Unsolved Mysteries - Season 7

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Episode Guide

  • Episode #220
    Episode #220
    Episode 28

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: Al Henderson is the prime suspect in the disappearance of his long time fiance, Jean Moore. The couple had been on vacation in Laughlin, Nevada and apparantly Jean had disappeared from a casino. Al Henderson's alibi does not match with what the video cameras in the casino have recorded.

    Also, repeat segments include the work of a "spirit channeler" in Sao Paulo, Brazil; the 1994 arrest of a fugitive outside of Boise, Idaho, truck stop; a former runaway's search for three good Samaritans.

  • Episode #219
    Episode #219
    Episode 27

    Cases include:

    Amnesia: A woman wakes up in New Orleans to find that she doesn't know who she is, apparantly the victim of amnesia. The woman thinks her name was Gigi and is now searching for her past.

     Repeat segements include a psychic helps track a couple's killer; the high-tech crime unit of the San Jose Police Department probes computer-related thefts. also: the disappearance of a young mother and her 6-year-old son.

  • Episode #218
    Episode #218
    Episode 26

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: People thoughout the world report hearing a bizarre "hum", a sonic phenomenon that has baffled scientists. This segment profiles a handful of people and their experiences with this mysterious "hum".

    Unexplained Death: Molly Jordan's home in Dallas, Texas was set on fire and in the process claimed the lives of four of her grandchildren and one great grandchild. Authorities belive that drug dealers may have been involved in this case of arson.

    Wanted: Robert Arcieri , a Phoenix business man accused of murder and robbery, mysteriously disappeared and apparantly drowned during a fishing trip in the Colorado River. However, some speculate that Arcieri faked his death.

    Also, a woman vanishes; postal crimes.

  • Episode #217
    Episode #217
    Episode 25

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: A look at the Ouija board and it's connection to supernatural events. Gaynell Rawley reportedly had a question answered by the Ouija board that later came true. Also, a look at the spirit of Patience Worth that apparantly spoke through a Ouija board.

    Wanted: In 1995, John Vogel sent a package to Minnesota that tipped authorities off to his drug smuggling and counterfeiting operation. Vogel was later arrested but later released and disappeared.

    Missing Persons: Justin Burgwinkel, a specialist in the United States Army, went AWOL and later vanished. His car was found abandoned and now his family have suspisions that he was somehow involved in Army intrigue that led to his disappearance.

    Wanted: Charles Holden gave a ride to a stranger late one night in Harrington, Deleware. The man later turned violent and was later seen leaving Holden's home, leaving behind one victim, Holden's mother, Dorothy Donovan, who had been stabbed to death.

    Also: a family's search for a Houston couple who rescued them from a car accident in 1983.

  • Episode #216
    Episode #216
    Episode 24

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: A look at the power of prayer and how it has affected two people. Kathleen Burghardt, after finding a lump in her breast began praying and was later miraculously healed. Also, an eleven month old baby boy had a liver transplant and was lingering near death when his family began praying and he later recuperated.

    Wanted: Lionel Luviano, a drug trafficker, was arrested shortly after being involved in a motorcycle accident. While recuperating in a hospital with police guards, he disguised himself as his sister and escaped.

    The Investigators: Investigators attempt to enhance video footage captured by gas station and bank surveillance cameras to gather clues for convicting criminals and help solve murder cases.

    The Unexplained: Father Solanas Casey who worked in Detroit, Michigan, to some is considered a "miracle worker." People who knew him claim to have experienced miraculous healings prompted by Casey.

    Also, an update on a brother and sister's search for their four other siblings and reports on a missing 5-year-old boy.

  • Episode #215
    Episode #215
    Episode 23

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: A devoted mother and wife, Cecilia Newball with her six year old son disappeared from her California home in 1994, Cecilia was 8 months pregnant. Her husband, Alfredo Newball has become a prime suspect in the disappearance.

    Lost Loves: Bob Coleman is searching for someone who may have clues to his late-father, Richard Coleman's mysterious past in World War I and World War II.

    Also, a psychic helps track a couple's killer; the high-tech crime unit of the San Jose Police Department probes computer-related thefts.

  • Episode #214
    Episode #214
    Episode 22

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: Arnold Archambeau, Ruby Bruguier and Tracy Dion were driving and their car overturned on a wintery night. Arshambeau and Bruguier later vanished while Dion survived. Authorities searched for the two bodies but found nothing. During the spring thaw, their bodies were later found at the same spot of the accident. Their families believe foul play may have been involved.

    Also: repeat segments include video footage of reported UFO sightings over Mexico City in 1991.

  • Episode #213
    Episode #213
    Episode 21

    A new report details the FBI's search for suspected arsonists. Also: repeat segments on the search for a Redwood City, Cal., woman whose husband was poisoned; a fraud scam on a retired judge.

