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  • Great information

    GREAT SHOW!!! Love Marc Summers.
  • "Unwrapped" is a series on Food Network. Hosted by Marc Summers, this show takes you behind the scenes on how foods (and occasionally food-related things) are processed.

    I have watched this show ever since I can remember. I am not exactly sure how long I have watched it, but I know it has been a long time for it seems like the set has changed at least a million times, for the set keeps changing, and the host had reddish blond hair at the beginning of the show (it's gray now.) It's so cool to see how my favorite snacks are made and it gets me interested in foods I have never heard of before. There are only two things I don't like about this show:

    1. The jokes & puns tend to be sort of corny (although that's part of the "Unwrapped charm".)
    2. I always am tempted to eat junk food after I watch this show, LOL!

    Overall, I would reccomend "Unwrapped" to anyone who likes to learn, cook, or eat!
  • Interesting, if not slightly bland, show on how and where popular foods come from.

    On the negative side, this show tends to repeat certain clips, companies, and sequences throughout the show. Say if it had an episode about "Candy" and one about "Chocolate", you might see some of the same clips. Or at least other ones that were taken at the same time.
    But, I do enjoy this show. I love to watch how hard candy gets made and tossed through the tumblers. Or the origin of 'cheese food'. Or especially the little details of some our favorite restaurants and food stores.
    Basically it's insightful, entertaining, and somewhat educational. Nothing you couldn't learn about from some good internet or Wikipedia searches. But still fun to watch. Mark is also a pretty good host.
  • pretty good..

    this shows really informative and unlike how its made the announcer has a voice that will keep you interested the whole way. they talk about foods that u would eat every day and its interesting to see what makes them. i try to watch this whenever i can. i think it is a good show for the whole family, even the littler kids because the show unwrapps icecream... cookies... and other sweets that they love 2 eat. i personally like the ice cream episode and the holiday one the best... its kool 2 see how they make pumpkin pies and my favorite flavors of icecream.
  • I love this show =P

    Well, the candy-related episodes at least. They make me hungry. =P It's mad interesting seeing how everything is made. And it's a great waste of time. Marc Summers is delightfully corny. My least favorite episode was the one involving chocolate because even though it was interesting it was so gross to watch. I hate chocolate! Unless it's with like, peanut butter or nuts. This review is getting pretty random. Anyway yeah, Unwrapped hasn't had any new episodes, I don't think? They should definitely come back and show how more candy is made. Like Hubba Bubba. How do they get the gum center in there. Anyway yeah.
  • Great to watch.

    This is the time of show, that never gets boring. I mean doesn't want to know how, the candy bar they just ate, was made? I love watching this and being informed about the fasinating ways things are devolped/made, I've gotten to the point where I want to find the dvd's and watch them over and over again. In fact I'm on foot network right now, waiting for it, haha. My sister even loves this show, and shes 9. By watching this show, i saw the most craziest super market, and trust me it was scary. People in safari outfits and a roller coster ouride. Yep, defidently want to go there.
  • ever wonder how they make that....

    Unwrapped shows how common American food are made. The host is Mark Summers and he does an ok job. He says what he has to, but doesn't put anything behind it. He's pretty boreing. Oh well, the show is about the food. It's really interesting to see how they actually make the food we eat. I just love to watch them make candy...I love candy. Anyways, the show is interesting, but nothing I watch on a regular basis. I'll watch it if there's nothing else on and that's about it. It's interesting, but can get boreing and is boreing if the food its showing doesn't interest you.
  • Surprisingly fun to watch.

    Many behind-the-scenes shows prove why something was behind-the-scenes to begin with: it was boring. However, Unwrapped seems to break the trend. I don't know if it's the host's perfect level of exuberance,or the topics chosen, or what, but this show delivers almost all the time. I tape it and use it as something to watch during the commercials of shows. However, it is also something you can sit down to watch straight through. Watch out for the quirky titles the show gives some of its interview-ees... such as "Marshmallow Expert," to name one. Overall, Unwrapped is a great way to kill some time, while having fun.
  • it's a great show.

    the show is great, it teaches you how the foods, candys, and deserts. ever wonder how hotsauce is made, well this show has an episode on it it show you the candy you ate as a kid, like taffy, dubble bubble gum, and even chocolate candys the show is very cool and fun to watch. it's great.
  • An occasionally interesting presentation as to how some foods are made.

    When the show has an interesting subject - mass production of chocolate bars, for example - they provide a very straight forward explanation that keeps you involved by having good personal interest aspects (collectors, teacher) as well as promotional information from the vendor displaying their wares. The MC (Marc Summerville?) is boring but by keeping his presence on the screen limited he does not interfere too much with the presentations.

    To improve, the show should go a little more high-tech; nostalgia only goes so far... Assuming the host can do the job, giving him a more "hands-on" role in the interview and demonstration segments (maybe we could at least be made to believe he's actually been to some of these places) could invoke a better viewer response.
  • Great daily show!

