraine Echevarria both claim that after visting Lourdes, they both recovered from life threatening illnesses.

    Updates: Barbara Helga King has been captured, she was on the run after bilking people out of money.

    Unexplained Death: Dick Hanson and his friend "Jean" become victims in San Jose to a man who played a scary game of cat-and-mouse on the freeway which resulted in Dick being shot and killed. The motive may be linked to "Jean's" personalized license plate that reads, 49RHUGS.

    Lost Loves: 86-year-old, Ruby Bradford McDaniel is searching for her baby sister who was given up in 1950 shortly after a tornado struck the family home in Arkansas.

    Also included cases involving alleged schemes targeting elderly homeowners.

  • Episode #179
    Episode #179
    Episode 19

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: The saga of Resurrection Mary, a hitchhiking ghost who has plagued Chicago cab drivers.

    Updates: Colleen Frangione is reunited with the two men who pulled her to safety after a 1978 car crash.

    Missing Persons: Clarissa Edon is searching for her daughter, Selena Edon, who vanished in the aftermath of a 1989 motorcycle accident. Her family believes she may be suffering from amnesia.

    Wanted: Victor Manuel Gerena is wanted for the $7 million armored car heist in Connecticut in 1983 and it is believed that Gerena is part of a Puerto Rican terrorist group.

    Lost Loves: Xuan Van Nguyen is searching for his daughter, Kimberly Lofton.

  • Episode #178
    Episode #178
    Episode 18

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Controversy over the origin of a tiny mummy discovered by prospectors in a cave in Wyoming in 1932. Some believe the mummy may verify the existence of a race of dwarf- supernatural beings described in Native American legends. The mummy has since vanished.

    Unexplained Death: 18 year-old Andre Jones was found hanging by the neck in a Mississippi jail in 1992 just days after his arrest during a routine traffic stop. His family believes he was murdered, and that his death may be tied to other unexplained hangings in jails throughout the state.

    Wanted: Sarah Beard, a student at the University of New Mexico, was brutally raped by a man who went by the name of "Wadada" Following the rape, he struck her in the head with a hammer and left her for dead. Authorities are now searching for the elusive Wadada.

    Lost Loves: 5-year-old Lauren Jackson vanishes from outside her home in East Vincent, Pennsylvania in 1988 and her mother, Christina O'Donnell becomes the prime suspect.

    Also, a viewer top leading to a suspect's arrest in Canada.

  • Episode #177
    Episode #177
    Episode 17

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: Susan Billig is searching for her daughter, Amy, who has been missing since 1974. She believes Amy was abducted by members of a motorcycle gang, and may still be alive.

    Missing Persons: Oliver Munson was a schoolteacher and car enthusiast from Baltimore, Maryland. After purchasing a car from a shady dealer named Dennis Watson. When the authorities closed in, they asked Munson to testify against Watson but on the morning of 2/16/84, Munson disappeared.

    Also, the search for heirs to a wealthy recluses's estate. Also: a woman's search for her biological mother ends in the Syracuse, N.Y., area.

  • Episode #176
    Episode #176
    Episode 16

    Cases include:

    Robbery: A report on the search for two robbers dubbed the Grocery Robbers who target various grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest.

    Also: repeat segment on a surgeon's murder; a viewer tip leading to a suspect in the hit-and-run death of a Los Angeles DJ; and a Polish family's search for their son.

  • Episode #175
    Episode #175
    Episode 15

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: A mysterious letter writer who seems to be guiding a woman's search throughout Canada for her missing son Charles Horvath.

    Wanted: Nanette Brana ends her relationship with Danny Pinetta. He soon begins to stalk and then ends up raping her. Now he is on the run.

    Updates: A viewer tip leading to the arrest of a wanted fugitive in Diamond Bar (Cal.).

  • Episode #174
    Episode #174
    Episode 14

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Jay Given a powerful attorney in East Chicago, Indiana became involved in political intrigue when he began pushing for a new mayor in town. Given was later gunned down at an Elk's Club and authorities believe the mayor who was running for re-election and the local police department may have been involved.

    Lost Loves: Brenda Abbey is searching for her biological parents who had given her up for adoption as a child. She believes her parents worked for a traveling carnival.

    Also, reports include a viewer tip leading to the arrest of a burglary suspect in Santa Fe, N.M. and a man's search for a friend.

