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Untitled Nancy Grace Talk Show

truTV Premiered Sep 01, 2007 Between Seasons


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Untitled Nancy Grace Talk Show

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Nancy Grace ventures beyond the scope of Closing Arguments to cover a wider ranger of legal stories making headlines in America.
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  • This lady's ego like her enormous head is about to explode.

    Ms. Grace panders to the community that must be spoon fed by the media conglomerates. There can only be one view expressed by her panel, the one that Nancy wants to project. She assumes the role of a genial southern belle only to ridicule, mock and cajole her panelists into feeding her egocenricities. I should think that a moderator would be objective; this megalamaniac is too corrosive, and full of self righteous piety to perform her simple task of moderating the program. I feel that she is in the same league as that other bimbot: Star Jones-Reynolds "I'm a lawyer". The low-light of the show: her test tube twin babies update, that replaced the old fiance brutally murdered schtick. The saving grace to viewing: anticipating the explosion of her horridly coiffed hair-do, or the trances of the cocaine rimming her flared horse nostrils.moreless
  • I find Nancy Grace's show to be somewhat informative on some cases. I do have a problem with the high and mighty members of her panel that feel that they know it all, but only know a textbook response or explanation to major issues.moreless

    The show about Britney,I felt most of the panel was one sided against Britney. Federline is trying to keep his name in the light, and get Britney's money. Federline left a woman that he had gotten pregnant to be with Britany. Is Federline taking care of that child? Why is this man not working or even looking for employment? I would be angry also if I put hundreds of dollars into a man and our relationship ends up being a joke. I do not hear any of the panel even discussing the fact that everyone that acts out acts out for a reason. No one has a clue what Federline has put Britney through. Britney loved that clown, and she left him for a reason. Why was that not discussed?

    I feel that most of Nancy's panel is one sided about many issues that are discussed on the show in reference to the crazy things that some women are accused of doing, or have done. Has any of the members of Nancy's panel or Nancy been physically, sexually, emotionally, or mentally abused? I have NEVER heard one of the high & mighty members of the panel express their reactions to issues based on life experiences they have been through, and Nancy can also be very one sided on some issues. If you have not been in the shoes of some of the women that are featured on the show, how can you comment about it? How can you say what those individuals should have done? The one thing that angers me the most is when the high and mighty members of the panel comment on women that snap. We are all one bad decision away from being in some of those womens position. Book experience and knowledge and real life experience and knowledge is as different as day and night. The panel needs to come out of the dark and see the light. Bad things happen to good people. And everyone is not bipolar, but there is a lot of angry women in this world, but they are that way for a reason.moreless