Up All Night

NBC (ended 2012)





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  • This is a new NBC comedy starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett & Maya Rudolph. Reagan Brinkley returns to work leaving her husband home to take care of their new baby.


    Reagan returns to work at a talk show hosted by Ava. Reagan's in control with all the answers while Ava is insecure & just plain annoying. Meanwhile, Chris is home with the baby struggling to keep it all together. This is supposed to be a comedy about how new parents cope with parenthood. How did these 2 decide to cope with their new found responsibilities? They went to a Karaoke bar, got drunk & stayed out all night long. Then complained when they are awakened by the baby, Amy, crying. Who's going to take care of her & how do you make her stop crying? Comedies are supposed to make you laugh, right? Then why didn't I laugh a single time? This wasn't an awful show but it wasn't good either. Maybe my expectations are too high but when I watch a comedy I want to laugh and this show just didn't make that happen!