  • Episode #173
    Episode #173
    Episode 13

    Cases include:

    Lost Loves: Hilda Craun and her seven young children where evicted from their home around Christmas time in December 1948. The children were later placed in foster care and put up for adoption. Now some of the grown children are searching for their siblings.

    Repeat Segments include:

    Wanted: Eleven-year old Pedro Santiago Jr. was run down and killed by a street thug known only as “Cachimba”. He fled the scene of the crime and vanished and now Chicago authorizes are searching for him. A roll call of two other hit and run deaths. (Aired: September 22, 1993)

    Legends: Anna Anderson claims she is really Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia who was thought to been executed in 1917 with the rest of her family. (Aired: October 6, 1993)

  • Episode #172
    Episode #172
    Episode 12

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: The unsolved 1989 Peoria, Arizona disappearance of Pam Paige. Her husband, Rob, is a suspect. He has told several conflicting stories about his activities on the day she vanished. A psychic believes that Rob and an unidentified woman are responsible for Pam's death.

    Repeat segments include:

    The Unexplained: A report on a Glendora, Cal., man's recollections of a "past life" (Aired: September 22, 1993)

    Lost Loves: Joan Gay Croft was four years old when a tornado ripped through her home town in Oklahoma. In the aftermath, Joan Gay disappeared and two men had been seen taking her away. (Aired: September 22, 1993)

  • Episode #171
    Episode #171
    Episode 11

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Lissette Nukida was working at a rehabilitation center in Southern California when she allegedly tampered with the IV’s of a couple of patients. She was sent to prison for tampering with consumer products. There she met an inmate and married him and now they are both on the run.

    Lost Loves: A woman's search for the good Samaritan who once pulled her from a burning car wreck.Unexplained Death: Gary Grant Jr. the son of an Atlantic City police officer was found murdered in a vacant lot. One suspect was a mentally retarded child named Boo Mason who was found unfit to stand trial. Later cryptic messages began appearing on police cars and sidewalks alleging that Gary's death was revenge.

    Lost Loves: Tom Vaughn is searching for a childhood friend he first met in 1956 at an orphanage.

  • Episode #170
    Episode #170
    Episode 10

    Cases include:

    Fraud: Manwell Marino, Al Tom and Ricky Nelson are heartless conmen who prey on the elderly on the ruse of doing home improvements and charging outrageous fees. Also a roll call of other con men: David Brian Williams, Christopher Griffin and Derek Leonard Reynolds.

    Missing Persons: Larry Costine was found shot to death in his mobile home in 1992. His girlfriend, Melissa Jo Sermons, is missing. Was she the killer, or a victim?

    Lost Loves: Sandra Lee Nelson is searching for her birth mother, Dorothy Johnson, who reluctantly gave her away to a kind sailor in 1945.

    Unexplained Death: The possible connection between the 1992 abduction and molestation of a 3 year-old girl from Edmonton Alberta, Canada, and the molestation and murder of a 6 year-old from the same area four months later.

    Lost Loves: The search for the identity of a man who has been in a coma since a fall from an overpass in Daly City, California in 1992.

  • Episode #169
    Episode #169
    Episode 9

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Travis Wade Duncan is sought by authorities after escaping from an Oklahoma prison along with two other inmates; taking authorities on a high speed chase across the state.

    Updates: Murderer Julius Patterson and his girlfriend, Paulette Height, have been apprehended.

    Legends: Controversy over the identity of the model depicted in Leonardo's Mona Lisa. A new theory suggests that the painting may actually be a self portrait of Leonardo himself.

    Missing Persons: Stephen Marfeo of Johnston, Rhode Island is a suspect in the 1990 disappearance of his 34 year-old wife, Doreen.

    Wanted: The dragnet for Raymond Young, a business man whom federal authorities believe staged his own death to escape a 13 year prison sentence for tax evasion.

  • Episode #168
    Episode #168
    Episode 8

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: A report on a November 1986 Willow Creek, California double homicide in which two teens, Jill and Julie Hansen, were shot and their parent's home torched. Surprisingly, their half brother, Donny, is the prime suspect despite his exoneration by a jury.

    Wanted: John Grundhofer is abducted in a parking garage by a bumbling kidnapper. The man accused strongly denies his involvement, despite being picked out of a police line-up.

    Updates: Albert Young and his family are reunited with a long lost half-sister, Kathleen Young-Albert.

    Lost Loves: Christoph Bauer is searching for his biological father, Michael Saymore.