  • Episode #212
    Episode #212
    Episode 20

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: The unusual claims of a Sao Paulo, Brazil resident named Luiz Gasparetto, a psychic artist, who channels new works of art from long dead artists. Gasparetto claims to have strange connections to the spirit world since he was a young boy.

    Missing Persons: The unsolved 1992 disappearance of Tara Breckenridge, a waitress who worked in adult night club in Houston, Texas. Her boyfriend, Wayne Hecker, has become a suspect in her disappearance.

    Lost Loves: Fritz Vincken's search for three American soldiers with whom he spent a memorable Christmas in 1944 in Belgium during World War II.

    Updates: A report on the arrest and arraignment of con man Wade Mitchell Parker.

    Fraud: The dragnet for Carlos Garcia, a Virginia Beach, Virginia con man who allegedly embezzled two million dollars from his friends, neighbors, and the local church.

  • Episode #211
    Episode #211
    Episode 19

    Cases include:

    Wanted: The dragnet for Randolph Dial, a convicted murderer who escaped from a minimum security Oklahoma prison in August 1994. While he was there, Dial had become involved with the deputy warden's wife, Bobbi Parker and when he escaped, he took her with him.

    Updates: A review of prison escapees captured as a result of viewer tips.

    Also, repeat segments on three inmates who escaped from Alcatraz 33 years ago and may still be alive.

  • Episode #210
    Episode #210
    Episode 18

    Cases include:

    Treasure: Rumors of a treasure allegedly buried at the Alamo in 1836. Plus a team of modern day archeologists who believe they have located it.

    Wanted: Denise Williams began dating an older man named Randall Utterback. Utterback soon began controlling Williams and became totally obsessed with her. When Williams decided to call off the relationship, Utterback began stalking her, resulting with a wild kidnapping and attempted murder.

    Unexplained Death: A report on the 1991 murders of Eric and Pam Ellender of Sulphur, Louisiana. The alleged killer, Christopher Prudhomme, was apprehended. The Ellender's family suspects the involvement of others, and wants the case re-opened.

    Updates: Meredith Atkinson has been reunited with her birth mother.

  • Episode #209
    Episode #209
    Episode 17

    Cases include:

    Fraud: The plight of Carol Anderson, a computer systems analyist whose credit was destroyed in a case of identity theft.

    Lost Loves: Helen Elas Conka is searching for U.S. army airmen whom she provided refuge to in Czechoslovakia at the height of World War II.

    Missing Persons: The search for Kristi Krebs, a 22 year-old from Fort Bragg, California who vanished in the fall of 1993 after suffering a severe mental break. Her family believes she may still be alive and suffering from amnesia.

    Wanted: The unsolved 1993 Texas murder of 38 year-old Patricia White, and the disappearance of her allegedly abusive live in boyfriend, "Dub" Wackerhagen. The police have been unable to ascertain if Wackerhagen is the killer, or a victim.

  • Episode #208
    Episode #208
    Episode 16

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: The dragnet for the arsonists responsible for a construction site fire that claimed the lives of six Kansas City firefighters in 1988.

    Missing Persons: The unsolved 1993 disappearances of 69 year-old Loretta Meyers, who may be suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and the suspicious male companion who is carting her all over the country.

    Wanted: The D.E.A. manhunt for alleged drug runner Wallace Thrasher, who some believe faked his his 1984 death in Central America.

    Lost Loves: Former U.S. army air force officer Ken Palmer is searching for his double whom he first encountered at a Cincinnati railroad station in 1943.

  • Mysteries of the Psychic Mind

    "Mysteries of the Psychic Mind"

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Housewife and mother Jeanine Price claims she is plagued by psychokineis - the power to move and manipulate inanimate objects with one's mind.

    The Unexplained: Psychic Etta Smith is wrongly accused of murder after helping police locate the body of a missing woman.

    The Unexplained: A session with James Van Praagh, a self-proclaimed psychic who claims he can communicate with the dead.

  • Episode #206
    Episode #206
    Episode 14

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: A report on two people who attribute their unexpected recovery from debilitating illnesses to miracles performed by the late Padre Pio, a controversial Catholic priest who was said to posses the power to heal the sick.

    Wanted: A Los Angeles man who may have spotted Kimberly Pandelios, a missing 20 year-old model whose remains were found in March of 1993. Her killers are still at large.

    The Investigators: A profile of the Orange County California, coroners office. Two coroner's are profiled whose job has led them to solve unexplained deaths and identify unidentifiable persons. A 1987 death of an unidentified woman who fell from a cliff has proven to be one of the hardest to solve.

    Lost Loves: Speculation that three U.S. air force officers, Sylvan Lazarus, Carl Cobb, and Bernard Brady, allegedly killed when their aircraft crashed in North Africa in 1943 may still be alive.

    Updates: The Stallings family has been reunited.

