Unusual Suspects - Season 5

Sunday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Jan 01, 2010 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Dangerous Fortune
    Episode 13
    In 2005, a fortuneteller and her daughter are brutally murdered in their Westminster, CA home. Ritualistic elements leave investigators baffled until a paper trail leads them to their coldblooded culprit.
  • The Last Resort
    Episode 12
    In 2000, the manager of a Florida hotel is doused with acid in broad daylight. He dies from his wounds 11 days later. Investigators must contend with bum tips, false identities and a nationwide manhunt before the shocking culprit is revealed.
  • When Evil Strikes
    Episode 11
    In 2004, a former marine goes missing from his North Carolina home. Investigators sift through a mountain of tips and small-town rumors before a surprise witness comes forward who may hold the key to the mysterious disappearance.
  • Little Boy Lost
    Episode 10
    In 1985, the body of an 11 year-old boy is found, days after he disappeared from his father's Flint, Michigan home. A mother's tireless pursuit of justice leads investigators to a crucial clue and the devastating truth behind her son's death.
  • 6/2/13
    In 1997, four bodies are found in a Bartow, Florida factory, all with close ties to company management. Was it a robbery gone wrong, or premeditated quadruple homicide? Dogged investigation reveals an intricate murder plot and a devious mastermind.
  • Sin City Slaying
    Episode 8
    In 1992, single mother of three Martha Doney is found brutally stabbed in her Las Vegas home. Was she a victim of opportunity, or a target of jealous rage? Years later, modern technology brings the case to a surprising conclusion.
  • 5/19/13
    In 1992, a church deacon from Upland, CA is found murdered in Tijuana. Did a secret double life lead to the death of this married father of four? Years later, a fresh look at the case helps investigators unravel the complex plot to murder the deacon.
  • Deathbed
    Episode 6
    In 1972, a postal worker is found brutally murdered in his San Diego apartment. Investigators wade through suspect after suspect, from close friends to hardened criminals. Thirty-seven years later, old evidence points them to their killer.
  • Phantom Predator
    Episode 5
    When a serial rapist targets St. Louis in the 1990's, a multi-agency task force exhausts countless leads in their search for the mysterious predator. Years later, a concerned citizens helps investigators bring an unlikely culprit to justice.
  • Driven to Murder
    Episode 4
    In February of 1992, a Maryland businessman is found shot on Federal land. A veteran US Parks detective follows a trail of clues up and down the eastern seaboard before unraveling the tragic events that led to murder.
  • Burning Fury
    Episode 3
    In 1988, a 29 year-old man is found tortured and murdered in his burnt-up apartment in Sunset Beach, CA. As two decades pass, friends, rivals, roommates and criminals are scrutinized before investigators close in on a surprising and sadistic killer.
  • Christmas Mourning
    Episode 2
    In Georgia, just days before Christmas, Beverly Eller is found murdered in her apartment. After years of tireless investigation, a critical piece of evidence helps investigators unravel the bizarre chain of events that led to Beverly's tragic murder.
  • Deadly Forest
    Episode 1
    In 1985, a popular high school girl is found murdered in the Angeles National Forest. Investigators run through a network of a classmates, rivals, and troublemakers to find her killer. Years later, a break in the cases exposes the shocking truth.