Untamed and Uncut

Sunday 9:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Jun 08, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Disturbing, but I love it.

    That's all I can say.
  • Decent, but not original

    I think its a decent show, but one thing that annoys me in every episode is that the narrator always uses the phrase "then hope turned to EPISODE! whenever i hear it, i switch is that annoying
  • *Sigh*...

    Oh goody... Yet ANOTHER "animal attacks human" show. And I thought we already had about, oh, I don't know... 200 other shows that had this same plot. Oh, but THIS one has a twist: It also shows PEOPLE saving ANIMALS. To me, it seems like it's saying to people, "Animals bad, people good." And what's up with all those videos of people either getting gored by a bull, or kicked off a horse's back? I mean, seriously! There's no point in THAT. If somebody's getting hurt, you should get help, not stand around and videotape it! If you like this show, I'm sorry if I offended you, but I give this show a 0!