  • Episode #205
    Episode #205
    Episode 13

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: The May 1994 discovery of a dismembered human skeleton in a yard in San Marino, California rekindles an investigation into the unsolved 1985 disappearances of John and Linda Sous, who vanished while allegedly on a secret mission for the U.S. government.

    Legends: Allegations that the wreckage of a World War II era U.S. Navy submarine exists off the coast of San Francisco, and the possibility that it may have been sunk accidentally by U.S. forces.

    Unexplained Death: The unusual 1988 shooting death of Police Captain Michael O'Mara of the Cook County, Illinois Sheriff's Office. His death was ruled a suicide. His family believes he was murdered.

    Updates: Terri Christie Derby has been reunited with her deceased biological mother's family.

    Lost Loves: Joe Dillahunty and Mary Smith are searching for their brothers and sisters whom they lost contact with after their family was cruelly split apart by adoption in 1948.

    Fugitive Hotline: Tyrone Walter Theiss is wanted for the murder of three; Shannon Smith is wanted for child molestation.

  • Episode #204
    Episode #204
    Episode 12

    Cases include:

    The Investigators: Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist, has been succesful in determing the cause of death for many cases but has lately hit a bump in the road in trying to solve the case of Jack Davis Jr. Davis was a college student who in 1987 was found dead on the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

    The Unexplained: Three genealogists each encounter bizarre experiences that lead them to dead ancestors. Hank Jones, while tracing his own family tree encountered strange psychic connections. Dr. David Faux and Carol Montrose each had similar encounters.

    Lost Loves: Walter Thomas who after his father passed away, opened his father's private papers and discovered a birth certificate for a younger brother named Philip, whom he never knew. He is now searching for his long lost brother.

    Also, the search for a suspect accused of bilking senior citizens.

  • Episode #203
    Episode #203
    Episode 11

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Joline Hedlund gives birth to a baby who quickly falls gravely ill and then experiences a miraculous Christmas recovery.

    Also: repeat segments on efforts calling for the beatification of a priest who some say performed miraculous cures; the search by a Hungarian refugee family for the U.S. serviceman who aided them after World War II; and a family's reunion with missing siblings.

  • Episode #202
    Episode #202
    Episode 10

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Gurdon, Arkansas is at the center of a bizarre mystery in which an eerie unexplained light nicknamed "The Gurdon Light" has been seen along railroad tracks. This segment poses the possibility that it may be the ghost of a long dead railroad man.

    Final Appeal: Stuart Heaton a local carpenter living in Ramsey, Illinois is accussed of the murder of 16 year old Crystal Nabb. Nabb had been stabbed in her family's trailer and Heaton was later convicted, however he insists that he is an innocent man.

    Wanted: Jay Durham was riding his motorcycle on a highway when a semi ran him off the road and left him for dead. Durham lost his legs and is now searching for the trucker who tried to kill him.

    Also, a private investigator's tip leading to the reunion of two sisters.

  • Episode #201
    Episode #201
    Episode 9

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Too his neighbors, Neil Gott appeared to be living the perfect life with his wife and his daughter. However, looks can be decieving as Gott turned out to be a master drug dealer.

    The Unexplained: Teresa Wilson's husband, Frank died in 1960. Their daughter, Margaret, later has a bizarre encounter in which she claims that her dead father visited her to pass on a special birthday message for Teresa.

    Missing Persons: Robert "Curt" Borton who had gone off to fight in the Vietnam War was one of many soldiers who was a casualty. However, since his apparant death, his family claims to have had strange encounters with someone who they believe is Robert.

    Unexplained Death: South Carolina patrolman, Roy Caffey was gunned down by unknown assailants on a lonely stretch of road in 1972. Eyewitnesses may have seen the murderers.

    Also: a viewer tip that helps a woman search for the family that found her as an infant.

  • Episode #200
    Episode #200
    Episode 8

    Cases include:

    The Investigators: Nancy Myer, a Greensburgh, Pennsylvania woman who has an incredbile psychic power that has led her to help police departments try to solve unsolved murders. Myer helped capture a rapist and is now working on the unsolved murder of a 12-year old Florida girl.

    The Unexplained: In November 1872 a ship called the Mary Celeste was found abandoned and drifting off the coast of Portugal. The sea captain and the entire crew has mysteriously vanished and were never found.
    Updates: Brenda Abbey, who had been given up for adoption, has been reunited with her birth mother.

    Lost Loves: Michelle Donahoe West ran away from her home in 1980 and befriended three men on a bus who encouraged her to return home to her family. Michelle is now searching for those three men, "Doc", "Tiny Feet" and "Sunshine."

