Unsolved Mysteries - Season 9

NBC Premiered Oct 05, 1988 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Episode #430
    Episode #430
    Episode 25
    Authorities search for a suspect in the rapes of two Texas A&M students; a woman credits her medical recovery to a visit from a "healing UFO"; and a former reporter tries to locate the woman she recently discovered to be her sister. Also: a probe on why serial killers murder; an update on a missing youngster, located in Iceland. (Repeat) Wanted: Don Richard Davis, Jr. Unexplained Death: Kristi Leemoreless
  • Episode #272
    Episode #272
    Episode 23

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Beth Smith becomes a victim of Sal Oliverio, a con man who wined and dined her. She would later discover his real name was Salvatore Spinnato who attacked her new boyfriend.

    Updates: David Gause who had raped a woman in Manhattan has been captured.

    Miracles: Reverand Father DiOrio seems to have a mystical healing power. A young girl named Christina Umowski who would be diagnosed with neuro fiber mitosis suffers a miraculous recovery after meeting DiOrio.

    Unexplained Death: Dana Satterfield a beauty salon owner in Roebuck, South Carolina was brutally raped and murdered by an unknown assailant. A saleswoman crosses paths with the murderer.

    Lost Loves: Moises Treves, a successful chef, is searching for an American woman named Judy who encouraged him to open a restaurant when he was younger.

    The Investigators: This segment examines a possible link between the bombing in Atlanta during the Summer Olympics and a series of bombings in Spokane, Washington.

  • Episode #271
    Episode #271
    Episode 22

    Cases include:

    Legends: An investigation in the legend of the Amazons, an ancient nation of Greek female warriors. Burial mounds have been uncovered that support the possibility that the Amazons existed.

    Also, residents of Oakville, Washington, report mysterious gooey blobs that rained down from the sky; a comatose man experiences what doctors call a "miracle survival"; a mother searches for the murderer of her son.

  • Episode #270
    Episode #270
    Episode 21

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: A popular college girl named Aimee Willard, who was a star la crosse and soccer player was found murdered in an abandoned lot in Philadelphia.

    Lost Loves: Donna and Rick Roberts were in a car accident and their 10-week old baby girl became trapped in the back seat. The Roberts are searching for the man who rescued their baby.

    The Unexplained: A five-year old boy, named Chase Bowman experiences through induced hypnosis, an account of a past life as a soldier in the Civil War. Two other young children recall past life experiences.

    Lost Loves: Christie Wismer's youthful romance leads to pregnancy. She would later give birth to a baby girl and gave her up for adoption. She is now searching for her lost baby girl.

    Also, reports of cyberstalkers using the anonymity of computers when threatening victims.

  • Episode #269
    Episode #269
    Episode 20

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Lynne Plaskett claims to have had a strange encounter with a UFO. Following her experience, her cancer strangly went into remission.

    Unexplained Death: Kristie Gunderson Lee is found dead and her husband, Jeffrey Lee's mother and stepfather are questioned for having something to do with it.

    Updates: Trent Steven Fouts is captured after killing a young boy.

    Lost Loves: Virginia Burns is searching for her long lost half-sister. Includes update.

    Wanted: Don Richard Davis Jr. is suspected of raping two Texas A&M students. One the victims identifies him after seeing him working at a supermarket.

    The Unexplained: Carolyn Reynolds, an expert in astrology explores a possible link between serial killers and the astrological charts.

  • Episode #268
    Episode #268
    Episode 19

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Rosemary Altea as a child had strange encounters with the spirit world and now is helping other contact deceased loved ones.

    Updates: Dennis Keith Smith a convicted murder has been captured.

    Lost Loves: Bobbi Page Myler's one night stand led to a pregnancy. She would later give the baby boy up for adoption but is now searching for him who may have a rare genetic disease.

    Unexplained Death: A Canadian man named Blair Adams is found dead in a parking lot in Tennessee in 1996. Scattered around his body was $4,000 in Canadian, German and American currency, his friends and family speculate over his bizarre death.

    The Investigators: A probe into apparant "Men in Black." They reportedly appear without warning, appear in threes, speak in unison and are rumored to be aliens.

    Updates: Candice and Charina Berry have been reuinted with their father.

    Updates: Jeff Lynn has been reunited with his sister.

  • Episode #267
    Episode #267
    Episode 18

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: A newly married couple who moved into a home in Cleveland, Ohio is tormented by unseen forces, including ghostly visions, electrical phenomena and mysterious medical troubles.

    Updates: Samuel Lee Glover and Marshall Kirkpatrick, both serial child molestors have been captured.

    Wanted: Maria Socorro de Rodriguez LaPine, also known as "The Black Widow" is wanted in connection with the deaths of eight men and one woman that first began in 1970 with her first husband.