    I have always loved Unwrapped. This has to be one of my favorite shows. I love learning the history of some of my favorite foods and just learning how others are made. I love the episodes about "real" foods- not just candy and such. Right now, I'm watching an episode about "Blue Cheese Dressing" by Marie's. I never realized how much vinegar goes into dressing!

    This is a great family show. Most of my family love watching how some of our favorite foods are made. Pleanty of "So that's how they make insertfoodhere!" are heard around. I must say, I watched an episode on how to make Cheese Curls and it makes me never want to pick a Cheese Curl up again! (Although I never liked them in the first place!)
  • Intersting to watch

    Marc Summers hosts this show called Unwrapped. Unwrapped would go along with Marc Summers in a dinner. Showing you some of you favorite types of foods. Then when he dont alking you can see how the type of food started, how they make it, usually where they sell and much more. Unwrapped is a very interesting show to watch.
  • Definitely one to watch.

    I love this show alot. It is very imfomative and I love the fact that each episode has its own theme. Also its good that they don't do the same kind of food or other things through the episode they change it up but still keep with the theme. This show really is worth watching and it keeps getting better and better. There really isn't two episodes that aren't exactly the same they always change it up a bit, to make it more interesting. And the host of the show is just really cool and they should never change hosts.
  • Love it!

    I completely adore this show!
    I'm a huge fan of old junk candy--and thanks to this show, I've learned how most of it is made!
    It's well paced--well put together--and I don't even mind the host, Mark Summers; my only fault is this: I don't always like the fact that it's thematic. Why?
    Because generally they have one interesting segment, and three that are pretty wanting, in order to make the theme work. I wish that they would just focus on the process of how different things are made, rather than try to over-produce the show.
    Having said that--some themes I really enjoy. You take the good with the bad, I suppose.
  • Have you ever wondered what puts the "snap" in your crackle and pop, or why they call it "salt water taffy"? If you have, this is just the show for you.

    "Unwrapped" will serve you a behind the scenes feast of your favorite foods. You will feed on a full half an hour of deliciously candid facts and footage of Americas most popular morsels. You will be mesmerized by factory machines working double-time, producing endless streams of yummy goodness. As you snack on all of the tantalizing visuals, you will also take off on a journey of discovery about the history of these tasty tidbits. You will learn the genius behind the inventors and innovators that bring these foods to our daily lives. Your guide on this pleasure cruise? None other than Mark Summers...a delightful host full of cheeky humor and palatable puns. He is the just the slice of cheese you've been looking for. So sit for a while and enjoy a heaping portion of this delectable show. Bon appetit!
  • great

    this show is informative and great. it shows me everything like how my ice cream is made and how the loly pops that savor my sweet tooth get their flavor. some specials like the wild wil ywest thing were boring but the nasa austronauts food great. this shoe can tell you hot to make your favorite food up to the finest details but not so much for you to make the product yourself and sell it. Marc Summers is a great host and does a great job. i haven't seen every episode but i hope i see the one with my favorite food.
  • Worse movie ever.

    Worse movie ever. Well actually that's being very harsh. After all, I'm sure the production company had put a lot of effort in producing this and trashing it like I am doing right now seems downright unfair. However, I can't forgive those who waste my time with something like this. Why did I pick up something called Unwrapped in the first place?
  • This show is so good, I thank the creators.

    This show is awsome and you get drawn in to watching it. That half hour just flys by and its vry informative.
    It goes behind my favorite foods and shows me about foods I nvr knew about.

    Bascially this show is awsome.

    This show shows me how my favorite foods are made in the factorys and there festivals, like the garlic and crawfish festival.
  • One of the only shows on Food Network I watch. I actually got to see Marc Summers in person!

    its my favorite food network show. Its one of the only shows I watch on food network too, hehe. Anyway, its a great, intersting, show. Yes, I really did get to see Marc Summers in person. Ok, I admit, I didnt get to actually talk to him or get his autograph. We went to a food netowrk convention and he was there, co-hosting Boby Flay's(spelling?)food demonstration. Thats where I got to see him. I also got to watch the live unwrapped trivia game.

    Well, anyway, I love all the different food catagories with a great variety in each episode. The hour long specials are really good too.
  • This is a very cool show about how companies and businesses make their products. This show comes on on the Food Network and it usually comes on like in the evening. This show's host is named Marc Summers who also hosted Double Dare back in the day. Well g

    I love this show a lot because it just fascinates me on how companies make their foods. I also like how the foods start out as something simple like sugar and water and come out as like some kind of caramel apple or something. I also enjoy this show when they show things from my city or when they show things from places that I have either seen, been to, or heard of. I also enjoy when they do the summer shows because I like how they make the popsicles. Ok well I hope you enjoyed my review. Good Bye!
  • This is a great show about learning the original origins of a specific food and how they make it and other things like that.

    I absolutely love this show. I think that kids of all ages would really like it if they just tuned in once. I was never a big fan of the food network, but recently I have been hooked on it. The first show I really sat down and watched was Unwrapped. I love learning about the origins of the food and how they make them and all that stuff. Watching the things being made in the factories is also really fun to watch.