  • Episode #199
    Episode #199
    Episode 7

    This expanded edition (2 hrs) celebrates the 200th case solved:

    Cases include:

    Final Appeal: Circleville, Ohio is the center of a bizarre mystery in which an anonymous letter writer has been harassing residents of the community. The Circleville Writer first began in 1976 by sending letters to Mary Gillispie, a local bus driver, accusing her of having an affair. Paul Freshour, Mary's brother-in-law was convicted of being the writer but he maintains that he is innocent.

    Legends: Mystery writer, Agatha Christie, became the subject of her own real life mystery when in 1926 her car was found abandoned just outside of London and Christie was no where to be found. She would later turn up and now historians speculate on where Christie may have been during her brief disappearance.

    Unexplained Death: Marymount college student Tommy Burkett was found dead in his parent's home in Virginia. Officials ruled the death a suicide but Tommy's parents contend that their son was murdered. They believe their son might have been an undercover narcotics agent for the CIA who was murdered by his own ates and his murder has been covered up by not only the college but by state and federal police as well.

    Updates: Mitchell Shigemoto was saved by a fellow soldier, James Pearson on the battlefields in Vietnam. Shigemoto has now been reunited with Pearson.

    Treasure: Poverty Island, located in Lake Michigan just to the east of Wisconsin, is the destination for treasure hunters who are searching for an apparant sunken treasure.

    Also, a 1988 prison escape.

  • Episode #198
    Episode #198
    Episode 6

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Following a total eclipse of the sun in 1991, thousands of UFO sightings by people living in Mexico have been reported. Video footage of the UFO activity was captured and is presented in this segment.

    Wanted: Adam Emery who had been convicted of the murder of Jason Bass, apparently faked his wife, Elena and his own death by making it look as if they had committed suicide by jumping off a Rhode Island bridge.

    Unexplained Death: Sammy Wheeler was found parked at the George Washington National Forest in Virginia. He had been shot to death and a soon authorities had three possible suspects on their hands who may have been responsible.

    Updates: Travis Wade Duncan who had escaped from jail has been captured.

  • Mysteries of the Afterlife

    "Mysteries of the Afterlife"

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: While speaking on the phone during a severe thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning traveled through the phone lines and electrocuted Dannion Brinkley who was declared legally dead but actually began a near death experience. He was later revived and recollects his experience and demonstrates his new found psychic abilities.

    The Unexplained: Jeanne Walker had a daughter named Karen who in her teens dated a man named Jim Alvarado. In 1969, Karen was diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer. After her death, Karen apparantly returned from the grave to visit her loved ones.

    The Unexplained: A young girl named Heidi Wyrick seems to have an incredible power, the ability to contact the dead. She claims to have encountered the ghosts of long dead residents who once lived in her neighborhood.

  • Episode #196
    Episode #196
    Episode 4

    Cases include:

    Missing Persons: An autistic man named Gordan "Gordy" Page Jr., disappeared in 1991 from an adult-care facility. His parents are searching for him and believe he may still be alive.

    Also, the arrest of a fugitive outside of a Boise truck stop; studies of twins separated at birth; and a family's search for a wife and mother who disappeared some 14 years ago.

  • Episode #195
    Episode #195
    Episode 3

    Cases include:

    Lost Loves: Siegfried Laier is searching for the U.S. serviceman who aided his family during World War II.

    Updates: Marie Milton and Raymond Anderson are reunited with their siblings whom had been separated when they were young.

    Also, reports include efforts calling for the beatification of an ordained priest (born in 1904) who, some say, performed miraculous cures prior to his death in 1957. Also: evidence suggesting that Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth was not shot by Union soldiers, but instead lived under aliases until 1903.

  • Episode #194
    Episode #194
    Episode 2

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: A real life team of ghostbusters are investigating the La Posada Hotel in Santa Fe, NM, searching for the ghost of a woman, Julia Staab who may be haunting the place.

    Wanted: Jeanne Boylan, a suspect graphic artist, tries to help the FBI by trying to create a composite drawing of a suspect known only as "Jason" in the death of Jonathan Francia who had been abducted and burned in his car.

    Legends: A Los Angeles park is the center of an age-old legend that indicates that the park may be the burial grounds for treasures.

    Wanted: John Roubas, an international drug kingpin, supposedly died in a car fire but police suspect he faked his own death.

  • Episode #193
    Episode #193
    Episode 1

    Cases include:

    The Investigators: San Francisco investigators turn to students in a college course called "Murder 101" to try to solve the murder of Jim Fang who had been stabbed to death by unknown assailants whose motives appeared to be robbery.

    Unexplained Death: In 1953, Frank Olson, a biochemist working for the U.S. government, apparently jumped to his death from the balcony of a New York hotel. His family later learns that Frank had previously been a exposed to LSD in a government experiment.

    The Unexplained: A segment that explores the origins and the disappearance of the "Ice Man" an exhibit at the 1968 Chicago Stock Fair.

    Sci-Med: A look at the connection and bizarre coincidences between adoptees and their birth families.

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