    Miracles: Candy Gaither Horner, who had been battling leukemia, claims that her dead sister Roxy, reached out from the grave that led to Candy's miraculous recovery.

    The Investigators: An investigation into the bizarre speculations that concern the crash of TWA Flight 800.

  • Episode #266
    Episode #266
    Episode 17

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: David Morehouse claims to have been a "psychic spy" as part of the United States government's Stargate program.

    Updates: Andre Wilson wanted for a gas station robbery and murder of an attendant has been captured.

    Updates: Shawn Moore has been reunited with his brother.

    Wanted: Maria Rosa Hernandez, a live-in nanny is wanted for questioning in the assult of a 4-year old girl whom she had been caring for as well as a 17-month old boy who also may have been abused by Hernandez.

    Sci-Med: With the cloning of the sheep, Dolly, this segment explores the possibility of cloning humans and possibly bringing people back from the grave.

    Also, a counterfeiter's family helps law enforcement; fugitive child-molesting cop.

  • Episode #265
    Episode #265
    Episode 16

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Becky Wood was bound and gagged by two men disguised in masks who had broken into her home and took Wood and her grandchildren hostage.

    Sci-Med: An investigation into the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion. This segment probes individual cases where people supposedly died from this bizarre unconfirmed phenomenon.

    Also, segments examining several theories about who gunned down rapper Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas in September 1996. Other segments involve the search for suspects in the abduction of a 5-year-old girl. Also: two women's search for a long-lost brother.

    Unexplained Death: Tupac Shakur
    Missing: Therese Rose Walsh

  • Episode #264
    Episode #264
    Episode 15

    Cases include:

    Sci-Med: The Olesen family of Illinois have somehow become the target for unusal lightning strikes. The last generations of the family have had dangerous and in some cases deadly incidents with lightning.

    Unexplained Death: Patrick Kelly, a film student at the University of Southern California was struck and killed by a motorcyclist in Tijuana, Mexico in 1996. He was later mis-identified and his family believes that there was a cover-up.

    Updates: Glendeen Butterfield is reunited with her long lost daughter, Kelly Ann.

    The Unexplained: While driving along Highway 50 in the Sierra Nevadas, Christine Scoobish and her 3 year old son vanish. Later, another motorist catches the glimpse of a ghost that leads them to a car wreck, Christine had died, but her son was still alive.

    The Investigators: An investigation into people who are involved in modern day games that involve vampirism. Ceara O'Connell has disappeared and some belive she may have become involved in a vampire game.

    Also, suspicions of an insurance scam in Mexico.

  • Episode #263
    Episode #263
    Episode 14

    Cases include:

    Sci-Med: An investigation into past and present day aphrodisiacs.

    Wanted: Ennis William Cosby, son of comedian/actor of Bill Cosby was shot in Los Angeles by an unknown assailant. Includes update.

    The Investigators: A segment on the investigation of the crash of TWA Flight 800 and the possibility that it was shot down by a secret governmental ray gun.

    Unexplained Death: Robert Dirscherl was shot and killed in 1977 and his death was ruled a suicide. In 1993, Dirscherl's son recieved a bizarre unsigned letter from someone who claims to have killed his father.

    Updates: Lu Hanessian reports on the capture of Andy Cook, responsible for a double murder.

    Sci-Med: An investigation into the possibility of a comet striking Earth and the devastation the could occur.

  • Episode #262
    Episode #262
    Episode 13

    Reports include one man's crusade to reinvestigate the 1994 death of rock star Kurt Cobain. Also: a controversial medical diagnosis--by a dog; a 1975 shootout at a furniture store; and a 1995 missing-persons case.

  • Episode #261
    Episode #261
    Episode 12

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: A primate named Oliver is profiled and some speculate that Oliver is a new breed of primates situated somewhere between humans and primates.

    Also, the story of a missing reporter who disappeared in 1996; the search for a suspect in Mexico; and news of a so-called aphrodisiac "wonder drug."; final appeal of Tommy Ziegler.

    Missing: Susan Walsh

  • Episode #260
    Episode #260
    Episode 11

    Cases include:

    Sci-Med: A report on the use of honey bee venom to treat the crippling effects of multiple sclerosis. Two women report that they suffered from multiple sclerosis and were treated with bee venom therapy.

    Wanted: Guy Pence, a district ranger for the U.S. Forest Service located in Carson City, Nevada has been targeted. The Sagebrush Rebellion, an informal alliance of people opposed to federal control of local public lands.

    Updates: Mechelle Busby has been reunited with her brother Christopher.

    The Investigators: Alex Kelly, of Darien, Connecticut, attended a party in 1986, where he met a woman who later accused him of raping her. Later, another woman accused him of rape. Investigators probe the evidence that exists that could possibly convict Kelly.

