Up All Night

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 14, 2011 on NBC
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Reagan Brinkley tries to adjust to life with a baby and returns to work with the support of her stay-at-home husband, Chris.

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  • I honestly tried to find a single scene in the show to make me laugh, but I just couldn't. We get that NBC airs comedies targeted more at critics, but this wasn't 30 Rock.moreless

    What was that?! Where was I supposed to laugh?! Please somebody tickle me, for NBC's sake! It was supposed to be a comedy, but I think they misunderstood the concept of word comedy. It was more like drama, drama that tried to be funny in some occasions, but guess what, IT FAILED!

    I'm talking about NBC's new comedy series, UP ALL NIGHT! No doubt that it got sampled, but I think that was because of huge ratings of America's Got Talent final. Numbers aside the pilot of this series sucked. I honestly tried to find a single scene in the show to make me laugh, but I just couldn't. We get that NBC airs comedies targeted more at critics, but this wasn't 30 Rock. I wanted to see what will Christina Applegate and Will Arnett do together, just like many viewers, and we all saw that it wasn't anything special, anything that we used to see from them, or anything that we will watch. The plot of the series promised to be interesting, but they couldn't make it funny. There weren't any funny moments neither Karaoke singing wasn't funny at all. And at the end of the pilot it turned into family drama series. And if they think cursing on TV makes it funny, well they're wrong.

    A full season order for Up All Night will be waaay to much! I'll get back for the 2nd episode, but I just don't see how they can make it funnier! One thing for sure, I won't be watching this next May.moreless
  • Ugh. More sissifying of men.

    I don't like the idea that Arnet has no job, does pretty much nothing all day but be a glorified babysitter. It looks like he doesn't even makes dinner to contribute SOMETHING. He does not bother to look for work. On the other hand, Applegate has all the clout, a prestigious, idyllic, secure career, comes up with life-saving ideas in her company, (none of this is relatable in a world where people are very insecure and paranoid about holding onto their jobs) and is soon to be parading around a big belly like it's some badge of honor in this tv season of "pregnant is in." Arnet looks like a useless appendage compared to her. I suppose this is to reflect the reality of men staying at home because they cannot find work, while women are the breadwinners and that the public will gravitate to this because it makes this hapless situation look more acceptable in society. Nooooot. It sucks, it stinks, it's depressing and I don't think the public is going to like being reminded of the unhappy consequences of our economy. Maya is an entertaining character.moreless
  • Whats with thecussing???

    So i never thou that i would see ms. applegate on a more serious role... most of the shows i ever seen her on shes always being thegoofy, careless, idgaf personality oh and the dumb blonde role.

    But this time i feel she is going on the different track

    With that said well... i think i could stick around to see how this goes.. but well i dont see this show passing the 1st season... i mean it was... cussing at a baby?? sounds funny when people cusses but only in certainoccasionsbut not on this thou.

    Anyways well see how it goes.moreless
  • Not Samantha Who.

    Very disappointing pilot episode. Love the main actors so was looking forward to adding a new comedy for this season.

    Ugh. A total waste of time but will watch the next episode, only because of Christina and Will. Othewise I would be bailing already.

    I did not especially like the main characters and found the supporting cast to be weak. The supporting cast of Samantha Who and Running Wilde both were much stronger than "Up all night".

    Hope that the next episode shows more promise.

  • Arnett and Applegate return to TV!

    For a pilot of a show that has such good actors and actresses, the premiere for "Up All Night" was a little disappointing. Yet at the same time, I found myself laughing a great deal. It's not as if the show is horrible. There's no laugh track, for one, so I already know it won't have that lame type of humor. Plus, the writing is actually really great at times. Arnett and Applegate's characters seem to have real chemistry at times.

    The pilot focuses mainly on the small period of time following the birth of their baby Amy. Arnett's character (I think his name is Chris?) stays home with the kid while Reagan, Applegate's character goes to work with a weird Oprah type personality named Ava (Maya Rudolph). I think where the show sometimes goes wrong is trying to make the show over the top, which happens whenever Ava walks into a scene. She has the tendency to take the realness of a scene and suck it for all its worth. Sometimes, she's hilarious. Other times, you want her to move out of the way and let Arnett and Applegate act.

    But if you take that complaint away, you have a solid if somewhat flawed pilot. Seeing Chris and Reagan swear in front of their kid is awesome, and some of the jokes that the two share with each other are subtle but great (I liked Arnett saying "Worry, dear. I can't handle this," thinking that he said "Don't worry, I can handle this.")

    I'm always willing to give a show the benefit of the doubt, and even if this show didn't impress people right off, I'm willing to see if it'll blossom from here on out.moreless

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