Untitled The O.C. Spinoff

FOX Premiered Jan 01, 2008 Between Seasons


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Untitled The O.C. Spinoff

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Spin-off project of The O.C., focused on the life of Kaitlin (Marissa's sister) and Julie Cooper (Marissa's mother). The show will focus on Kaitlin and Julie living together in Newport and facing the world on their own. It has been noted that Gordon Bullit and Frank Atwood will be main characters on the show as well

This show has been talked about for the 2007-2008 season, but was not picked up.
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  • I think that it's a fabulous idea. The characters of the OC are fast approaching graduation and then whats next??? They all ditch ivy league colleges to go to some community college in Newport.moreless

    I think that it's a fabulous idea. The characters of the OC are fast approaching graduation and then whats next??? They all ditch ivy league colleges to go to some community college in Newport. Don't think so. Maybe not this season but next season they're gonna need something fresh or this show is going to die such as Dawson's Creek and 90210 did. 90210 wasn't as hot after the graduation from high school. It's gonna be hard to keep the whole gang together. So focus on Kaitlin isn't such a terrible thing. So There!!!!!moreless
  • Keep in mind its Untitled. This spinoff may go to anyone, read my review to find out who actually WANTS to do this.

    As most of you avid OC viewers have been anxiously waiting for someone to pick up the OC, you didn't get your wish. Fox or any other broadcasting station for that matter won't be picking up the OC for its 4th season unless they get some type of unbeliable spinoff reviews which is now a possibility thanks to Adam Brody. The description of the show is an old one taken from a rumor based in the fall of 2005 before the second season began. It was originall going to be about Seth's trials that he had faced on his trip aboard the Summer Breeze. Than it was redirected later that year to be a "mean girls" type of outlook revolving around Kaitlin. But just recently Adam Brody has said, "I'm still waiting for the spin-off. He needs one." He as in referring to Seth. For those are in disbelief or even possibly Denial here is the dated link ( http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2007/04/17/adam_brody_wants_o_c_spin_off ) April 17 of 2007. I think that a spinoff off of the OC has the potential to be Huge success or it could just leave off where the old OC left off (in the ratings standpoint). The show could have gone many ways, and dont think its so farfetched to think that they may do a OC Spinoff involving Marissa (as if she were never killed). The original OC was not given a real fighting chance after Marissa was killed with alot marrissa's fan base just stopped watching the show completely once she was killed off. Most didn't even watch the season premier of the next season. So in saying that, Only time will tell in this scenario. Lets all wait patiently and keep emailing those exec's at Fox : )moreless
  • Sad and Very disapointing

    Ok i was really suprised on what happened.Im really disapointed that she died but hey it wuz a really good episode.i couldnt believe how Marissa just died in Rian\\\'s hands.That was really sad.I hear that the next season is gonna be like the movie Mean Girlz and if that happens im not gonna watch the show.The show is and should be about Marissa,Ryan,Seth,and Summer.
  • This could work, it depends if the writers are good enough, and come up with a different show than the O.C. I think the O.C is getting old and a whole new show about the same type of thing just different characters, that would be really stupid.moreless

    Well, this sounds interesting, I personally think that it isn't a good idea. I mean I'm getting sick of the O.C and it sounds like this would be just like it. If the writers were good then they might be able to pull it off by making it an entire different show but I don't see how they'd do that. I don't know, I’m trying to think of how the story would go but I really can't. Just not another show that’s really similar to the O.C, please, that would just be lame, they've already got that. Again, I don't think that it would catch on, but I don't know, it could work. Well that's all for this, chao everyone


  • A possibility..

    It would have been interesting but i doubt that i would have tuned in for every single episode.

    Marissa Cooper's life is too far-fetched already, having "Mini Coop"'s identical far-fetched (sometimes unrealistic) life on tv at the same time would be... very annoying. To say the least.

    Kaitlin Cooper is better as just a guest star from time to time on "The OC".

    However, maybe a mini-series about it would be good... Not entirely sure.

    I'm half-and-half, not sure what i would like and what i wouldn't. (Hence the rating of 5/10 lol).

    Hats off to all the actors and actresses of "The OC" though!moreless

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