    Unexplained Death: Jamie Santos, a 27-year old exotic dancer in Chicago, had been smothered with a pillow in her home. An anonymous man called 911 and reported the murder, some believe the caller may have been the murderer.

  • Episode #259
    Episode #259
    Episode 10

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Three profiles of animals who saved the lives of humans. A dog named Boo, saved a man from drowning. Another dog named Oscar, saved his owner from a gunman. Ringo, a tabby cat saved his owners from a gas leak.

    Lost Loves: Kelly Helton allowed her estranged mother, Connie Jean to move in with her and her two daughters, Tabitha and Zenith. Connie later disappeared with Zenith and now Kelly is searching for them.

    Wanted: New York City area residents have been terrorized by a madman nicknamed the "Zip Gun Bomber" who has been sending packages to residents, which turn out to be homemade devices that shoot bullets at the person opening the package.

    Unexplained Death: Sandra Oriana had been a business trip in Los Angeles with her boss, Robert Salazaar. Later, Oriana mysteriously fell from a hotel balcony and her boss has been accused of having something to do with her death.

    Lost Loves: Glendeen Butterfield is searching for her long lost niece named Kelly Ann, whom she raised as a child.

    Fraud: Gregorio Scoto and his wife Eduarda became the victims of a con artist whom they went to to help cure Eduarda's painful migraines. The Scotos had turned to a woman named Elena Souza who made off with their money.

  • Episode #258
    Episode #258
    Episode 9

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Melody Woods began dating a man named Michael Short, a man who had a history of violence. Short was later sentenced to prison for a shooting incident who harrassed Woods from jail. Woods later helped Short escape from prison.

    Updates: Christie Wizmer has been reunited with the baby girl which she gave up for adoption.

    Unexplained Death: The death of Lynn Amos, an international financial consultant, in a fire at her townhouse in Washington D.C. Amos had been found in her bed which was in flames, her family and friends believe she had been murdered.

    Lost Loves: Gale Samuels is searching for her biological parents in order to find someone who may save her life with a bone marrow transplant.

    Miracles: The Cokeville Elementary School in Wyoming was held hostage by a madman and his girlfriend who threatend to blow the school up with a bomb.

  • Episode #257
    Episode #257
    Episode 8

    Cases include:

    The Investigators: An investigation into the high profile O.J. Simpson case. Simpson is accused of murdering his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. This segment probes the possibility of LAPD may have tampered with evidence. Both aspects of guilt and innocence for O.J. is probed with authorities and officials giving support.

    Sci-Med: The ancient Chinese medical practice known as Qi Gong is profiled. The practice reportedly improves health and in some cases cures diseases. Two people are profiled that claim that they were healed with Qi Gong.

    Wanted: The FBI is searching for James "Whitey" Bulger, the reputed Godfather of the Irish mafia who is wanted for crimes that he committed in South Boston where Bulger ruled with an iron fist.

    Missing Persons: Lathan Williams an up and coming rapper had a baby, Le-Zhan Williams with his girlfriend Daphne Boyden. Daphne was later found murdered in her home which had been torched. Le-Zhan may have been kidnapped by two unknown girls, seen with Daphne, prior to her death.

  • Episode #256
    Episode #256
    Episode 7

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Howard Storm, a devout atheist, while on vacation in France came down with a strange malady which led him to a near-death experience, which he claims took him to the depths of hell. This later led him to become a minister.

    Wanted: Alicia Showalter-Reynolds disappeared in 1996. Her car was later found abandoned and some believe she may have become the victim of an unidentified man who had been harassing female drivers on the road, where Reynolds had been found.

    Updates: Richard Cepulonis and his wife Karen Walters have been captured. Cepulonis had escaped from prison and Walters had taken off with him.

    Lost Loves: Steven Newton, while riding his motorcyle slides on a patch of water and is thrown into a pool of water. Newton is searching for the young woman who pulled him from the water and saved him from drowning.

    Wanted: Stephanie Booker of Dallas, Texas became the victim of a hit and run accident while on a boating trip when a speedboat crashed into Booker's boat. The propeller of the speedboat had slashed Booker's face and the driver of the speedboat ran from the scene.

    Updates: Convicted child molesters, Samuel Lee Glover and Dennis Kirkpatrick have been captured.

    Also, a toddler's 1993 abduction.

  • Episode #255
    Episode #255
    Episode 6

    Cases include:

    Sci-Med: A report on the incidents of sleepwalking and two young people who had tragic encounters with sleepwalking. Jared Allgood, a Iowa college student, went for a run at night while sleepwalking and was hit by a truck. Heidee Ruiz, another college student, who in the middle of the night was sleepwalking during a night terror and ran through a glass window.