  • Episode #167
    Episode #167
    Episode 7

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Reports of a 1917 solar phenomenon known as the "Fatima Miracle," supposedly witnessed by a crowd in Fatima, Portugal.

    Fraud: A Colorado couple, Earl and Donna Chotvacs become the victims of a con-man going by the name of Mark Mitchell, who supposedly ran a company that was going to give the Chotvacs a discount on the construction of a log cabin dream home in turn for them investing in his company.

    Wanted: David McLeod is wanted for molesting boys. Also, profiled a roll call of sex offenders including Michael Benka, Robert Fritch and Donald Alexander.

    Updates: O'Neill children reunited.

  • Episode #166
    Episode #166
    Episode 6

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: The home of Alan Mann located in Lake Whales, Florida seems to be haunted. Mann and his family have had strange encounters leading them to call in a special ghost team to investigate.

    Lost Loves: Aideen Murphy is searching for a long lost friend whom she first met during World War II at an orphanage.

    Unexplained Death: Lisa Ziegert, a school teacher from Agawam, Mass. is found dead in a wooded area; authorities are trying to find her killer..

    Wanted: Armando Garcia is a wanted man after serving on the Miami police force. He reportedly staged unauthorized drug raids and kept all of the drugs that he confiscated..

    Wanted: Authorities are searching for the gunman who in 1991 shot and paralyzed Rohrey Wychgel in his driveway at his Orange, California home.

  • Episode #165
    Episode #165
    Episode 5

    Cases include:

    Fraud: Joseph Prushinowski, a rabbi, is wanted for international bank fraud of which he got away with nearly 200 million dollars.

    Missing Persons: Wendy Camp, her daughter Cynthia and her sister-in-law Renee apparently disappear from a department store parking lot in Oklahoma. Wendy's ex-husband, Chad Noe reportedly bragged that he murdered Wendy.

    Lost Loves: Deloris Brooks is searching for a teacher who changed her life when she was a teenager in Brooklyn.

    Wanted: Su Young Kim is searching for the person responsible for murdering his wife Su Ya and stuffing her body in a dumpster in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Episode #164
    Episode #164
    Episode 4

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Zel Loseff the mother of Ted Loseff, a wealthy surgeon who died under strange circumstances in 1974 is convinced that her son was murdered as part of a conspiracy involving Ted's wife, Wilda.

    Treasure: Wally Spencer believes he has found a long lost underground water bed under the Nevada deserts, but he refuses to cite it's location, fearing people may try to steal his claim.

    Updates: Franklin Perkins is arrested for the murder of Lee Selwyn.

    Lost Loves: Mechelle Borel is searching for her adopted brother whom she last saw when she was a young girl in Austria.

  • Episode #163
    Episode #163
    Episode 3

    Cases include:

    Legends: Anna Anderson claims she is really Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia who was thought to have been executed in 1917 with the rest of her family.

    Wanted: Jerry Gerbasoni is wanted for the murder of his girlfriend Paula Pasciak. He killed her in her mother's home and wrapped her body in a bamboo curtain.

    Wanted: Andelina Gonzales is wanted for stealing from her elderly employer.

  • Episode #162
    Episode #162
    Episode 2

    Cases include:

    Wanted: A man robbed a bank and was later captured. He gave his name as Jose Antonio Gonzalez but authorities soon found that couldn't be his name. He refuses to reveal his true identity and two mystery women have vanished who may be able to help.

    Updates: Viewer tips leading to a man's reunion with his family.

    The Unexplained: A pilot, Frederick Valentich, disappears while flying between Australia and Tasmania in 1978 after encountering a strange light source some believe was a UFO.

    Unexplained Death: Larry Williams seeks to prove that his son, Danny's death in Galesberg, IL in 1991 was not a suicide but rather it was murder.

    Wanted: The search for a car thief who shot and paralyzed Rohrey Wychgel in 1991.

  • Episode #161
    Episode #161
    Episode 1

    The series' sixth season opens with cases including:

    The Unexplained: A report on a Glendora, Cal., man's recollections of a "past life"

    Wanted: On 12/12/90 in Chicago Illinois, eleven year old Pedro Santiago Jr. was run down and killed by a street thug known only as "Kachimba". "Kachimba" fled the scene of the crime and vanished.

    Updates: A viewer tip leading authorities to alleged cult leader Nelson DeCloud and his followers in the San Angelo, Texas, area

    Also, the search for an alleged Chicago drug dealer.

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