    The one downfall to this show is that it is very similar to the secret life of.. and a lot of times they will have the same things on both.

    All in all I think this show is a very fun show to watch.
  • This funny documentary series lets you in on how they manufacture your favorite foods, from candy to frozen dinners to classics from the past.

    How do they make gumballs? How do they get sugar candy to be different colors? Who puts the ketchup and mustard in those little packets? What's the biggest burger in the land, and do restaurant patrons have what it takes to polish it off?

    Host Marc Summers explains all these and more, in charming half-hour episodes on the Food Network. Get a look inside factories and food festivals for a treasure trove of industry knowledge and pop culture charm. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to visit these destinations, or paying special attention to the hidden gems on your next trip to the candy store.

    'Unwrapped' can be counted on to bring a smile to your face.
  • Great show on a network I don't usually watch

    I don't usually watch the Food Network, but I do watch Unwrapped. I have been watching it ever since its first episode. It is very interesting the way some things are made. I also like not just watching the food part of it but when they show things related to food like Easy Bake Oven and contests and other stuff. Mark Summers is great as a host even though the opening is very similar but not many ways you can introduce a show. I am glad they show this every night because its a lot better than watching some of the others shows. It recently passed its 200th episode and they may have repeated a few things but there are still plenty of other stuff to talk about. I hope it stays on for a long time.
  • It gives a very interesting look into the history of all sorts of foods.

    Ever want to know something about your favorite food or favorite drink. Well, this show is for you! Everyone who has ever though of why or how their food got the way it did needs to see this show. Unwrapped is very interesting and informative about of this. It give you am in-depth look into the history and making of all sorts of foods. I mean, they had an entire episode about potatoes. I never know how much is made from potatoes. It's really amazing. The show may not give you anything that you could use in the future, but it still is pretty interesting and anyone who like food should definitely give the show a try.
  • I Love Factory Tours.

    I allways wanted to find out how things were made. and seeing how things are made is very interesting. I remember a very long time ago when Mister Fred Rogers on Mister Rogers Neighborhood went on factory tours with Mister MacFeely to see the factories and I even remember one time on Sesame Street when they show those amateur clips that they showed how crayons are being made. Now there's an entire show that shows as many factories as Wheel Of Fortune shows puzzles that we all can enjoy watching. Sometimes they show a lot of candy, but I think it's interesting to find out about foods that I have never heard of before, and foods that they don't make anymore and people are asking to bring them back. I hope this show lasts forever. . . .
  • Fun

    Another show I watch religiously. Unwrapped sucked me in with its fun, bright intro. My mother watched this on Food Network Canada, and always seemed interested in the theme food. We began watching it together, and soon enough it became a weekly ritual of ours! I'm not able to watch it as often as I like now, due to university, but it's still a favourite!
  • Best documentary I've ever seen.

    As a huge fan of the culinary arts, I am always interested in where certain foods originated, and this show hits the spot. Unwrapped goes behind the scenes of some of our favorite foods and food by products. Although they show mostly international foods, I would be interested in how they make individual slices of processed American cheese (probably just milk, and artificial flavorings pressed together, but hey, go figure).
    I also enjoy Marc Summers as the host of this show. If you watched him in the past on other shows (Double Dare, Trivia Unwrapped, WinTuition), you know just how good he is.
  • Covers everything about our favorite foods, from history to recipe.

    I am a fan of food. I eat everything, from Chinese to Mexican to Italian to French to, of course, American. Sadly, though, American foods are the only foods to be covered in Unwrapped, but hey, I'm down with that.

    In every episode of Unwrapped, at least three favorite brands of food is covered. The history is covered, the recipe is covered, everything about the brand is covered. And usually, Unwrapped is the first to cover these.

    I really don't have anything else to say, since this is like a documentary-type thing for foods. But its uniqueness has received my vote.
  • This show is wonderful!

    This show is exciting. I brings me back to Mr. Rodgers and that painting on his wall that turned into a t.v. It always showed how something was made.
    I feel like a kid watching the show. It\'s educational. I love seeing the old pictures and learning of when and were things originated. It\'s refreshing to watch. Very clean. I wish I had marc sommers job!!!
    I still feel like a should be watching double dare as Marc hosts this show. That isn\'t necissarily a bad thing. There will always be something to do a show on. I hope this show goes on for many years. I have a lot of history to learn here!
  • During each episode of "Unwrapped", Marc Summers takes the viewer on a rollicking journey through some of our favorite foods.

    During each episode of "Unwrapped", Marc Summers takes the viewer on a rollicking journey through some of our favorite foods. The how, what and why of foods we enjoy regularly is demonstrated and explained while still managing to entertain.

    Whether delving into the mysteries of caramel, exploring the world of lemon-lime or celebrating everyone's love of sweets, "Unwrapped" delivers an enjoyable insight into how products are developed, made and packaged.

    Watching someone twist pretzels or a machine cut and roll Ho-Hos is mesmerizing. The creators and manufacturers speak of their products with enthusiasm and love as do their devoted customers.

    This is a show guaranteed to make you hungry!
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