    Wanted: Karen Pelletiere a young mother who lived in Florida, slowly began exhibiting signs of a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with viral encephalitis which later led to her mysterious disappearance with her son.

    Missing Persons: Susan Hurley Harrison had become involved with a man named Jim Harrison. Their relationship was plagued by manic depression, alcholism and domestic violence. Susan's two sons from a previous marriage believe that Jim was somehow involved in her disappearance.

    Lost Loves: Lois Cappoziello was reunited with her grandmother. However, Lois quickly realized that her quest was not over but that she may have a twin sister who may still be alive.

    Also, updates on the disappearance of two young sisters, and a man's search for his siblings.

  • Episode #254
    Episode #254
    Episode 5

    Cases include:

    Wanted: Tony DeCompo, a deaf man who befriended a waitress at a Florida truck stop. Later, DeCompo "miraculously" regained his hearing and ability to speak and began claiming that someone had a contract out on his life, which led to kidnapping.

    Unexplained Death: A private detective named Phil Harris, claims to have heard the voice of a dead man from Colorado, named David Chase. The voice of Chase told Harris that his drowning death was no accident, but murder.

    Sci-Med: The probe into the possibility that life exists elsewhere in the galaxy. A metorite which originally was on Mars and landed on Earth leads scientists to believe that life once flourished on Mars.

    Updates: Arrests have been made in the 1988 construction-site explosion in Kansas City, Mo. which claimed the lives of six firefighters.

  • Episode #253
    Episode #253
    Episode 4

    Cases include:

    The Unexplained: Laurie Cabot is a modern day witch who lives in Salem, Massachusetts. Cabot has become the center of attention with her apparant psychic powers that have help police officials solve crimes.

    Wanted: Augustin Mendoza is wanted for being the mastermind of a drug operation that led to the 1994 murder of Phoenix DEA agent, Richard Fass. Fass had been working undercover in the drug operation when things went awry and Fass ended up being shot to death.

    Updates: Tim Harrell,, who as a baby was found in a garbage can, has now been reunited with his biological mother.

    The Unexplained: Sam Zelikson who after surviving being hit by a car, claims to have been visited by the spirit of his dead son. Zelikson would later encounter a string of good luck by becoming a 1991 New York lottery winner.

  • Episode #252
    Episode #252
    Episode 3

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: The 1966 death of rock 'n' roll singer Bobby Fuller, famous for the song "I Fought the Law" is found dead in his car in Hollywood, California. Authorities suggested his death was suicide but some believe he was murdered.

    Updates: The man who went by the name Dave Freeman has been captured.

    The Investigators: Ben Sherwood, author of a book called "Red Mercury" seemed to predict the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. However, in his book the explosion was much bigger and caused by a substance called red mercury, which may or may not exist.

    Wanted: The Cawood family of Jefferson County, Tennessee became the victims of a home invasion and soon join other victims of home invasion robberies that have come together to form a Tennessee coalition.

    Updates: Kelly McGinnis, an accused murderer, has been captured.

    The Unexplained: Ancient African fertility statues some claim are responsible for a series of pregnancies that have occurred after women have come in contact with them.

  • Episode #251
    Episode #251
    Episode 2

    Cases include:

    Unexplained Death: The granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, model/actress Margaux Hemingway died under strange circumstances and her death is ruled a suicide, giving credit to a Hemingway Death Curse.

    Fraud: Jonathan Kern, a con man has made his living by impersonating Jonathan Palmer a professional race car driver. Kern apparently masqueraded around Europe wining and dining women and racking up bills all in Palmer's name.

    Unexplained Death: Two Mercer University students from Macon, Georgia are ruthlessly gunned down by an unknown assailant. The only clue was a blue Honda CRX, seen speeding away from the crime scene.

    The Unexplained: Kevin Reeder in 1978 wrote a letter and put in a bottle and threw it into a waterway. In 1996, he receives the letter back along with a note from someone who found the bottle, in San Diego.

    Also, a Los Angeles man's search for his biological mother.

  • Episode #250
    Episode #250
    Episode 1

    Cases include:

    The Investigators: A look at the possible connections between the Zodiac killer who struck during the late 60s and early 70s and the Unabomber and the possibility that Theodore Kaczynski could be both criminals.

    Updates: Mary and Carl Denney have been captured after running a insurance fraud scam.

    Missing: Two college girls have been missing. April Gregory has vanished near her college campus in New York while Kristin Smart is missing in California.

    Miracles: Trish Zemba suffers a fall from a horse and comes down with a painful nerve disease. After weeks of pain, Trish is suddenly healed for no apparent reason.

    Wanted: William Jordan and Anthony Prevatte are responsible for the 1974 murder of James Rouse Jr. Jordan is still on the lose and Rouse's family seek his capture.